Teaching English in Europe

The job market for teaching English abroad in Europe has always been strong, but with the economic and cultural integration brought on by the emergence of the European Union, the use of English as a common language of culture and commerce has increased several times over, and with it, the demand for certified English teachers. Job markets are also booming in Central and Eastern Europe where countries like the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, and Hungary (to name just a few) have made learning English a top priority for students, workers and business professionals. 

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Some points about teaching English in Europe:

  • Many jobs entail 10 to 12-month contracts.  September, October, and January are busy hiring periods for most countries in Europe, with many contracts ending in early July.  January is a second season to start employment.

  • Many English teachers in Europe work at least part-time as private tutors, and some work full-time giving private English lessons, particularly Americans and other non-Europeans.   

  • A typical English teacher will make enough to support himself/herself comfortably, but should not expect to save substantial sums.


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