Learn about Advanced Specialty TEFL Course options available to International TEFL Academy students for Teaching English Online, Business English & Teaching English to Young Learners.

Specialty Course Overview

Here at ITA, we strive to provide the best TEFL training and guidance possible which is why we offer three, 30-hour optional add-on Specialty Courses in addition to your TEFL Certification:

These two-week, part-time courses are 100% online and can be taken from anywhere in the world on virtually any device (12-15 hours per week course time) by all our students and alumni.

Developed by leading TEFL experts and taught by university-level instructors with extensive experience in these specific fields, these courses are not only designed to provide you with specialized professional skills but also access to a wealth of resources including videos, course design blueprints, and step-by-step activity plans that you will find invaluable in the classroom long after you complete your course.

Advanced TEFL Training to further your teaching skills

Enrollment Information for Specialty Courses

  • You must be an enrolled International TEFL Academy (ITA) student or graduate to enroll in an ITA Specialty Course. Not an ITA student? Fill out a form here to receive detailed information about TEFL certification & job search guidance for teaching English abroad & teaching English online.

  • Students taking our 11-Week, 170-Hour Online TEFL Course can take a Specialty Class both during or at the completion of their TEFL course. However, due to the lesson planning skills required, it is recommended that students taking our 11-Week, 170-Hour Online TEFL Course wait until at least week five of their online course to begin the Teaching Business English or the Teaching English to Young Learners Specialty Courses.
  • Students taking any of our In-Person 4-Week TEFL Courses or our 4-Week Online TEFL Course must complete their TEFL course prior to beginning any Specialty Class.
  • Tuition for all ITA Specialty Classes is $299 per class. All tuition is listed as US dollars.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: If you register for your Specialty Course when you enroll in your standard Online or In-Person TEFL course, you will receive a $50 discount for each Specialty Course in which you enroll! (Tuition reduced from $299 to $249 for each specialty course).

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Online Specialty Courses That We Offer

Teaching English Online Specialty Course

You can get specialized in teaching English online thanks to our Advanced TEFL Course

  • 2-weeks, 30-hours, part-time
  • University-level instructors
  • Digital certificate awarded at completion

Teaching Business English Specialty Course

You can get specialized in teaching Business English to adults thanks to our Advanced TEFL Course

  • 2-weeks, 30-hours, part-time
  • University-level instructors
  • Digital certificate awarded at completion

Teaching English to Young Learners Course

You can get specialized in teaching English to kids thanks to our Advanced TEFL Course

  • 2-weeks, 30-hours, part-time
  • University-level instructors
  • Digital certificate awarded at completion

Additional Information 
for ITA Specialty Courses

Based in Chicago, IL, International TEFL Academy is a World leader in TEFL certification for teaching English abroad & online. We offer internationally accredited TEFL Courses both online & in 21 locations worldwide. We certify 6,000 people a year from all walks of life to teach English abroad and online, and our graduates are teaching English in 80 countries across the globe.

Just like all our TEFL courses, our three Specialty Classes are taught by experienced university-level instructors. Upon Specialty Course completion, you are provided with a digital certificate to showcase your specialized skillset when applying for teaching jobs both abroad and online.

All ITA students receive lifetime worldwide Job Search Guidance.

Specialty Class Dates & Tuition

2-Weeks, Part-Time 💻

Check out dates and tuition for our three online Specialty Classes - Teaching English Online, Teaching Business English, and Teaching English to Young Learners.


Online TEFL Courses

Full-time/Part-time 💻

ITA offers two Online TEFL Courses that are taught by expert professors & incorporate live practice teaching. These 2 courses enable you to get certified at home in just 4 weeks, or in 11 weeks while working full-time or going to school.


Worldwide TEFL Courses

4-Week, Full-Time 🏫

International TEFL Academy offers accredited TEFL certification 4-week courses in 23 locations worldwide including North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. 


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ITA Alumni Teaching English Abroad

Tina Angok

Taught English in Germany

Tina Angok

I took ITA's Online TEFL Course because of their level of accreditation and really enjoyed it. The tasks assigned taught me how to be an effective teacher and construct lesson plans. I really appreciated the practicum and quizzes. I decided to teach in Berlin because I'm a history nerd, and there's so much history to learn about in this city. I also love the high level of diversity and a plethora of activities to do. I work for Lingua Franca, a company that specializes in business English training. My students are all adult professionals working in their fields.

Thomas Scott

Teaches English in France

Thomas Scott

When I decided to retire from the corporate world, I started thinking about how I could continue working part-time while doing something I was passionate about. After doing some research and speaking with several ESL training certification schools, I signed up with ITA. I was attracted to their strong curriculum, experienced teachers, and a good level of interaction between the teacher and students. The TEFL course was more challenging than I had imagined but in a good way - I learned so much! I even signed on for the Business English and Young Learners courses.

Anastashia Knight

Teaches English in Thailand

Anastashia Knight

I wanted to have an upper hand on other teachers in the ESL job market - that's when ITA's Online TEFL Course was suggested to me. At the time I had three jobs, so the part-time course was very convenient. The assignments were relatable and even the history of language was interesting. I also had an awesome teacher! I think having a practicum component was invaluable because now that I'm here in Thailand, there are so many "teachers" here with no obvious classroom experience. I moved to Nakhon Pathom, Thailand at the beginning of 2019 and plan to stay for as long as I can.

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