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TEFL / TESOL Course Overview

Looking to earn an accredited 4-week TEFL TESOL certification that will qualify you for thousands of English teaching jobs in The Czech Republic and around the World?

This state-of-the-art TEFL certification course not only provides expert-led training and a recognized qualification but personalized job placement assistance for finding jobs teaching English in The Czech Republic and around the globe.

Prague, which represents one of the hottest job markets for teaching English in Europe, is situated in the very heart of the continent allowing easy access to numerous other major European cities like Berlin, Munich, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Bratislava, as well as the Austrian and German Alps. Our graduates can easily hop on a bus, train or plane for a weekend to one of these destinations.

Please Note: This is an intensive, full-time university-level TEFL course. To learn more about what this course entails, see our FAQs below.

ITA alumna during her Prague TEFL Course ITA graduates teaching English in the Czech Republic

TEFL / TESOL Class Details


4 weeks full-time.


We recommend enrolling at least 90 days prior to your course start date. More information here.


Students should expect to be in class from 9:30 am - 5:00 pm, and then 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm for practicum (with breaks, of course), Monday-Friday. Weekends are primarily free for sightseeing and relaxation, but some homework is required.


Prague is truly the cultural heart of Europe, and is a great place to commence your TEFL journey teaching English in The Czech Republic.


Classes are capped at 16 students; Internet access is available at the school facilities, which also include a reference library, lounge (with outdoor terrace), and computer lab.


This is a partner course of International TEFL Academy. All students receive the full benefits of ITA students and alumni, including lifetime Job Search Guidance.

TEFL / TESOL Course Content

This TEFL certification course has been specially designed to provide all course graduates with the tools to succeed as professional English teachers.


Like all ITA TEFL classes, this TEFL course is taught by highly experienced professors and includes live practice teaching with local ESL students.


All International TEFL Academy TEFL Classes meet or exceed international standards, and are accredited by recognized bodies in the field. Further details.


  • Basic principles of teaching
  • Grammar
  • Classroom Management
  • Error Correction
  • Lesson Planning
  • Use of Visual & Audio Aids
  • Teaching group classes: beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, advanced
  • Conversational English
  • Teaching grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking, pronunciation
  • Language Awareness
  • Private Tutoring
  • Teaching Business English

Tuition & Costs

The Cost of the TEFL Class is $1,590 USD ($500 Deposit + $1,090 Balance).


  • TEFL course tuition
  • All Course Materials
  • Assistance with making housing arrangements (housing costs not included)
  • Job search guidance in The Czech Republic and lifetime job guidance advice online & worldwide
  • Airport pickup assistance
  • 24-hour course assistance
  • Complete access to all school facilities & Internet pass or access at our school
  • Weeekend outings and graduation party
  • 6 hours of survival Czech language classes


  • Personal Expenses
  • International Flights
  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • Housing costs
  • Optional day-long Prague Orientation (additional cost of around $60 USD)

Enrollment & Eligibility

IMPORTANT! Before enrolling for any International TEFL Academy TEFL course, it is imperative that you speak to an Admissions Advisor.

Your advisor will answer your questions and assist you with matters such as your eligibility & enrollment; course costs & logistics (such as housing); and your options for employment as an English teacher once you complete your TEFL Class.





Please visit our Registration Procedures Page & Review our Terms & Conditions prior to enrolling.

Housing Arrangements

Upon enrollment, you will be put in touch with the Onsite Course Director who can assist with arranging your accommodations during the course.

Accommodation options can be within walking distance of the school or well connected by public transportation -- your accommodations will never be more than a 20-minute bus ride from the school.

  • Shared Apartment with Shared Bedroom - $425-550
  • Shared Apartment with Private Bedroom- $725-800
  • Private Single Apartment - $1000-1100
  • Private Double Apartment - $1100-1200
  • Communication, Phone & Internet - Housing and school are equipped with wifi.
Housing Options for The Prague TEFL Course We help you find Housing in Prague, Czech Republic

TEFL Course Dates & Registration

Before enrolling in any International TEFL Academy courses, we recommend that you speak with an advisor who will answer your questions, review your employment prospects for teaching English abroad, and assist you with enrollment. 

We strongly recommend enrolling in your Prague TEFL course at least one month in advance due to its popularity. We also invite you to read our registration procedure and terms & conditions. Note that all students will be charged a small processing fee per course/program purchased.

Enroll in your April 24th course, and get $200 OFF your remaining balance.



Job Opportunities for Prague TEFL Students 

All students and graduates from the Prague TEFL Course receive hands-on job placement assistance from the local staff in Prague in addition to lifetime, worldwide, and online, job search guidance from ITA's expert team of advisors. 

Read our Czech Republic Country Profile to learn about the local job market for teaching English in The Czech Republic & watch videos of ITA alumni teaching in Prague & The Czech Republic.


TEFL Certification Prague
TEFL Certification Prague, Czech Republic
TEFL Certification Course in Prague, Czech Republic
Prague TEFL Course Overview
Prague, Czech Republic TEFL Course
ITA alumni in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague TEFL Course FAQs

How many hours will I be spending in class and on course work during the course? 

Students can expect to spend 140 hours per month on the course and about 5 hours per week on homework.

Example of a typical day during the TEFL course:

  • 7.45 AM: Wake up and get ready.
  • 9.00 AM: Leave housing for school.
  • 9.20 AM: Arrive at school (approximate time).
  • 9.30 AM – 1 PM: Complete two 90-minute workshops on TEFL methodology (there’s a 30-minute break between them).
  • 1 PM – 5 PM: Lunch and lesson planning. We always have a few trainers to help with lesson planning. Students spend the majority of their time getting help for their evening lessons. This is OPEN time though and it’s not required to be at the school during all of these hours.
  • 5 PM – 8 PM: Teaching practice and lesson observations (3 days a week). Students teach a 45-minute lesson and usually watch 1 or 2 45 minute lessons of their peers teaching. Practice teaching is followed by a group critique. 

FRIDAY Schedule: No teaching, but there is another 90 minute lesson from 2.00-3.30pm. Class gets out an 3.30pm most Fridays.

WEEKENDS: There are weekly assignments. We often have optional outings to fun places in the city after the course.

How many assignments are there throughout the course and what do they consist of? How many hours of homework can I expect outside of class?

The course assignments consist of grammar tests, methodology research, grammar speaking activation creations and a one-to-one learner profile.   Students can expect to spend approximately 5 hours per week on homework outside of class.

Will I have a lot of free time to see Prague and travel around the Czech Republic or Europe?

Because of the intense nature of the schedule, you should plan to do any major sightseeing either before or after the course finishes, though you will have some free time on the weekends (in addition to homework). 

Will grammar be taught during the course? Are there additional resources in the course materials?

Yes, grammar will be taught during the course.  The school also has a great online grammar course that is sent to students before the course begins to review and refresh their grammar knowledge.

Is there a textbook needed for the course? Do I need to purchase it before the course begins?

There is a textbook included in the cost of the course.  Students will receive it upon arrival in Prague on the first day of class.

What kind of English language learners will I be teaching during the practicum?

The ESL students are typically adults of beginner to advanced levels.  TEFL Students will be put into a group of approximately 4-11 students to teach each night.

Are there any specific technology requirements for the course?

No, but students should bring a laptop computer with them to Prague. Students need to be familiar with Google Docs and have a Facebook account to get access to various different groups associated with the school/course.

How can I prepare for the course? Can I begin working on my assignments prior to the course?

About a month before the start of the course, students will get access to a comprehensive online grammar course. The school recommends taking grammar awareness seriously and spending the time before class reviewing the basics of English grammar. 

Does the TEFL course recommend housing or arrange it?

Students can arrange their accommodations through the onsite coordinator in Prague.     

What time should I arrive on the first day of class?

The school recommends arriving on 9:15 am on the first day of class with basic school materials such as pen, paper and a laptop.

Prague TEFL Course vs Online TEFL Course

Prague TEFL Course

What's included 👇

  • In-Person 4 Weeks, Full-Time
  • Accredited by IATQUO - Meets/Exceeds All Industry Accreditation Standards
  • University-Level Instructors
  • Lifetime Job Search Guidance
  • 6-to-10-Hour Live Practice Teaching
  • Classes Capped at 16 Students

Online TEFL Course

What's included 👇

  • 170-Hour Online Certification
  • 4-Week Full-time/ 11-Week part-time
  • OFQUAL Level 5 Accreditation from TQUK
  • Live Office Hours with Your Instructor & Peer-Participation with Classmates
  • Lifetime Job Search Guidance
  • 10 to 20-Hours Live Practice Teaching

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Why Our Alumni Love Us!

Rebecca Brown

Prague TEFL Course Grad

Rebecca Brown

After doing a lot of research, ITA seemed like a great program to go through. They offered job assistance and lifetime guidance and support. I loved the Prague course. It was a lot of work, but I feel like I learned so much and am prepared to teach English. The instructors were super knowledgeable, friendly, and funny. I met a ton of great people. It was the best decision I've ever made!

Emma Grace Fairchild

Teaches English in Prague

Emma Grace Fairchild

I live comfortably, and could make decisions to spend less by moving out of the city center or having a smaller apartment. I buy bio/ organic food when possible and drink wine or cocktails instead of beer, which brings up my costs compared to those who buy cheaper food and drink super cheap beer. I also travel around Europe every few weeks to visit friends and have enough to manage all of this carefully.

Andrea Perkins

Teaches English in Prague

Andrea Perkins

I decided to do my TEFL certification with International TEFL Academy because they were really helpful in answering my questions about living abroad and finding a job. I would recommend coming to Prague. It's a gorgeous city with lots of history and tons of fun and exciting things to do.

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