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Toulouse, France

Learn more about internationally accredited TEFL certification courses in Toulouse to teach English in France & around the World.

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TEFL Certification Europe

Add-On: Two-Month Tutoring Opportunities for Course Graduates

Gaining a work visa for long-term teaching contracts in France can be a major challenge for Americans and other non-European Union citizens interested in teaching in France.  To accommodate those who wish to stay in France and teach English following graduation from this course, grads have the opportunity to stay with local families offering accomodations and all meals, for 400 Euros per month in exchange for 5-hours of English language tutoring per week. 

This two-month program provides a perfect solution for trainees who want to get teaching experience immediately upon graduating with us. It also provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local community and to practice your own French language skills. It is also appealing for those who prefer not to have to go job - hunting, as you will not be required to send out CVs etc. It would be a very smooth transition after finishing our course.

* Note About ProgramThere will be terms and conditions that you need to sign and you will need to complete a criminal background check. This program is only open to students and graduates of this TEFL course in Toulouse.  



TEFL Certification Europe

Housing Options

Upon enrollment, you will be put in touch with the Onsite Course Director who can assist with arranging you accommodations during the course. All housing is available the weekend before the course and goes through the weekend following the course. Housing is within 30 minutes of the course location.  

Host Family  - If you are looking for an authentic experience, consider this homestay option. Cost ranges from 300-550 Euros. 

Studio Flats - This option is suitable for those who would like the privacy and independence of their own furnished apartment. International TEFL Academy provides furnished studios or small apartments for one person or two people traveling together. The cost is about 550 Euros.


Communication, Phone and Internet -You may buy or rent a cellular phone from any of the numerous phone stores in Toulouse. Students are also encouraged to use local Internet Cafes. 

TEFL Certification in Italy

Tuition Includes:

TEFL Certification in Italy

Tuition Does Not Include

  • Personal Expenses
  • International Flights
  • Visa, Insurance,
  • Airport Pick up
  • Housing (course director can assist with arranging housing)