Teaching English Abroad
How Does It Work?

How to get paid teaching English abroad

With 1.5 billion people enrolling in English classes worldwide, the demand for English teachers is so high that English speakers from virtually all backgrounds who gain a TEFL certification can get a professional job teaching English abroad. Here is an overview of the steps you will take to reach your goal of teaching English abroad.

This process may vary depending on your personal circumstances and where you wish to teach. Bear in mind that in most cases the process of getting TEFL certified & gaining employment teaching English abroad is typically 3-6 months, so if you're planning on teaching abroad this year, the time to begin researching and talking to an advisor is now.

How to Teach English Abroad

1. Research & Download Free Brochure

Before you ever enroll in a TEFL class or apply for a job, it’s critical that you gain a clear understanding of what your options are and how you can get there. It’s also important that you put together a plan and a timeline. International TEFL Academy provides the most extensive resources, tools and information about teaching English abroad & TEFL certification to assist you with this process. Experienced advisors will be there to provide personal assistance and guidance throughout the process.


  • Determine where you can realistically teach abroad given your age, citizenship
  • Research TEFL certification options, including Online TEFL certification and In-Person classes.  Which class works best for you given where you want to teach?
  • Learn about critical elements of teaching abroad like salaries, hiring seasons and the process of getting a job teaching English abroad.

Tools:  Here are some great tools for researching Teaching English abroad.....

Free Guide to Teaching English Abroad

Teach Abroad Brochure

Download Now

A 30-page guide to all aspects of teaching English abroad & TEFL certification.

Country Chart for Teaching English Abroad

Country Chart

Download Now

Compare English teaching jobs in 50 countries, including salaries, hiring requirement, visa info & more.

Teaching English Abroad Information


Access Now

Check out hundreds of articles & FAQs about teaching English abroad & TEFL certification.

World Job Index - Teaching English Abroad

Country Profiles

Access Now

Check out country profiles for teaching English abroad in more than 50 countries worldwide.

TEFL Certification Financial Guide

Financial Guide

Download Now

From salaries to start-up costs, learn all about the financial aspects of teaching abroad.

Live Webcast for Teaching English Abroad

Live TEFL Webcast

Learn More

Tune into a live interactive webcast covering job markets, TEFL certification, job placement assistance & more.

Alumni Stories - Teaching English Abroad

Alumni Stories

Read More

Check out blogs, articles, & Q&As with ITA Alumni teaching English in 80 countries worldwide.

International TEFL Academy - Alumni Videos


Watch Videos

Check out video profiles of ITA Alumni teaching English around the world.

2. Consult with an Expert Advisor

While you engage in your research, you will work with an experienced Admissions Advisor who will answer your questions and provide guidance with choosing your TEFL class, making a plan and putting together a timeline.  All International TEFL Academy Advisors possess extensive experience living, working and traveling abroad and are extremely well-versed in all aspects of teaching abroad, from job markets to TEFL certification. Navigating the ins-and-outs of teaching abroad can be confusing or even overwhelming, and our team is here to HELP YOU and to provide straight-forward, realistic feedback in addressing your questions and concerns regarding:

  • Where can you teach?
  • Finances, start-up costs, and salaries
  • Choosing the right TEFL class
  • Visas, documents, health insurance, housing, documents & other practicalities
  • Putting together a Timeline

To learn more, please readWhy You Need to Speak with a Professional TEFL Admission Advisors if You Want to Teach English Abroad (and do it right) 

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More Tools for Researching TEFL Certification

International TEFL Class Index

TEFL Classes Around the World

Learn More

Check out accredited TEFL courses in 25 locations worldwide.


170 Hour Online TEFL Classes

Learn More

Learn about ITA's accredited state-of-the-art TEFL certification class.

TEFL Certification Information & Resources

TEFL Certification FAQs

Read FAQs

Read expert-written articles & FAQs about all aspects of TEFL certification.

How to get a job teaching English abroad

TEFL Class Dates & Tuition

Learn More

Check out dates & tuition for 11-week Online TEFL classes & 4-week in-person TEFL classes in 25 locations worldwide.


ENROLLMENT: Pay tuition and turn in enrollment documents – your Admissions Advisor will guide you through this process.

1. Read our Registration Procedure and Terms and Conditions

2. Enroll Online Here or call your advisor directly at 773-634-9900

Prepping for your TEFL Course & Job Search:

Online TEFL Course for Teaching English Abroad

Online TEFL Class Prep

  • Review Pre-Course Grammar Module
  • Student Affairs Department is available to help with any questions relating to the course
  • Researching Practicum options

Online TEFL Course for Teaching English Abroad

In-Person TEFL Class Prep

  • Contact onsite course director to make housing arrangements and address other practicalities – when do you need to arrive, what do you need to bring, etc.
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Pay final balance 30 days prior to your course start date

Prep for Your Job Search
(All Students)

How to get a job overseas teaching English

4. Complete TEFL Certification

How do I get a job teaching English overseas?

5. Receive Job Search Guidance &
Interview for positions

International TEFL Academy provides comprehensive lifetime Job Search Guidance to all students and graduates.

  • Work with an experienced Student Affairs advisor
  • If taking an international in-person course, the local staff will assist with gaining employment in the local job market.
  • Tools: Job Search Guidance Manual, Webinars, School Directories, Job Boards, Recruiters,
  • Tasks: Write cover letter & resume, get documents (passport, criminal background check, academic records – if necessary), network with ITA students and alumni through exclusive social media channels
  • Contact schools, apply for jobs, interview with schools
  • In most cases, those looking to teach in Europe & Latin America will go to their country of choice and interview in-person during a major hiring season
  • For countries in Asia, the Persian Gulf and some countries in Latin American & Europe (examples:  Russia, Turkey, Chile), you will interview from home by Skype & Phone. 

How to get TEFL certified to teach English abroad

6. Get Hired & Teach English Abroad!

  • Review job offers & contracts (Student Affairs will assist you)
  • Accept job offer
  • If you have accepted a job offer prior to leaving your home country, you will need to make travel & visa arrangements as necessary
  • If you are already in-country, you will typically begin teaching immediately