British Government (Ofqual) Level 5 Regulated status on the  RQF Scale for ITA run classes.


International TEFL Academy proudly uses a state-of-the-art curriculum written by a staff of highly experienced ITA professors for our Online, ChicagoCosta Rica, & Barcelona, Spain courses.  International TEFL Academy is one of the global leaders in TEFL/TESOL curriculum and trains over 5,000 students a year. Our curriculum also meets internationally recognized requirements of a minimum of 100 hours of academic work and 6 hours of practicum (student teaching/observation) for a professional level TEFL certification.  The locations listed are all ITA run organizations with the same curriculum and oversight.

To ensure that our TEFL certification meets international standards in quality and delivery, this curriculum has been externally monitored and approved for accreditation by TQUK, an officially Awarding Organization that is recognized and regulated by Ofqual, the British Government organization responsible for monitoring and maintaining educational standards in the United Kingdom.  The curriculum also meets internationally recognized requirements of a minimum of 100 hours of academic work and 6 hours of practicum (student teaching/observation) for a professional level TEFL certification.



TQUK - Accreditation for International TEFL Academy TEFL Classes


* The British system (Ofqual) uses the term "regulated" which is synonymous with the TEFL industry term "accredited".  These certifications are also on the RQF platform.  The other term used is "endorsed" which is a lower level of oversight but is not what would be considered "accredited".  These certificates are not on the RQF platform.  All ITA run courses have a Level 5 Regulated status. 


Click here for a more detailed explanation of International TEFL Academy's accreditation for TEFL certification with TQUK.


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The Role of the Awarding (Accrediting) Organization - TQUK

International TEFL Academy’s accrediting organization, TQUK (Training Qualifications UK) is recognized as a leader in providing vocational and professional qualifications to colleges and private training providers in Education & Training, Social Care, and Health.  Regulated by Ofqual, TQUK enjoys official recognition from the British government as a provider of quality assured qualifications for professional training and certification.

All certificates awarded to International TEFL Academy learners who are undertaking a regulated qualification are externally monitored and reviewed by highly qualified experts. In addition, all training centers are visited by an External Quality Assurer, an expert in the field, who assesses the quality procedures and administration prior to recognising a training provider. This ensures that International TEFL Academy TEFL courses and curriculum are thoroughly and personally vetted by independent experts. To check TQUK’s status as an Awarding Organization please use the following link here. and their approval to certify Level 5 courses here.

Awarding Organizations (AO - as accrediting organizations are officially known in the UK) are responsible for the award of qualifications (accreditation), and working with training centers such as International TEFL Academy to ensure that quality standards are maintained at all times. AO responsibilities, as part of the overall awarding of qualifications, include:

  • Registration and Certification of candidates undertaking regulated qualifications

  • Ongoing support for centers teaching learners with an aim to achieving a qualification

  • Maintaining the validity and quality of qualifications throughout the qualification life span

  • The International TEFL Academy TQUK Center number is 1709166

  • Click here for a validation statement of ITA as an approved center on the TQUK website.

International TEFL Academy - Certificate Sample


The Truth about TESOL / TEFL Course Qualifications   

  • Potential employers seek out teachers who have been trained to a high level.

  • Potential employers seek out teachers whose course has been accredited by an awarding organization.

  • There is no single internationally recognized TEFL / TESOL qualification. To address this problem we chose to work with TQUK to gain a regulated qualification to ensure that our TEFL / TESOL certificates are among the most widely recognized anywhere in the world.

  • Read More: What is Accreditation for TEFL Certification Really All About?"

Accreditation for International TEFL Academy TEFL Classes

Typical International TEFL Academy Students:

  • Are serious about earning a quality TESOL / TEFL Certification.

  • Are seeking a regulated qualification from an awarding organization.

  • Decide on quality rather than price alone because they realize that they are investing in their education and their future.

  • Understand that a highly qualified, experienced instructor, an exceptional curriculum and excellent accreditation are absolute necessities in TESOL / TEFL Certification training.

  • Want a qualification that is from a course provider recognized throughout the world.

  • Need to be able to successfully apply for any teaching position throughout the world and not just for the company that trained them and not just in volunteer positions!

  • Know the value of a qualification awarded by an awarding organization.

Other Accreditation - Partner Schools

In addition to the courses listed above that are administered by International TEFL Academy, we partner with other TEFL courses that are accredited. We work together to register the students and provide lifetime job guidance assistance after graduation. Some of these centers are accredited by IATQuO, Cambridge University, SIT and more.

Please read about all of our partner courses and their individual accreditation and certifications here.

IATQuO - The International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying organizations (IATQuO) exists to promote and maintain internationally acceptable standards in the training of teachers of English to speakers of other languages. It wishes to encourage organizations dedicated to professional standards in training teachers for TESOL, wishing to maintain their professional independence and who in many instances may not have substantial financial resources.

IATQuO is an accreditation organization for TESOL training centers who subscribe to the aims expressed above and who are prepared to undergo and pay for external scrutiny.

It is secondly a not-for-profit organization dedicated to implementing the aims and objectives expressed in the mission statement at the beginning of this website.

Some of our partner courses in Toulouse France, Prague Czech Republic and Madrid, Spain are accredited by IATQuO.


Madrid TEFL Class for Teaching English in Spain - Accreditation

Fort Hays State University acknowledges the Buenos Aires TEFL Class with the option of three credits. Fort Hays State University’s English as a Second Language Program is regionally accredited by the prestigious North Central Association for Colleges and Schools, in the USA.


Arequipa - Peru, Crete-Greece, Ciudad Guzman- MexicoFlorence - Italy, Sardinia-Italy, St. Petersburg - Russia & Istanbul - Turkey TEFL classes are accredited through the Learning Resource Network. These TEFL courses are officially endorsed as a Level 5 by Learning Resource Network (LRN). In addition to the Level 5 certificate accreditation through Learning Resource Network, most of these courses also have additional partnerships and recognition agreements.


Chiang Mail TEFL Class is accredited by TQUK in the UK and also by the Thai Ministry of Education.


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam TEFL ClassHanoi, Vietnam TEFL Class and the Phnom Penh, Cambodia TEFL Class  - these classes are all accredited from the Australian International College of Language (AICOL).


New York City TEFL Class SIT Accreditation: Developed by the World Learning's SIT Graduate Institute (formerly the School for International Training), this certification meets or exceeds the highest standards for TEFL training as set forth by international organizations like the British Council, and required by thousands of language schools and institutes around the world seeking to hire newly trained English teachers. 

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