A 7-Step Plan for Teaching English Abroad in 2019

A 6-Step Plan for Getting Hired to Teach English in China

How do I get a job teaching English in China?

Follow the insider tips below to help you get hired as an English teacher in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and across China: 

  1. Call An Advisor & Begin Your Research
  2. Enroll in a TEFL Class
  3. Prepare For Your Job Search
  4. Interview & Apply for Positions
  5. Sign A Contract, Make Travel & Visa Arrangements
  6. Hop On a Plane to China and Begin Your New Adventure!


10 Best Job Markets for Teaching English Abroad in 2019

What are the Top Countries for Teaching English Overseas?

Author: Jessie Smith

South Korea. Spain. Mexico. China.  Which countries will make the list as top destinations for teaching English abroad in 2019?

With 1.7  billion people using and learning English worldwide, the international job market for teaching English abroad and teaching English online have never been stronger. There are new opportunities opening every single day overseas from Thailand & Mexico to Germany & South Korea. Teaching English overseas provides more opportunities than any other field for English speakers from all walks of life and all backgrounds to live, work and travel abroad in foreign countries across the globe.  

No prior teaching experience is required! However, taking an accredited TEFL certification course will allow you to gain the skills and qualification you need to get hired and to teach on the professional level.

As we look forward toward to 2019, here are 10 of the top job markets to consider as you look at your options for teaching English abroad this coming year....


11 Insider Tips for Getting a Job Teaching English in The Czech Republic

By Britton Schaude

1. TEFL certification is key. The first thing you will need is a professional TEFL certification to be considered for an English teaching job in the Czech Republic.  You don't need to have prior teaching experience or a degree in education to teach in the Czech Republic, but a TEFL certification will provide you with the skills and qualification you need to get hired. International TEFL Academy offers a TEFL class in Prague, Czech Republic in addition to Online TEFL Classes & TEFL Classes in 25 locations worldwide.

2. Speak with an expert advisor at International TEFL Academy. Before you even decide if TEFL certification and teaching English in the Czech Republic is right for you, speak with an advisor to get all of your initial questions and concerns answered. They will be able to go over all of your options in regards to TEFL certification and teaching English in the Czech Republic. You can get in touch with an advisor by filling out a form to request a free brochure or by calling our offices at 773-634-9900.

The Ultimate Teach Abroad Checklist: 7 Things Every ITA Teacher Needs to Buy Before Teaching English Overseas

By Doug Waxman

At International TEFL Academy (ITA), we understand that teaching English abroad entails far more than just taking a TEFL course or signing a contract.  That is why we have created a worldwide community and network for our alumni in addition to providing personal service and support as well as lifetime Job Search Guidance through our Student Affairs Department.

Here's ITA's Ultimate Travel Checklist: 7 Things every ITA teacher needs to buy before moving to teach English overseas

Introducing International TEFL Academy’s First Annual Teach Abroad Film Festival

International TEFL Academy’s (ITA) first annual Teach Abroad Film Festival will take place on the night of April 4, 2019 at the Davis Theater in Chicago, Illinois.

Film submissions are now officially being accepted from all current and former ITA students. Filmmakers can submit their entries through the Teach Abroad Film Festival’s online entry form at ita.fyi/FilmFestival. For your submission to be considered, please ensure all rules and guidelines are followed.

7 Key Tips to Evaluating a TEFL / TESOL Training School

How to choose the best TEFL Certification?

Not all TEFL / TESOL classes and companies are the same.  As they say, "you get what you pay for" and cheap courses are cheap for a reason. To choose the best TEFL certification, here are the areas you should consider:


Job Search Guidance:

10 Questions You Need to Ask Any TEFL School Before Enrolling in Their TEFL Class

By: Shay Ames

Teaching English abroad will be one of the great adventures of your life and whether you teach in Spain, Thailand, Turkey or anywhere else, your experience abroad will shape you for the rest of your life. So, if you're going to invest your time and money in a quality TEFL certification class (and you should!) you owe it to yourself to make sure that you will receive not only great training, but the support and guidance you need to get a great job teaching English abroad. So, here are 10 questions you should ask any TEFL school before enrolling in a class to make sure that they can help you get where you want to go.