Learn about ITA's exclusive 30-Hour Advanced TEFL Course for Teaching English Online

Why Take The Teaching English Online Specialty Course?

With nearly 2 billion people learning English worldwide and the explosion of online learning, Teaching English Online offers fantastic opportunities for first-time and experienced TEFL-certified teachers. Not only are there countless opportunities that offer good pay & benefits, but teaching online offers fantastic flexibility and convenience that enables ITA graduates to teach online from virtually anywhere on the globe either as either a part-time or full-time job. You can start teaching English online before you go abroad to help you cover start-up costs, or even teach full-time from your home country.

To provide International TEFL Academy students & graduates with the enhanced skills they need to succeed as online teachers and to qualify for the best possible opportunities, ITA now offers this state-of-the-art 30-Hour Teaching English Online Course.

If I can get a job teaching English online with a regular TEFL certification, why should I take this specialty course?

  1. Enhance your online teaching skills. A regular 120+ hour TEFL class will provide you with a strong foundation of basic teaching skills, but teaching English online in a virtual setting requires a unique skill set. From use of technology to lesson planning, this specially designed curriculum will take your online teaching skills to a new level that will serve both you and your students. Check out a full overview of the course syllabus here.
  2. Boost your resume. The fast-growing market for online teaching is booming and becoming more competitive every day. Employers and students want to hire the best teachers with the highest levels of skills and training. Taking this teach English online course will set you apart from thousands of other English teachers looking to teach English online who only possess a regular TEFL certification and no specific training for online teaching.
    NOTE: Many online teaching companies use reviews as a basis for their pay scales, so enhancing your skills to get better reviews is a great way to increase your pay as an online English teacher. Also, students (or their parents) typically choose and hire teachers based on reviews and resumes and are most likely to choose those with the best reviews and the best training on their C.V.
  3. Prepare yourself for a fast-changing & diverse job market. Think the job market for teaching English online begins and ends with huge companies like VIPKid? If so, you may be missing out on thousands of opportunities across this diverse field. The course provides an overview of the field, covering types of online teaching positions and ways to facilitate your entry into that position. We also cover the best online teaching practices and explore sample lesson materials and sample demo videos designed to make you a more effective online language instructor.

Advanced Teach English Online Course Details


2 weeks part-time (typically 12-15 hours per week of work).

This course includes 30 hours of online coursework, which includes readings, tasks, and peer participation. You will receive a separate digital certificate from what you receive for your standard TEFL course.


More information can be found in the TEFL Course Dates section.


Classes are capped at 20 students to ensure personal attention and maintain the highest standards of instruction.


This course will be delivered entirely online through the course management system Moodle. In Moodle, students will access online lessons, course materials, tasks, and resources. All tasks will be posted in an online forum or taken as an online quiz.

To complete this course, you must have a method to record and upload video to the internet. Common recording tools include a webcam, smartphone, or tablet. The equipment you use must provide a decent picture and sound quality. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they meet this requirement prior to enrollment. Extensions on tasks will not be given to students because of technology problems.


This course features live lectures, webinars & chats, however, there is no required live time, and students can access recorded elements on the course website.

Advanced TEFL Course Content

This TEO Specialty Course course has been specially designed to provide all course graduates with the tools to succeed as professional online English teachers. It incorporates the latest in teaching methodology and best practices. It will also prepare you to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) to children or adults online.

Throughout this course, students will learn various pathways and methods of online delivery, as well as how to develop an online presence as an English teacher. They will also learn best practices for planning and delivering online language instruction.

Learn more: Teaching English Online Class Syllabus for a full, comprehensive overview of the course content including chapter breakdowns, task outlines, grading scales, and course policies.


Like all ITA TEFL classes, this interactive Specialty Course is taught by seasoned university-level instructors with an advanced degree in TESOL or a related field and international teaching experience.


  • Role and types of online language instruction in the world
  • Physical teaching space for online language instruction
  • Common platforms for distance instruction
  • Basic technology needed to teach online
  • Common marketplace and delivery options for distance instruction
  • General components of an online language lesson
  • Teaching language to children and adults online
  • Delivery of online language lessons
  • Online classroom management strategies, including rewards
  • Portraying a professional and engaging online presence
  • Typical lesson materials in online instruction for children and adults


All of your course reading materials, assignments, and quizzes will be available to you online. However, you can purchase a copy of the course textbook if you choose. 

Tuition, Enrollment & Eligibility

The Cost of the Specialty TEFL Course is $299.
($249 if purchased at the time of a Standard TEFL class registration).

IMPORTANT! You must be an enrolled student or graduate of any of our ITA Online or In-Person TEFL courses before you can enroll in The TEO Specialty Course.

  • ITA Students: you should speak to your Admissions Advisor before enrolling in any Specialty Courses.
  • Not an ITA student yet? Fill out a form here to receive detailed information about TEFL certification and job search guidance for teaching English abroad & teaching English online.




  • Online TEFL course students taking the 11-week 170-Hour Online TEFL Course can take a TEO Specialty Course both during or at the completion of their TEFL course.
  • In-person TEFL course students & 4-Week Intensive Online TEFL Course students must complete their TEFL course prior to beginning any specialty course.

Students should speak with their TEFL Admissions Advisor prior to enrollment & and may register when they enroll for their main TEFL Course and or at any time thereafter. 

Teaching English Online Course Dates & Registration


Job Opportunities for Teaching English Online Specialty Course Students 

All students and graduates from the Teaching English Online Specialty Course receive lifetime, worldwide, and online, job search guidance from ITA's expert team of advisors. You will be prepared and supported by the ITA Team to find employment as an online English teacher. 

Read more: 8 FAQs About Teaching English Online

Watch videos of ITA alumni teaching English online from home, remotely or while traveling.


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ITA Specialty Courses - Teaching English Online

Additional Highlights & Features For
The 30-Hour TEO Specialty Course

Increased peer-to-peer interaction

Learn to teach English online successfully thanks to our peer-to-peer interaction. Teachers learn from other teachers and students learn from other students. This class is designed to facilitate more peer-to-peer interaction than ITA's standard 170-Hour Online TEFL Class, both in chats and through videos, which all students are required to make and share. Bear in mind that in many cases, there will be students in the class with prior experience teaching English online that they will share with the class. Student are able to participate in such interactions easily on all devices, including mobile phones.

Extensive use of video demonstrations

Teaching English online is a very visual experience for both teachers and student. This Teach English Online Certification Course incorporates a wide array of video demonstrations so that students can gain critical insights into all aspects of teaching English online from error correction to use of props, as well as a clear picture of how major platforms work & operate.

Practical job market insights

This course helps people understand the ins and outs of two main pathways to teaching online: independent contracting (tutoring) & working for an online school (like VIPKid). The course gives very practical advice about how to market yourself online and interview for an online EFL school and how to navigate "facilitated marketplaces" (online forums where teachers market themselves to students & employers).

Accessible through multiple devices, including mobile

Also, no need for Microsoft Word!

Immediate access to your certificate

Once you have successfully completed the teaching English online certification course, a digital/printable version of your certificate will be available immediately (no need to wait for the mail!). NOTE: The certificate you receive for this course is separate from the certificate you receive for your 170-Hour TQUK-accredited Online TEFL Course or the onsite TEFL course that you complete through International TEFL Academy.

Comprehensive textbook

From lesson plans and teaching tips to job market insights, this resource is available on our Textbook Page.

ITA's Advanced Specialty TEFL Course Comparison

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Teaching English Online Specialty Course

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Teaching English To Young Learners

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Teaching Business English

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Tutoring English

Tutoring English Specialty Course

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  • Digital certificate awarded at completion

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Why Our Alumni Love Us!

Patricia Morris

ITA Graduate

Patricia Morris

Even if you don't think you would need it, you should definitely take the Teaching English Online Specialty Class. First off, it won't hurt to add more tools to your teaching toolbox. Second, it goes deeper into topics that the 11-Week Online TEFL Course just doesn't have time to really cover. Third, if you get the books (which you really should) it is a great tool to look back on. Finally, you never know what kind of situation you may walk into if you travel abroad. If you go to teach in person and then suddenly classes are canceled, having a basic idea on ways to teach online is better than trying without knowing.

Kyle Hayes

ITA Graduate

Kyle Hayes

Take advantage of the Specialty Classes because if you don't understand something, you have the instructor to clarify it. You have projects, like making a demo video, where you can learn how to make a good demo video before having to actually do it to be considered for employment. You also have a good amount of resources given to you in the text that you have to review for the classes. Plus, the best part, the certificate that you get showing you took the course and have the knowledge. This looks great on your resume and you don't get that from watching a few YouTube videos.

Nanet Andrews

ITA Graduate

Nanet Andrews

I would recommend my fellow ITA grads and students to take ANY of ITA's Specialty Classes. The Teaching English Online class helped me learn about teaching tools I have never heard of. And the Teaching Business English class is a must if you think you want to teach Business English. The standard TEFL course does not go into teaching business, but this add-on class does.

Visit the ITA Blog to read more articles and stories by our alumni about their experiences taking one of our International TEFL Academy Specialty Classes, and teaching English online and around the world.