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Previous Contests

2020 10th Anniversary Specialty Course Giveaway

At ITA, we value your TEFL training. That's why we figured we would give away 10 Advanced TEFL Specialty Courses to the students who submit the best photos & shoutouts on instagram. Thanks for the love, the kudos to your ITA expert advisors, & congrats to our 10 winners ♥️♥️

Dioni Wise - @deeahnee - Teaches English in China | Mackenzi Bell-Nugent - @kenzi5291 - Teaches English in Thailand | Phonethip Sangasy - @psangasy - Currently taking her TEFL Certification | Iryna Basak - @irishabosak -Teaches English Online from the USA | Kristina Lopez - @heykristinamichelle - Teaches English in Thailand | Lisa Young - @lisayoungjw2020 - Teaches English Online from Canada | Emma McElwee - @emmastudies_tefl - Currently taking her TEFL Certification | Katherine Atkinson - @katherine37elizabeth - Currently taking her TEFL Certification | Ambrosia Maddox - @blogbybrosh - Teaches English in South Korea | Disha Khare - @dishakhare.neha - Currently taking her TEFL Certification


2020 10th Anniversary Alumni Charity Giving

In June 2020, ITA reached an important milestone: over $100,000 in total donations made to charitable causes. Giving back is who we are. We wanted to help the charitable causes you care about & are involved with. After receiving over 20 submissions, 3 finalists had the chance to pitch their charities live to the ITA staff for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place. Congrats to our 3 winners, and the amazing organizations they're involved with:

Learn More: We invite you to check our our Charity page to learn more about our students & the organizations they support.

2019 Classroom Masthead Photo Contest

Congrats to our 3 winners who were featured on ITA's homepage - from left to right:

  1. 🥇Suraya Yusof | Teaches English in Turin, Italy | $200 Winner
  2. 🥈Athena Mann | Teaches English in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand | $150 Winner
  3. 🥉Jocelyn Hellested | Teaches English in Santa Marianita, Ecuador | $100 Winner
Suraya Yusof | Teaches English in Turin, Italy | $200 Winner
Athena Mann | Teaches English in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand | $150 Winner
Jocelyn Hellested | Teaches English in Santa Marianita, Ecuador | $100 Winner

2019 & 2015 'What's Next?' Article Contests

Living overseas & teaching English abroad is a life-shaping experience. We've received wonderful articles from our students' life after teaching English overseas. Their stories are compiled here.

  1. 🥇Ayn-Marie Hailicka - "Born in Istanbul" - $250 Winner
  2. 🥈Pouneh Eftekhari - "A Journey Towards Career Freedom" - $150 Winner
  3. 🥉Cameron Shenassa - "Teaching English in Seoul, Before & After"  - $100 Winner

life after teaching english abroad

2018 #WorldCupITA Instagram Photo Contest

We wanted you to spread the passion of fútbol by sharing pictures on Instagram of you watching the games around the globe.

Congrats to our 3 winners for showcasing their support to their favorite team - from left to right: 

  • 🥇Nicola Muscroft - Bogota, Colombia - $100 Winner
  • 🥈Julie Collins -  Sao Paulo, Brazil - $75 Winner
  • 🥉Marisa Decesare - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - $5o Winner
Nicola Muscroft - World Cup 2018
Julie Collins World Cup 2018
Marisa DeCesare - World Cup 2018

2018 Holidays Abroad Photo Contest

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year and so on, we wanted you to show us how you celebrate your holidays abroad - from left to right:

Category 1 - Holiday Celebrations with Students:

  • 🥇Zach Sack - Christmas in Zhengzhou, China - $300 Winner
  • 🥈Morgan Stoner -  Christmas in South Africa - $200 Winner
  • 🥉George Gutierrez - Chuseok Celebrations in Seoul, South Korea - $10o Winner

Category 2 - Holiday Celebrations with your friends:

  • 🥇Mitchell Glass - Salsodromo Celebrations in Cali, Colombia - $300 Winner
  • 🥈MaryClare Flores -  Day of the Dead in Mexico City, Mexico - $200 Winner
  • 🥉Joe Boldis- Christmas Eve in Arequipa, Peru - $10o Winner

2018 New Year New... Video Contest

We asked our ITA alumni to share their goals for 2018. Congrats to our 3 Winners:

  • 🥇Degen Hill - Beijing, China- $300 Winner
  • 🥈Marissa Brown -  Chicago, Illinois - $200 Winner
  • 🥉Gabriella Brown - Bremerhaven, Germany - $100 Winner

2017 Lesson Plan Contest

We had so many great lesson plans submitted, and it was nice to be reminded of the thousands of talented ITA graduates that are helping people around the world as we speak.

Congrats to our 3 winners - You can view their winning lesson plans and all entries in our lesson planning contest in our ITA Tips and Lessons Plans Facebook Group.

  • 🥇Chris Nguyen - $300 Winner
  • 🥈Erika Kenworthy- $200 Winner
  • 🥉Judith Allen - $10o Winner


2016 World Eats Photo Contest

From the bizarre to the bountiful, ITA alumni share their amazing photos of local cuisine from around the globe. From left to right:

  • 🥇Bizarre bites - Bevan Brown in Taiwan - Quail Eggs in Octopus Head | $150 Winner
  • 🥇Food & You - Amber & James in Japan- Home-made sushi | $150 Winner
  • 🥇Pretty Plates - Abigail Moore in Vietnam - Family dinner | $150 Winner
  • 🥇Street food - Kelly Strunk in Vietnam - Happy Street Vendor | $150 Winner



2015 Jumping Around The World Photo Contest

Inspired by ITA President Bruce Jones, hundreds of ITA alumni took up the challenge and made "Great Leaps" around the Globe! From left to right:

  • 🥇Best Scenery - Emily Cornelius in Argentina | $250 Winner
  • 🥇Best Cultural Setting - Marisa Centofani in India | $250 Winner
  • 🥇Best Group Pic - Matthew Docherty in Costa Rica | $250 Winner



2015 Alumni Best Experience Photo Contest

From the shores of Brazil to the temples of Cambodia, check out inspiring photos from ITA Alumni around the globe. From left to right:

  • 🥇Mike Opalski - Cambodia | $250 Winner
  • 🥈Allison Fingando - Peru | $150 Winner
  • 🥉Kristen Iverson - Thailand | $100 Winner



2014 World Cup Photo Contest

From left to right:

  • 🥇Most Creative: Carlos Torres - Brazil | $100 Winner
  • 🥇Most Enthusiastic: Degen Hill - Brazil | $100 Winner
  • 🥇Greatest Team Pride: Amanda Taylor - Brazil | $100 Winner



2014 Alumni Best Classroom Experience Photo Contest

From China to Costa Rica, check out inspiring photos from ITA Alumni with their students. From left to right:

  • 🥇Mary Beth White - China | $250
  • 🥈Armand Diab - China | $150
  • 🥉Sarah Feigelson - Myanmar | $100



2014 Alumni Best Experience Photo Contest

From the shores of Brazil to temples of Cambodia, check out inspiring photos from ITA Alumni around the globe. From left to right:

  • 🥇Andres Aparicio - Turkey | $250 Winner
  • 🥈Courtney Gradi - Czech Republic | $150 Winner
  • 🥉Armand Diab - China | $100 Winner



2012 Alumni Photo Contest

From the shores of Brazil to temples of Cambodia, check out inspiring photos from ITA Alumni around the globe. From left to right:

  • 🥇Thomas Paeme | $200 Winner
  • 🥈Charlotte Hammond | $100 Winner
  • 🥉Rachel Sair | $50 Winner



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