Karen Crone - Director of Student Affairs

Karen Crone

Director of Operations

Since taking her TEFL class in Santiago & teaching in Chile for 2 years, Karen has spent most of the past decade working in the world of TEFL, helping others realize their dream of teaching abroad. A windy City native, she also recently completed her first Chicago Marathon. Learn more about Karen.

International TEFL Academy Student Affairs - Karee Clarke

Karee Clarke

Student Affairs Representative

Hailing from Toronto with roots in Jamaica, Karee has lived, worked & studied extensively throughout Latin America from Paraguay & Brazil to Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico where she taught English to business professionals. Learn more about Karee.

Meet Havvah in the Student Affairs Department

Havvah Holl

Senior Student Affairs Representative

A native Midwesterner, Havvah bought a one-way ticket to China in 2007 and ended up teaching English in Kunming for 3 years. In addition to helping hundreds of ITA students gain employment abroad each year, Havvah is an active member of ITA's Alumni & Charity departments. Learn more about Havvah.

Meet Christie in the Student Affairs Department

Christie Koness

Student Affairs Representative

Christie has just returned home from taking a year off and traveling the world with her husband. She has been working at ITA for over 5 years. We are ecstatic to have her back in Chicago. Learn more about Christie

Meet Leah in the Student Affairs Department

Leah Kravoletz

Student Affairs Representative

Leah never boarded an airplane until she turned 20, but since then she has lived, traveled, studied and/or taught in more than 20 countries, including  Thailand, South Korea & Germany.  Next on her list is Mongolia, but in the meantime, Leah loves sharing her passion for world travel with ITA student s & alumni. Learn more about Leah.

Meet your advisor, erin

Erin Rydberg

Student Affairs Representative

A native of Rockford, IL, Erin taught English in France through the prestigious TAPIF Program before heading to Hong Kong, where she taught and also worked in recruiting & curriculum development for 3 years. Her professional experience and love of travel make Erin a natural for helping others teach English abroad. Learn more about Erin.

Meet the Staff - International TEFL Academy

Meet the Rest of the ITA Team

Meet the Team

All of our staff members have lived, traveled, and/or taught internationally, and we are all passionate about travel and living abroad. Our goal is to enable others to live their dream of teaching English abroad & traveling the world. Meet the Team.

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Alumni Rewards Program

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