Alumni Meetup Overview

Why host a meetup? It is a perfect opportunity for you to meet like-minded travelers, network with teachers, make new friends and share your travel stories over drinks and dinner. Read below to find out how to host your own ITA Alumni meetup.



  • ITA World Alumni Day 2021:
    • In-person events:
      • Madrid: Sat., Sept 18th @ 3pm CEST at La Gruta, on the northeast side of Estanque Grande del Buen Retiro, Parque del Retiro, Madrid

      • Mexico City: Sat., Sept 18th at 7pm CDT at

        El Aljibe Real Restaurante, C. Regina, Centro Histórico de la Ciudad. de México, Centro, Cuauhtémoc, 06080 CDMX

      • Prague: Fri., Sept 17th @ 6:30pm CEST at Mlíkárna, Riegrovy sady, 120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady
      • San Francisco: Fri., Sept 17th @ 5pm PDT at Dolores Park, Dolores Street & 19th Street, San Francisco, CA
    • Virtual events:
      • East Coast: Fri., Sept 17th @ 6pm EDT on Zoom
      • Germany: Fri., Sept 17th @ 7pm CEST on Zoom
      • Japan: Sat., Sept 18th @ 10pm JST on Zoom
      • South Korea: Sat., Sept 18th at 10pm KST on Zoom
      • Turkey: Sat., Sept 18th @ 4pm GMT+3 on Zoom
      • Teachers who have returned from teaching abroad: Fri., Sept 17th @ 7pm EDT on Zoom
      • Teachers who are preparing to teaching abroad: Fri., Sept 17th @ 7pm EDT on Zoom


TEFL Course Reunions


Are you missing your TEFL course classmates and interested in hosting a virtual or in-person reunion? We'd be happy to help you pull it off.

This can be as simple as coordinating a virtual video chat or as elaborate as a face-to-face hangout if all (or most) of you ended up in the same place after your TEFL course. 

If you are interested, please follow the tips above and don't forget to let the Alumni Department know!


In-Person Meetups

Are you interested in connecting with other ITA alumni in your city overseas? Host an ITA alumni meet-up. This event can take place anywhere in your city such as your favorite park, restaurant, or even a hike or excursion. 

These in-person meet ups are the absolute best way to get to know fellow teachers and travelers. We're happy to assist you in coordinating these events, too!

Virtual Meetups

Don't have any alumni in your city or immediate area? Consider hosting a virtual meetup. You could host one for your country or even your region (Caribbean meetup, anyone?). This is a great way of meeting teachers and fellow travelers a little further afield. Who knows — you may even make a few new friends aka reasons to visit a new locale.

Follow the tips above and don't forget to let the Alumni Department know!

Tips For Hosting A Meet-Up


  1. Choose a place, a date and a time that is convenient for the local English teaching community. Be sure that your location is public transportation accessible, takes reservations, has an open area for mingling. Alternately, you can host a meetup online, using a video calling platform like Skype.
  2. Let the Alumni Department Know about your meetup so we can send an email to our Alumni database. The sooner - the better! 
    • ITA will promote & post information about your meetup on the ITA Alumni Facebook pages.
  3. Provide a contact email address & gather RSVPs so you know how many people to expect.
    • Send weekly reminders about your meetup to get more attendees.
  4. Bring a camera! Take lots of high resolution photos of in-person meetups, including a group shot that we will share with ITA Alumni around the globe.
    • Download the ITA company logo, print it on a piece of paper and use it in your photos! (We can send you a logo by email as well.)
    • Make sure to take a couple of group shots, a couple of pictures of you and your guests holding the ITA company logo, and a couple of candid photos!
    • Email us your high resolution photos within 7 days of the meet-up:
  5. Share your pictures on Instagram and Facebook with your fellow alumni using the two hashtags #TeachTravelMeetup & #ITAalumni.
  6. Submit event photos to the Alumni Department at

ITA Alumni Advisory Board

Your board members are alumni just like you, people who love being an ITA alum and want to give back and make ITA and the alumni community better.


Want to be a board member? Applications open in the spring!

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