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Earning your Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification is an investment in your future that opens doors and changes lives - both yours and the students you will teach. As such an important step in your new journey, you want the best TEFL course possible, while also managing your finances.

The International TEFL Academy (ITA) payment plan allows you to break up the cost of your 11-Week Online TEFL course into three payments. There is no interest charge or hidden fees involved - you’ll simply be able to budget your payments over time in smaller, more manageable amounts that work for you.

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TEFL payment plan tefl payment

To take advantage of the ITA TEFL course payment plan, a 35% of the tuition cost deposit is required at the time of enrollment, with the option to pay the rest of the balance in full or split the balance into two additional payments of 35% and 30% due at 30 and 60 days respectively from the initial payment. All applicable fees for the course must be paid in full no later than 30 days after the start of the TEFL course. 

Have questions - or need a customized payment plan? Your Admissions Advisor is here to help.

TEFL Course Payment Plan FAQs


Can I pay for my TEFL course in installments?

Yes! You can pay for your 11-Week Online TEFL Course in three payments, payable over 60 days. Your final payment must be paid no later than 30 days after the start of the course. However, know that you will receive a $50 discount by paying in full upfront.

Is there interest or additional fees if I use a payment plan?

There is no interest or hidden fees involved in taking advantage of the International TEFL Academy payment plan.

What is the process and timeline for using a payment plan?

We always recommend connecting with an Admissions Advisor before purchase so you are as well-informed as possible on topics like hiring procedures and timelines, average salary and living costs in different locations, and much more. All of our advisors have spent time living, traveling and teaching abroad.

Once you’re ready, you can select "Deposit" in the drop-down menu in your shopping cart. A deposit of 35% of the tuition is required at the time of enrollment, with the option to pay the rest of the balance in full or split the balance into two additional payments of 35% and 30% due at 30 and 60 days, respectively, from the initial payment. All applicable fees for the course must be paid in full no later than 30 days after the start of the TEFL course. 

Can I still use a payment plan if I am taking advantage of sale pricing?

Absolutely - a 35% of tuition cost deposit will still be required, and the remaining balance will incorporate discount pricing and be split into the two payments of 35% and 30% respectively.

Can payment plans be used if I’m also purchasing specialty courses?

Yes. Enrolling in your 11-Week Online TEFL Class and TEFL Specialty Courses together is a smart move - not only do you save $75+ by bundling them, but you’re also able to finance them together. Your admissions advisor can add an additional, fourth payment option if you’re purchasing these together.

My TEFL course does not start for several months. Is there any flexibility with payment dates?

Your Admissions Advisor can work with you to set up a payment plan that fits best with your course schedule - and your life. Reach out to them to discuss a customized payment plan, tailored to your situation. You'll just need to have paid in full 30 days after your course starts. 

If your plans change, the sooner you let us know the better.

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Additional TEFL Financing Opportunities

International TEFL Academy offers a generous referral program and is also committed to serving the community through charitable donations and by offering scholarships for TEFL certification.

Earn Back the Cost of Your TEFL Course & Fund Your Move Abroad with ITA's Referral Program

Do you have any friends interested in teaching English abroad or online? Refer them to ITA! Our referral program is a great way to pay back your TEFL course and help recoup the cost of your class. The best part? It's unlimited. The more friends you refer, the more money you make. So once you earn back the entire cost of your TEFL course, you can literally start making money from it. Here's how it works:

  • Create and share your unique referral link with friends.
  • You get $100 USD for every friend that enrolls in one of ITA’s TEFL courses or Job Placement Programs (and $25 for Specialty Courses). 
  • Your referred friends receive a free digital copy of our main TEFL textbook ($45 value) in return.
  • Have a lot of people to refer? Great!
    • You receive a bonus $100 USD for every 5 friends that enroll in ITA’s TEFL courses or Job Placement Programs.
    • Win a free ITA Specialty Class for being our top referrer of the quarter! ($279 USD value)

Pro Tip: Do you have a blog, a youtube or twitch channel, or an active presence on social media? Share your link there and let it do the work and generate an easy stream of revenue for you!


🎖️ TEFL Scholarships To Honor Service

International TEFL Academy provides ongoing TEFL certification scholarships to active duty U.S. Military Personnel and Veterans, in addition to those who have served in the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Teach For America, or City Year. Those who qualify will be provided with a scholarship to be applied to tuition for any Part-Time/Full-Time Online TEFL course.

This will be deducted from the standard tuition; no other discounts apply. Official proof of service, ID cards, etc. is required.

  • The 11-Week Online TEFL course will be discounted from $1,599 to $1,249;
  • The 4-Week Intensive Online TEFL Course will be discounted from $2,099 to $1,749;

Other Information Relating to Scholarships & Financial Aid

International TEFL Academy is not a receiving institution of financial aid from the GI Bill or FAFSA. ITA does accept scholarship funds from private foundations.

It is common for students to obtain funding for TEFL courses from their local organizations and state retraining organizations. Tuition is typically sent directly to ITA after the appropriate paperwork is filled out by the student and approved by International TEFL Academy.

We are more than willing to assist in filling out any of your paperwork or provide verification of accreditation. If there is an organization that is going to sponsor your enrollment (charity, foundation, grant, etc), please call 773-634-9900 and speak with an Admission Advisor.


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