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Share Your Feedback With ITA

Focus Groups

We Want To Hear From You👇

We regularly organize focus groups with our alumni on different topics. Our goal? Constantly Improve ITA and your experience with us.


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Complete the survey to provide valuable insights to ITA to further serve you and your fellow alumni! NOTE: you are only eligible to complete the survey if you have taught English abroad or online for at least 3 months.



Additional Resources

Alumni Corner

It's All About You 👏

Keep up with the latest for ITA alumni thanks to the ITA Alumni Association.


Alumni Stories

Time To Be Inspired ❤️

Check out videos, articles, blogs, and Q&As from hundreds of ITA alumni who are teaching English online & abroad.


ITA Film Festival

Celebrating Teachers 🎬

ITA's Film Festival celebrates the work of incredible teachers online & overseas who help make a difference through cultural exchange & international education. See How You can Submit Your short Film!


Referral Program

Refer a Friend, Get $100 🏆

Refer your friend to ITA & earn $100 when they enroll in any ITA TEFL class. We'll even throw a little something for them. Everyone wins!