Aubrey Krzynski | Student Affairs Advisor

Aubrey Krzynski | Student Affairs Advisor

What is your role at International TEFL Academy?

I joined the team in June of 2023 as a Student Affairs Advisor.

What's your story?

I graduated college unsure of the career path I wanted to go down, so I decided to start off my post-college life by giving back to my community. I joined AmeriCorps: College Possible where I served at a Milwaukee high school. After completing my year of service, I was still feeling a bit lost- all I knew is that I wanted to continue giving back and that I was itching to travel. I began my Google searches diving into how I could combine the two interests and that’s when I found teaching abroad- and thank goodness I did!

After going through Job Placement and experiencing the teaching and traveling opportunity of a lifetime in Thailand, I began my career in the Teach Abroad industry to support teachers on their journeys abroad. I joined the ITA Student Affairs Team in June 2023 to continue my passion for supporting teachers throughout their TEFL experiences!

Where are you from and where did you go to college?

I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I went to college at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

What was your first travel abroad experience like?

My first trip abroad, a high school exchange to Lindau, Germany, introduced me to a glimpse of what the world had to offer- fascinating cultures with extensive histories, stunning people whose life experiences are as beautifully intricate as yours and mine, and delicious foods that cannot compare to restaurants back home. From that point on, I was hooked! I found happiness in packing my backpack, boarding an airplane and heading somewhere new to discover, learn and grow!

What countries have you been to?

Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Guatemala, Costa Rica, UK, Ireland, Jamaica, Czech Republic, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Belize, Thailand, Croatia, Canada, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Where have you lived/taught abroad?

I have taught and lived abroad in Thailand.

Best travel story?

During the April school break while I was teaching abroad, I went to Khao Sok National Park and stayed in a jungle bungalow with my partner. In the bungalow, there was a sign warning to always keep your doors locked because local monkeys liked to come in and cause havoc. My partner took this sign VERY seriously and to my annoyance, locked the door every (and I mean EVERY) time we stepped outside. So naturally, I had to give him a hard time. Fast forward to our last morning at Khao Sok, I was nudged awake at 5.30am with my partner whispering, “monkey”. Confused and half-asleep, I sat up to meet the gaze of a large monkey staring me down about 5 feet away. Before I could even process, the monkey darted out. We jumped out of bed to check if anything was taken, but luckily the monkey was just rifling through and unpacking our toiletry bag. Turns out I was the last one in the night before and may have forgotten to lock the door…oops! Still trying to live that one down!

Favorite ethnic food?

Thai, of course, and Mexican!

What excites you about working at ITA?

Two of my passions are traveling and making the world a better place. ITA’s purpose aligns with these passions through its transformative, meaningful educational impact on teachers and their overall global understanding and perspective. I am excited to join the ITA family so I can be a part of executing the ITA vision by supporting new and experienced educators in achieving their dreams on their TEFL journeys!

Aubrey Krzynski ITA Student Affairs Advisor
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