Do you have a TEFL certificate or ESL teaching experience? Boost Your TEFL career with ITA's exclusive specialty TEFL courses.

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Specialized TEFL Courses Overview

Enhance your ESL teaching career with five optional specialty TEFL courses that you can take to supplement your TEFL certification:

  • Foundations of English Grammar
  • Teaching English to Young Learners
  • Teaching Business English 
  • Teaching English Online
  • Teaching Test Prep Skills
  • Tutoring English

Taught by expert instructors, these part-time courses are taught 100% online and can be taken anywhere in the world on virtually any device. Expect to devote 12-15 hours weekly to each course.

Improve Your Teaching Skills with International TEFL Academy's Advanced TEFL Courses

Part-Time Courses

Take your teaching skills to the next level in just 2-4 weeks. Top experts design these advanced courses to give you a deep dive into specific areas of TEFL.

World Class Instructors

Unlike similar courses on the market, ITA's TEFL Specialty Courses incorporate personalized guidance & feedback from university-level instructors. All instructors possess advanced degrees (MA or Ph.D.) and experience in TEFL & linguistics.

Boost Your TEFL Career

In addition to gaining new teaching skills, boost your resume and set yourself to stand out in a competitive job market.

Digital Certificate Provided

Upon course completion, you will receive a digital certificate to showcase your specialized skillset when applying for teaching jobs both abroad and online.

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IMPORTANT: Our Specialty Courses are designed for those who are TEFL certified, are in the process of completing a TEFL course, or are already teaching ESL. As such, we strongly recommend that you are concurrently enrolled in an accredited TEFL certification, are already certified, or have experience teaching ESL.

Not an ITA student? Fill out a form here to receive detailed information about TEFL certification & job search guidance for teaching English abroad & teaching English online.

Please note that International TEFL Academy's Lifetime Job Guidance and support, access to our alumni community, and our high-quality accreditation are only available to students and alumni of our online and in-person standard TEFL certification courses.

We also invite you to read our registration procedure and terms & conditions. Note that all students will be charged a small processing fee per course/program purchased.

Ask a Specialized TEFL Course Instructor

Courtney Bailey, ITA's Teaching English To Young Learners Course Instructor.
Courtney has a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with an Emphasis on ESOL, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Education. She taught English in Izmir, Turkey.

What Are Specialized TEFL Courses?

TEFL specialized courses are advanced classes designed to supplement a standard TEFL course by providing specialized instruction in areas like teaching English online, teaching English to young learners, business English, and grammar. In addition to gaining new skills, students also make themselves more marketable to potential employers.

I'm already TEFL certified. Why should I Take an Additional Advanced TEFL Course?

If you're looking to specialize in a specific field or to further your skills as a teacher, then these TEFL courses are for you! We designed them to provide you with specialized professional skills and access to a wealth of practical resources. These include videos, course design blueprints, and step-by-step activity plans that you will find invaluable in the classroom long after completing your course.

We developed these advanced TEFL courses with leading TEFL experts too. They are taught by university-level instructors with extensive experience in these specific fields.

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How Long Are Those Advanced Courses?

All classes are two weeks in length, except for Foundations of English Grammar, which is a four-week, part-time course. 

ITA Grads Discuss Their Specialized TEFL Courses

Beverly Webster

Teaching Online Course Grad

Beverly Webster

I highly recommend the course. I have been encouraging others to expand their options. I feel like this is what this Specialty Class did for me. Even though I was hired to teach face-to-face for a language school, I had the tools, knowledge, and confidence required to apply to online platforms. The Specialty Class really paid off for me! Thank you, ITA!

Bethany Pagliarini

Young Learner Course Grad

Bethany Pagliarini

I think that all TEFL students would benefit from these courses because of how much deeper you get to dive into TEFL without taking too much time. Especially if you aren't sure of what your TEFL journey might be, this might help narrow it down!

Jason Plume

Business English Course Grad

Jason Plume

I would highly recommend this course if your primary teaching aim is adults, professionals, and obviously those in the business fields. This course honed much of what I learned in the TEFL Certification course, especially in regards to lesson planning, realia use, and how to apply "needs-based" analysis to lesson tasks.

Accreditation & Accolades

Based in Chicago, IL, International TEFL Academy is a world leader in TEFL certification for teaching English abroad and online. We offer internationally accredited TEFL courses online & in 20+ locations worldwide. We certify 6,000 people a year from all walks of life to teach English abroad and online, and our graduates are teaching English in 80 countries across the globe.

International TEFL Academy is recognized by employers worldwide at the highest level for TEFL certification. Our TEFL certificates meet or exceed international standards, and are accredited by sanctioned bodies in the field.

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