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The staff at International TEFL Academy work together as a team to achieve one goal: to ensure that our students realize their dreams of going abroad to teach, travel, and explore.

All of our staff members have lived, traveled, and/or taught internationally. We've been in your shoes and now, we seek to empower our students to share in the experience of discovering new cultures, exploring the world, and becoming true global citizens while teaching English online & abroad.

We're Here To Help, Every Step of The Way

Work with your Admissions Advisor, TEFL Course Instructor and Student Affairs Advisor to successfully prepare for your English teaching career and get a job teaching English online and/or abroad.

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The ITA Founders

Back in 2010, Bruce Jones, Ian Davis, John Bentley, and Karen Crone had several meetings around Bruce's dining room table to discuss their vision to build the best TEFL school in the world. 30,000 students later, and here we are - with numerous awards to our name to prove it! With hard work and many late nights, this team brought their vision to life and because of them, we continue to change the lives of thousands of people each and every year, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

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Meet the ITA Founders

Your Support For TEFL Success


Admissions Advisors


Before registering for a course, all students are provided with comprehensive pre-enrollment advice from expert advisors to determine how they can realistically achieve their goals of working as professional English teachers online & abroad. From certification options to the realities of the international job market, our commitment is for each student to embark on their adventure fully informed and prepared in a manner that enables them to succeed.

Academics Department

Highly credentialed TEFL Professors


International TEFL Academy is committed to providing the very best TEFL training available and at the heart of it all are our instructors, who meet the highest standards. All of our instructors possess advanced degrees (Masters Degrees, Ph.D.'s or the equivalent) and at least 10 years of teaching & training experience; all have lived and taught abroad as well, and are passionate about both teaching and living abroad.

Student Affairs

Student Affairs


Our Student Affairs Department serves enrolled students by providing support in areas like preparing for their course and their move abroad. Following enrollment, students receive lifetime job search guidance through the Student Affairs Department to assist them in navigating the international job market, gaining employment, and preparing to travel and live abroad.

Partner Relations

Looking To Partner with ITA?

Business-to-Business, University Relations, and Teacher Recruitment - We're always looking to expand our network and form mutually beneficial partnerships with other like-minded companies, universities, organizations, and schools here in the USA or overseas. Meet our Partner Relations Team. 

Let's Work Together!

Our Committees

Alumni Association

Alumni Association

International TEFL Academy’s Alumni Association is committed to Reach, Serve, and Engage all ITA students and alumni through outreach and promotion of your experiences abroad. Building a traveling and teaching community for you is at the heart of our mission. Services and benefits include exclusive networking opportunities on social; sponsored alumni meet-ups around the globe; regular newsletters; article & photos contests; and much more!


Diversity & Inclusion

D&I Committee

The D&I Committee is committed to providing an environment that fosters safe conversation and discussion across all backgrounds. They continually strive to reflect and represent these values in the three pillars of our company: our students; staff; and community. Their goal is to represent and celebrate individuals of all backgrounds and to create a more inclusive culture, which means involving and empowering each individual based on their inherent worth and human dignity.


Charitable Initiatives

Charity Committee

Our staff, instructors, and students are Global Citizens, and we realize how fortunate we are to travel and live abroad. We have a commitment to make an impact on the world, both large and small, by direct involvement or by simply spreading the word on what each one of us can do. We actively contribute to both local and international charities which is an initiative spearheaded by our Charity Committee.


Our Behind-The-Scenes Peeps



Our dynamic Marketing team works to provide a smooth experience for our students from day one of the TEFL research process, through the process of getting TEFL certified, and eventually an official ITA Alumni. Our goal is to break down the process of teaching abroad & traveling the world and make sure our students can easily find the information they are seeking at the right time.


System Analytics

System Analytics

Leah is our stats, data, and analytics wizard. We throw our numerical problems at her, and she solves them, sometimes within minutes! She works to ensure that ITA maximizes efficiency and capitalizes on the full features and benefits of Salesforce. Leah is responsible for executing the day-to-day configuration, support, maintenance, and improvement of ITA’s CRM platform. She serves as the go-to for users, promotes adoption, keeps current on new releases, solutions, & provides training.


Office Administration

Office Administration

Our Office Administrator, Jen Brown, does so much for us here at ITA, it's hard to keep track of all her magic! She keeps the ITA office running smoothly and oversees administrative support for various teams. Her role is expansive and diverse such as greeting students when they phone in, providing student support during Chicago classes, organizing and filing administrative documents and financial reports, managing email communications, and more.


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