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8 Best Companies for Teaching English Online if You're 40+

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With over 4,700 English teachers aged 40+ becoming TEFL certified through ITA (including many in their 60’s and 70’s), it’s not uncommon for some of them to want to teach English online instead of abroad and in-person.

It also isn’t uncommon for teachers within this age group to feel concerned about whether they are too old to secure an online teaching job. Simply put, the answer is no. While there may be some online platforms that prefer hiring younger teachers, there are others that welcome teachers of all ages.

In this post, we will highlight eight platforms you can teach English online with that don’t discriminate based on age. Our list is broken into two groups:

  1. Structured Platforms: These are platforms that provide you with a set curriculum and lesson plans - there is no prep work on your end other than reviewing the materials before each lesson. These platforms often have a set base rate of pay and additional incentive-based rates you can achieve through things like positive reviews, 100% on-time attendance, etc.
  2. Open Marketplace Platforms: These are platforms in which you market yourself and your English-teaching abilities in order to attract students. More often than not, you will be required to create all your own lesson plans and materials for each lesson you teach as your student’s ages and levels will vary from young children all the way through to older adults. With these platforms, you set your own rate of pay and the platform will take a commission from it. 

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1. Beyond English

Beyond English (BE) is a B-Corp Certified Edtech company based in Chile. They are dedicated to teaching languages ​​to promote cultural exchange and expand access to educational opportunities. They are a team of passionate educators from all over the world, united by the same social mission.

Beyond English Teacher Requirements:

  • A bachelor's degree.
  • TEFL Certification.
  • Letter of Recommendation.
  • Authorized to work in the USA or Chile (but can teach from anywhere in the world)
  • Classroom experience.
  • Native English speaker & teacher OR Native Spanish speaker & teacher
  • Excellent intercultural and communication skills.

Other Details:

  • Starting pay is $14-17 USD per hour taught for U.S. teachers.
  • Hiring part-time online teachers to teach up to 16 hours per week.
  • Hours are set and you can pick your own schedule.
  • Teachers receive a survey to provide their availability and are then given classes based on their available hours/student preferences.
  • Students are both children (4-14) and adults.
  • Adults: individual and group classes (max. 5 students)
  • Children: one-on-one classes
  • You develop and plan your own engaging student-centered lessons with the support of a team and BE's teaching resources.

You can apply to be a teacher with Beyond English here

2. Qkids

** Qkids update as of August 7, 2021, in response to China's new education regulations:

As of August 10, Qkids will no longer sell any new/renewed packages offering ESL instruction from teachers outside of China. As you may know, Qkids has long been innovating on and expanding its product lines. While we expect a major dip in demand for some time as subscriptions wrap up and we transition as a company, it is our goal to continue with pre-K-12 offerings for students outside of China. You may know of the pilot program Qkids Academy for North American children, as well as our efforts to provide classes to students and open bookings for ESL teachers in various other countries. We will put more energy and focus into new markets and also aim to launch a new product to serve the Chinese adult population for their English-speaking practices.  We are certainly going to push to continue our educational mission and will continue to be committed to finding and extending opportunities for our teaching community as best as we can. 

Qkids is an online education platform that connects North American English teachers with over 1 million international students from ages 4 to 12 years old. Using a narrative game-based learning platform, thousands of English teachers from the U.S. and Canada guide students through a fun and dynamic curricular experience. In our Teachers Over 40 Facebook Group, we’ve seen ITA alumni aged 54-61 teaching online with QKids. 


  • Eligible to legally work in the U.S. or Canada.
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Teaching license or English teaching certificate (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, ESL) required before lessons assigned.

Other Details:

  • Curriculum/lessons provided but you will need to prepare for each lesson by familiarizing yourself with the materials.
  • Lessons are 30-minutes in length.
  • You will be teaching 1-4 students per lesson.
  • Base pay of $8 USD per 30-minute lesson + incentive and attendance-based bonuses available ($16 - $20 USD per hour).
  • Set your own schedule.
  • 6-month contract with the ability to extend upon re-evaluation.

You can find the link to the Qkids teacher application page here.

TEFL teach English online 40+

3. VIPKid

** As of August 7, 2021, VIPKid published this note on how their business will be affected by China's new education regulations moving forward.

VIPKid is an online platform that makes ESL education accessible by bringing together young learners and educators through one-on-one online classes. VIPKid prides itself on finding educators who are knowledgeable, passionate, and ready to make an impact. They provide the curriculum and you teach English online on your own schedule.

VIPKid has a Diversity & Inclusion statement where they outline that their platform is an inclusive space where all are welcome and encouraged to bring their experience to the global classroom. They even have a non-discrimination policy highlighted on their site that protects against age amongst other things.

ITA alumna Ewa Schmitz is 55 years of age and teaching English online with VIPKid. You can read more about her experience here.


  • At least two years of experience in teaching, tutoring, coaching, or mentoring recommended.
  • Bachelor’s degree in any field.
  • Legally eligible to work in the U.S. or Canada.

Other Details:

  • A 6-month contract where you set your own schedule and teach as many hours as you like. No minimum hour commitment.
  • Materials for every class provided to you.
  • Classes are 25-minutes each.
  • Classes are one-on-one - just you and the student.
  • Earnings based on the number of classes you teach. The more classes you teach, the more you can earn. There is no limit.
  • Base pay rate is between $7- $9 USD per class (the equivalent of $14-18 per hour plus incentives).

You can find the link to the VIPKid teacher application page here.

4. EF (English First)

** As of August 7, 2021, English First has stopped its children's online teaching program while it attempts to reach a long-term solution in relation to China's new education regulations. English First also provides online ESL lessons to adults and that part of their business model should remain intact as the new regulations only affect children learners. 

Whether you’ve never taught before or have hours of classroom experience, EF’s sophisticated yet straightforward online classroom has all the necessary tools to help you with your online teaching journey. At EF, you can teach children or adults. We’ve seen ITA alumni in our Teachers Over 40 Facebook group teaching adults online with EF.


  • TEFL Certification.
  • Fully fluent English speaker (C2 level).
  • Bachelor’s degree in any field.
  • Adult classes: previous teaching experience is a bonus, but not necessary.
  • Children: A clean background check is required.
  • You should be living and authorized to work in the United States.

Other Details:

  • Teaching materials and lesson plans are provided for both children and adult classes.
  • Contracts are offered for a six-month term with options for auto-renewal. 
  • Children: 25-minute one-on-one online English lessons to kids in China (ages 5-10)
  • Children: Rates start at $13.20 USD per hour and can go up to $20 per hour if you satisfy incentive bonuses. 
  • Adults: Three class options - 20 and 40 min private lessons, and 45 min group classes with students from all over the world.
  • Adults: Rates start at $12 USD per hour-long class.

You can find the link to the EF teacher application page here.

Teach English Online Over 40 40+


5. Preply

Preply is a marketplace-type platform where you can provide and market your English teaching services and earn money sharing your expert knowledge with students. Being a Preply tutor puts you in control of just about everything - from setting your own rate of pay, teaching your own lessons with lesson plans you’ve created, and contacting and securing your own students, you are in the driver’s seat from beginning to end. 

At the age of 54, ITA alumna Alexandra May is teaching English online through Preply and charging $30 per hour. You can read more about her experience here


  • No teaching experience is required.
  • No teaching certification required although having a TEFL certification will allow you to charge higher rates and make your tutor profile more attractive to students.
  • No degree required.

Other Details:

  • Teach students from over 180 countries.
  • A majority of students are adults - you have control of which students you would like to teach as you can proactively find them on Preply. 
  • No curriculum or lesson plans provided - you have control to create your own lesson plans that you think will best benefit your students.
  • Choose your hourly rate and change it anytime. On average, English tutors charge $15-25 per hour.
  • Preply will take a commission from whatever rate of pay you set. The commission for a trial lesson with a new student is 100%. The commission for the subsequent lessons starts at 33% and decreases to 18% - the more hours you teach on Preply, the lower the rate of commission. You can find out more about their commission structure here.
  • Decide when and how many hours you want to teach. No minimum time commitment or fixed schedule.

You can find the link to the Preply teacher application page here.

Get TEFL Certified and teach English online

6. Cambly

Cambly has three different divisions under it: Cambly, Cambly Kids, and Cambly for Organizations. In this piece, we will be focusing on the division that is geared towards teaching adults (known just as Cambly). While you can teach from your laptop or desktop computer, Cambly also has both Android and iPhone apps so you can teach from just your cell phone!

In our Teacher Over 40 Facebook Group, we’ve seen ITA alumni in their mid to late 50’s teaching with Cambly. 


  • No degree required.
  • No teaching experience required.
  • No teaching certification required although having a TEFL certification will allow you to charge higher rates and make your tutor profile more attractive to students.

Other Details:

  • Teach adult-aged students.
  • One-on-one lessons.
  • Earn $0.17/min ($10.20/hour).
  • Most students have already taken English courses and are looking for tutors to practice their conversation with. Other students are preparing for an exam (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) and wish to go over grammar, speaking, or listening exercises, so you will need to prepare your lessons based on your students’ needs and what they are looking to achieve.
  • Cambly provides access to a large bank of free resources and lessons that you can cover with your students here and also to courses you can follow here.

You can find the link to the Cambly teacher application page here.

7. Wyzant

Whether you’re new to tutoring or an established pro, listing your services on Wyzant’s marketplace is an effective way to build and manage your own successful tutoring business. Wyzant lets you create a free online profile complete with pictures, videos, student reviews, and more. Your profile has everything you need to showcase your qualifications and experience for potential students to review. 

Wyzant is not limited to just ESL tutors though - they have tutors for all languages, and even for subjects like math, computer science, and coding! ITA alumna Anna Greenfield, 52, offers her ESL-tutoring services on Wyzant. You can read more about her experience here


  • You must be at least 18 years old, reside in the United States, and possess a valid Social Security Number. 
  • No degree required.
  • No teaching certification required although having a TEFL certification will allow you to charge higher rates and make your tutor profile more attractive to students.

Other Details:

  • Teach students of all ages with a majority of students being adults.
  • One-on-one lessons.
  • Set your own hourly rate.
  • All tutors will retain 75% of their posted hourly rate for lessons with students and Wyzant will retain a 25% platform fee.
  • No curriculum or lesson plans provided - you have complete control to create the lesson plans you think will best benefit your students.

What makes Wyzant different from other online marketplaces is that it’s not only limited to teaching online - you can even find in-person tutoring opportunities and proactively seek out students looking for a teacher in your area by using their ‘Find Tutoring Jobs’ tool! 

You can find the link to the Wyzant teacher application page here.

Teach English Online Over 40


Adding a bonus option at the end here because this isn't a structured platform or an open marketplace platform. Unlike VIPKid for example where you are given the curriculum and each lesson plan, this bonus platform allows you to be more personalized in your approach based on your students needs. There are no preset materials that don't leave room for flexibility - you provide what you feel is best for your student to help improve their English for their career.

8. English2Go

With English2Go, you teach English online to business executives in Costa Rica and throughout Latin America. English2Go’s goal is to bring high-quality, competitively priced English language training to professionals in a completely online setting. You will be teaching English to employees and executives using the English4You online learning platform, and the secure video conferencing software of your choosing. You should be prepared to adapt to different cultural and student needs. Any specialized vocabulary and knowledge that a subcontractor can bring to a class will be a plus, especially business, banking and finance, accounting, medical or legal vocabulary.

Given the older and more professional student demographic that English2Go targets, they prefer hiring teachers over 40, especially if they have any life/business experience to offer!


  • TEFL Certification.
  • Native English speaker (North American English preferred) .
  • University graduate (BA or higher preferred).
  • Experience teaching ESL or other teaching experience is preferred. 

Other Details:

  • Your students will be business executives in Latin America.
  • Minimum six-month commitment with a preference of one year. 
  • Experience with video conferencing software, such as Zoom, Microsoft teams, Skype or others, is essential. 
  • Set your own schedule.
  • The current starting hourly rate is $11-$12.00 USD.
  • English2Go will provide you with the necessary materials for your classes, but you are responsible for class preparation, lesson planning, daily class and student reporting, as well as monthly course reporting.
  • Most starting subcontractors can expect to receive 4 to 12 hours a week so they can get their feet wet.
  • Class size will range from 1 on 1 teaching to group classes with up to 6 students per class.

You can find the link to the English2Go teacher application page here.

Additional Resources for TEFL Teachers Over 40:


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