How I Ended Up at the Top of the World

By: Kristine Bolt

A Life of Superlatives

About two years ago, I decided that my life should be one of superlatives.  Best this, most that…that sort of thing. Before that, my life was pretty much a carbon copy of everyone else's life, so there wasn't anything particularly superlative about it. Then things changed and my life underwent a dramatic one hundred and eighty degree turn and superlatives have become my new way of life.

Choosing an Apartment in Spain

By Remy Lambson

I arrived in Valencia one month before my lovely wife did, so therefore I was dealt the ‘please find us an apartment before October’ card. At the beginning, all was well as I knew somebody from the International TEFL Academy alumni group that was allowing me to stay with them whilst I looked for a reasonable place to live. I had already made and paid for several online housing reservations before arriving, just to find out that they were rejected because the room was already occupied, or because the landlord didn’t accept couples, or, simply because they didn’t feel like renting to someone that day. Queue the weeks of waiting for agency refunds. Having a quarter of our total saved ‘Spain money’ out in cyberspace with no good estimate of when it would land back in the bank account, on top of still having nowhere to live, put a lot of pressure on me to find somewhere decent and affordable to live ASAP. Coming into the apartment hunt, I had no intention to pay anything over 300 euros per month for a room in a shared flat, a very feasible goal given the relatively low cost of living in Spain, and Valencia in particular.