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ITA Alumni - All About You

Our alumni are the reason we do what we do here at ITA and as such, our goal is to nurture a vibrant community of teachers and travelers, while empowering alumni to share their experiences. 

We also strive to create and foster an alumni tradition of paying it forward, to help others as they have been helped. 

Finally, we believe that by cultivating these connections, our alumni and ITA as a whole will be more successful.


JULY 2023:

    • Alumni Corner (ITA's exclusive alumni portal) NEW
      • This online resource is a gateway to our job search guidance and alumni resources for you as the newest member of this 45,000+ strong group.
      • Not seeing a country profile or a feature you're looking for just yet? Don't worry! Over the course of the coming months, we'll be releasing new countries and resource pages so continue to watch this portal as we grow it further.
      • Haven't received your how-to-log-in email yet? Ask Student Affairs to help you so you can access all of ITA's expert resources on job search, alumni groups and online communities, and a whole lot more.


    • Monthly virtual Japan Meetup hosted by ITA Alumni Advisory Board member Christine. Please check the ITA Japan Alumni Group  for more details or email us if you are not on Facebook!
    • Monthly in-person Madrid, Spain Meetup with ITA Alumni Advisory Board member Brandon is returning! Please check the ITA Spain Alumni Group  for details or email us if you are not on Facebook!
    • Monthly virtual South Korea meetups on the second Saturday of each month, hosted by ITA Alumni Advisory Board member Brittany Hathaway. Please check the ITA South Korea Alumni Group  for details or email us if you are not on Facebook!

Connect With Fellow ITA Alumni
Around The World!

With more than 45,000 graduates teaching English online and in 80 countries worldwide, ITA alumni comprise a genuine worldwide community of teachers and travelers.

Here are some ways to meet, network and share your stories with people like you who are on the adventure of a lifetime.

International TEFL Academy Meetups

Facebook Groups

Join The Conversation 💬

Connect with thousands of ITA students on our exclusive country-specific groups & topic threads. Only enrolled students & alumni can post, but anybody can check out the conversation.


Alumni Conversations

Learn from Alumni 🎉

Join live alumni events like panels and webinars, or listen to the Teach. Travel. Talk About It. alumni podcast where you can learn directly from experienced alumni, ask questions, hear their advice, and dive deeper into their stories.

Alumni Meetups

Host a Meetup 👋

Want to meet with other ITA alumni around the globe to share stories & maybe a beverage or two? Learn how to organize your own ITA alumni meetup in your city and have ITA promote it across our alumni network!


Connect with ITA on Social Media


Teach. Travel. Inspire:
Share Your Story & Feedback with ITA!

Write an article. Submit a Q&A. Send us your video. Be a podcast guest. We love hearing from our alumni and we'd love to share your stories.

There are 4 ways you can get involved:

ITA alumni advisory board members

1. Join ITA's Alumni Advisory Board

Want to join fellow members of your alumni community who are passionate about giving back and making this community a better place? Consider applying to the ITA Alumni Advisory Board! Board members host live and virtual events, collaborate on creating alumni resources, mentor fellow alumni, moderate Facebook groups, attend focus groups, and have numerous opportunities to speak directly to ITA’s departments, committees, and the company as a whole.

Applications are closed. Check back in the spring!

2. Submit an Article/Q&A

Share Your Experience 👇

Check Out our Alumni Engagement page for further info & instructions on submitting a Q&A.


3. Instagram Takeover

Our Insta Story. Your Day.👇

Check Out our Alumni Engagement page for further info & instructions on taking over ITA's Instagram Story for a day.


4. Be a Podcast Guest

Share Your Unique Perspective👇

Submit a Teach. Travel. Talk About It. Guest Interest form for the chance to be a guest on the ITA podcast and talk about your unique perspective on living and teaching abroad.


Refer a Friend, Get $100 When They Enroll

Join ITA's Referral Program - That’s a great way to earn back the cost of your TEFL course. Here’s how it works:

  • Grab your unique personalized referral link, and share it with friends, family, and everyone else you know.
  • You can add it to your Instagram bio, on Facebook, on Twitter, on your blog, or in any of your YouTube videos, etc.
  • You will earn $100 for each friend that enrolls in one of ITA’s TEFL courses or Job Placement Programs (and $25 for Specialty Courses). We’ll even throw a little something for your friend when they enroll.

Grab Your Referral Link


ITA's Teach Abroad
Film Festival

ITA's Film Festival celebrates the work of incredible teachers online & overseas who help make a difference through cultural exchange & international education.

As an ITA alum, you can submit your short film to enter the Film Festival. The Finalists' films are then screened during a live event at The Davis Theater in Chicago. There are cash prizes for the winners & 100% of tickets proceeds are donated to Charity.

Learn more: ITA's Teach Abroad Film Festival

Other Contests

We regularly run photo, video & article contests. Check out the latest contests, including opportunities to win great prizes by submitting your content.

ITA's 10th Anniversary Contests 🎂🥳

ITA turned 10!!! To celebrate safely with you all, given the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched 2 new contests. Congrats to our winners below!

10th Anniversary
Alumni Charity Giving

In June 2020, ITA reached an important milestone: over $100,000 in total donations made to charitable causes.

Giving back is who we are. We wanted to help the charitable causes you care about & are involved with. After receiving over 20 submissions, 3 finalists had the chance to pitch their charities live to the ITA staff for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.

Congrats to our 3 winners, and the amazing organizations they're involved with:

Thank you to everyone for pitching an organization that really means something to you. We've received some heartfelt and compelling stories, and want to make sure all of our students are aware of these beautiful causes.

Learn More: We invite you to check our our Charity page to learn more about our students & the organizations they support.

10th Anniversary
Specialty Course Giveaway

At ITA, we value your TEFL training. That's why we figured we would give away 10 Advanced TEFL Specialty Courses to the students who submit the best photos & shoutouts on instagram. We've received some amazing photos from all of you. Thanks for the love, and the kudos to your ITA expert advisors!  ♥️♥️♥️

Congrats to our 10 winners & more on the winning photos below:

  1. Dioni Wise - @deeahnee - Teaches English in China
  2. Mackenzi Bell-Nugent - @kenzi5291 - Teaches English in Thailand
  3. Phonethip Sangasy - @psangasy - Currently taking her TEFL Certification
  4. Iryna Basak - @irishabosak -Teaches English Online from the USA
  5. Kristina Lopez - @heykristinamichelle - Teaches English in Thailand
  6. Lisa Young - @lisayoungjw2020 - Teaches English Online from Canada
  7. Emma McElwee - @emmastudies_tefl - Currently taking her TEFL Certification
  8. Katherine Atkinson - @katherine37elizabeth - Currently taking her TEFL Certification
  9. Ambrosia Maddox - @blogbybrosh - Teaches English in South Korea
  10. Disha Khare - @dishakhare.neha - Currently taking her TEFL Certification
Disha Khare
Katherine Atkinson
Ambrosia Maddox
Emma McElwee
Iryna Basak
Kristina Lopez
Lisa Young
Mckenzy Bell Nugent
Dioni Wise
Phonethip Sonegazy

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