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From the moment you complete your enrollment in a TEFL Certification course with International TEFL Academy, the Student Affairs Department will be your main point of contact for all things related to your TEFL course and job search overseas. We provide personalized, lifetime Job Search Guidance to all of International TEFL Academy's enrolled students and alumni. Job Search Guidance can begin from the moment a student enrolls in any TEFL Certification course. Student Affairs will also be your main point of contact for any questions you have related to your TEFL Certification course, whether it is an online or in-person course. NOTE: These services are available only to enrolled International TEFL Academy students.

We're Here To Help, Every Step of The Way

As an ITA alum, you benefit from our lifetime job search assistance, our expert tips and thorough advice, and have exclusive access to our Student Affairs Department and prime resources.

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The ITA Student Affairs Team
Student-Affairs helping Students Find A Teaching Job

Student Affairs Vision Statement:

Who We Are:
We are a team of unique individuals committed to bringing our diverse experiences skills and strengths  to serve our students through expertise, empathy and innovation. We prioritize doing the right thing for our students, our team, and the company.

What We Do:
We are highly motivated and high achieving. We are always looking for the next best thing to help ensure our students success, and streamline our day to day processes. We understand that change is good, and necessary and we embrace it to make deliberate and effective changes that contribute to the success of our students, department and company.

Where We Are Going:
We will continue to build the most effective processes and resources to help students, support our staff and company. We will innovate to stay at the forefront of the job search process for the TEFL industry and to develop new products and services. We will develop our staff with opportunities for professional growth, development, and specializations.


Karen Grant
Director of Student Affairs

Karen Crone

Since taking her TEFL class in Santiago & teaching in Chile for 2 years, Karen has spent most of the past decade working in the world of TEFL, helping others realize their dream of teaching abroad. A Windy City native, she also recently completed her first Chicago Marathon.

Havvah Holl
Student Affairs Manager

Havvah Holl

A native Midwesterner, Havvah bought a one-way ticket to China in 2007 and ended up teaching English in Kunming for 3 years. In addition to helping hundreds of ITA students gain employment abroad each year, Havvah is an active member of ITA's Charity department.

Christie Koness
Student Affairs Advisor

Christie Koness

Christie studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain for an entire summer after her junior year of college and went on to volunteer teach English in Nepal after graduation. After getting married, she and her husband took 8-months off to travel the world before returning back to the USA to work at ITA!

Karee Clarke
Student Affairs Advisor

Karee Clarke

Karee began living her passion of exploring the world right after high school while focusing on youth empowerment and sustainable community development in Latin America. During her last year of university, she taught English at a private language school in Puerto Rico and worked for the well-known language school chain Berlitz as the Assistant Director in Washington, DC.

Glenn Schneider
Student Affairs Advisor

Glenn Schneider

Glenn returned to his roots in Chicago after completing a three year wander through North and South America which included a year teaching at a coal mine in Colombia. He can often be found riding his bike all around Illinois! Glenn loves adventure and is excited to help usher others toward their own.

Meg Weaver
Student Affairs Advisor


A native Midwesterner, Meg graduated from Michigan State University where she studied abroad in Costa Rica. After college, she joined the Peace Corps in Ecuador where she also taught English. Next on her list are Thailand, Cambodia, Spain, and Morroco but until then, you can find Meg helping hundreds of ITA students gain employment abroad each year.

Jassira Vardak
Student Affairs Advisor

Jassira Vardak

Born in the UK to multicultural parents, but having grown up in Southern California, Jassira has been traveling the world from a young age. She taught English to both children and adults in Taiwan and Spain, before returning to the US and eventually her adopted home of Chicago. As an ITA alum herself, she is thrilled to help others with their own transitions abroad.

Rosalinda Chavez
Student Affairs Advisor

Rosalinda Chavez

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Rosalinda graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a major in Fashion Business. While always enjoy French class in school, Rosalinda applied for the Teaching Assistant program in France (TAPIF) where she taught middle school English in Bourg-en-Bresse, France for a year. 

Ivana Karavdic
Student Affairs Advisor

Ivana Karavdic | Student Affairs Advisor

Originally from Bosnia, Ivana moved to Vermont when she was in middle school. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Vermont and later with an MA TESOL from Saint Michael's College before moving to Seoul, South Korea to teach university students for five years.


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