Do you have questions or need help regarding your TEFL course or Job Search Guidance?

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From the moment you complete your enrollment in a TEFL Certification course with International TEFL Academy, the Student Affairs Department will be your main point of contact for all things related to your TEFL course and job search overseas.

NOTE: The following services and access to the resources & guidance of our Student Affairs Department are strictly reserved for enrolled International TEFL Academy students who have paid their tuition & have submitted all appropriate enrollment documents.

  • Online TEFL Course Students: Do you have questions about your practicum, your log-in information or your certificate? Get in touch with Student Affairs. All questions relating academics or the course content should be directed to your professor.
  • In-Person 4-Week TEFL Course Students: Upon your enrollment, you will be put in touch with the onsite course director who will assist you regarding any questions about your course (housing arrangements, textbooks, visas/documents, when you need to show up, extras like language classes & excursions, etc.). If you need assistance getting in touch with your onsite course director, please reach out to the Student Affairs Department in Chicago. Please note that unless your course begins within the next 30 days, give your onsite course director up to 6 days to make contact with you.

NOTE: Upon enrollment you will not be put in touch with you onsite course until your Registration Form & Terms & Conditions have been signed (click the links to sign the documents electronically).

Not an ITA student or graduate?  Call us at 773-634-9900 or Fill out a Contact Form

You will speak with an Expert Advisor who will answer all of your questions about teaching English abroad, online & TEFL certification.

Lifetime Job Search Guidance

As an enrolled student, you can always make an appointment with an advisor to help you with your job search. Before making an appointment, please read through the Job Search Guidance Manual. You should receive a link for the manual from your initial admissions advisor or in an email from the Student Affairs Department following your enrollment.

Read more: ITA's Job Search Guidance

NOTE: Upon enrollment you will not receive Job Search Guidance until your Registration Form & Terms & Conditions have been submitted (click the links to sign the documents electronically).

If you are on a payment plan for your ONLINE COURSE, you are not eligible to receive Job Search Guidance until your tuition balance has been completely paid off.


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ITA Students Sharing Their Perspectives

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Courtney Clark

Chicago TEFL Course Grad

Courtney Clark

The course was brutal, but I couldn't possibly mean that in a more positive way. It taught me how to lesson plan and prepare like a teacher, handle the stress of being a teacher, and helped me to break out of my shell and improve my public speaking skills. After the class, I felt extremely confident that I can handle whatever comes my way in my teaching career.

Gabriele Dow

Barcelona TEFL Course Grad

Gabriele Dow

The course was great! It covered all the aspects of teaching, and I have seen how it has translated directly into my teaching. Spain is the best! Amazing, really. I love it. I had never left the country before so this was a whole new experience.

Jennifer Maneja

Heredia TEFL Course Grad

Jennifer Maneja

The course was amazing. Luke and Melanie are tenured vets at teaching, and they passed on a lot of wisdom. I learned SO much in those four short weeks. I can't believe how much information they fit into that small amount of time. It was a lot of work, but it paid off. I literally use their methods in my current ESL classes.


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