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Teaching English in Czech Republic 101

The demand for English teachers in the Czech Republic is strong, especially in Prague. Following their admittance into the European Union, there has been a considerable increase in demand for native English instructors throughout the country. English teachers typically find work and begin teaching by interviewing locally in the Czech Republic during major hiring seasons in September, and then again in January. However, a limited number of schools will interview job candidates over the phone from their home country in advance.  Most contracts end in late June. 

A solid hourly wage affords English teachers in the Czech Republic to live a comfortable life while they are employed.  Schools typically offer 20-25 hours per week of work, leaving plenty of time to travel and explore.  English teachers typically need to have a BA to teach in the Czech Republic, and a TEFL certification is absolutely necessary as well. International TEFL Academy offers TEFL courses in Prague in addition to in-person classes in 25 locations worldwide and our internationally accredited 170-Hour Online TEFL Class.

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Major cities for English teaching jobs are Prague, Brno, Ostrava, and Pilsen. NOTE: International TEFL Academy does not typically recommend that our students or alumni without a degree consider the Czech Republic as a viable teaching destination.

For those looking to teach through the summer, opportunities at summer English language camps exist throughout the Czech Republic and the rest of Europe. These positions typically start in late June and early July. English teachers will be expected to interview in person once they arrive in the Czech Republic, and they will also be responsible for their airfare, as well as housing.  Most teachers live in apartments recently vacated by previous teachers, and many share a flat with their coworkers. 

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