The staff at International TEFL Academy work together as a team to achieve one goal: to ensure that our students realize their dreams of going abroad to teach, travel, and explore.

All of our staff members have lived, traveled, and/or taught internationally, and we are all passionate about travel and living abroad. Now, we seek to empower our students to share in the experience of discovering new cultures, exploring the world, and becoming true global citizens while teaching English abroad.

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Meet the advising team!

Admissions Advisors

Before registering for a course, all students are provided with comprehensive pre-enrollment advice from expert advisors to determine how they can realistically achieve their goals of working as professional English teachers abroad. From certification options to the realities of the international job market, our commitment is for each student to embark on their adventure fully informed and prepared in a manner that enables them to succeed. Meet the Admissions Team.

international tefl academy student affairs department

Student Affairs Department

Our Student Affairs Department serves enrolled students by providing support in areas like preparing for their course and their move abroad. Following enrollment, students receive lifetime job search guidance through the Student Affairs Department to assist them in navigating the international job market, gaining employment, and preparing to travel and live abroad. Meet the Student Affairs Team.

International TEFL Academy Marketing Team

Marketing Team

Our dynamic Marketing team works to provide a smooth experience for our students from day one of the TEFL research process, through the process of getting TEFL certified, and eventually an official ITA Alumni. Our goal is to break down the process of teaching abroad & traveling the world and make sure our students can easily find the information they are seeking at the right time. Meet the Marking Team.

International TEFL Academy Professors

TEFL Class Professors

International TEFL Academy is committed to providing the very best TEFL training available and at the heart of it all are our professors, who meet the highest standards. All of our professors possess advanced degrees (Masters Degrees, PhD's or the equivalent) and at least 10 years of teaching & training experience; all have lived and taught abroad as well, and are passionate about both teaching and living abroad. Meet our Professors.

International TEFL Academy Ambassadors

Alumni Ambassadors

All ITA Ambassadors have walked the walk and most importantly, have been in YOUR shoes. These experienced teachers and world travelers are teaming up with the ITA staff to provide guidance and support to future ITA teachers. The goal of the ITA Ambassador program is to strengthen the ITA Alumni community abroad through leadership and outreach. We want to make sure each and every ITA Alumni feels prepared as he/she boards the plane for the adventure of a lifetime.

Alumni Association Team

Alumni Association

International TEFL Academy’s Alumni Association is committed to Reach, Serve, and Engage all ITA students and alumni through outreach and promotion of your experiences abroad. Building a traveling and teaching community for you is at the heart of our mission. Services and benefits include exclusive networking opportunities on social; sponsored alumni meet-ups around the globe; regular newsletters; article & photos contests; and much more! Read more about the International TEFL Academy Alumni Association.

Other Departments

international tefl academy office administration

Office Administration

Get to know the most organized member of the ITA team!

International TEFL Academy - Business Partnerships

Business Development

Explore partnership opportunities with one of the fastest-growing TEFL training organizations in the world.  
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International TEFL Academy - University Relations

University Relations

Do you work with students or recent graduates interested in living & working abroad?
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International TEFL Academy - Content & Marketing Team

Content & Video

ITA strives to produce the most  comprehensive, helpful and accurate information about teaching English abroad & TEFL certification.

International TEFL Academy - Charitable Contributions

Charitable Contributions

As dedicated global citizens, we actively contribute to both local & international charities.  We also provide free ESL lessons to our local communities.
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Meet the Founders of International TEFL Academy

The ITA Founders

Learn more about Bruce, John, Ian, and Karen - our 4 founders who had a vision to build the best TEFL school in the world!


International TEFL Academy Vision Statement

Learn about our vision, our values and our commitments.
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Reviews & Testimonials

We certify approximately 5,000 people a year to teach English Abroad & our graduates are teaching English in 80 countries worldwide. See what they have to say about us.