ITA Alumni Advisory Board Overview

The alumni board stems from our pledge of lifetime alumni support and both deepens and broadens that support through improving the alumni community, as well as ITA’s services and products. The board holds up the Alumni Department mission of paying it forward by fostering community, alumni identity, tradition, and purpose among our graduates. 

ITA Alumni Advisory board members work with us directly and with one another for the betterment of ITA and our current and future community of travelers by helping us identify and create meaningful possibilities for alumni engagement, assist and moderate the community, and provide guidance for how we can improve our existing offerings.

Board members contributions include:

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ITA Alumni Advisory Board FAQs

What are the requirements to be a member of the ITA Alumni Advisory board?

Our top priority is to assemble a diverse group of ITA alumni to participate on this board. We want a group of people who represent where we are trying to go as an organization and travel community. This means we want alumni of all ages, races, backgrounds, points in their TEFL journey, and walks of life.

We will also be looking for alumni with demonstrated and sustained engagement with ITA. Maybe you have engaged with us frequently on social media, interviewed to work at ITA, or participated in ITA initiatives and/or contests over the years. We know these experiences put you in a unique position with a plethora of insights to share and we would love to have you apply.

Whether you are new to the ITA alumni community or took your TEFL course 10 years ago, we still urge you to apply if you are passionate about building a better ITA alumni community for future teachers and travelers.

How long of a commitment is the ITA Alumni Advisory board?

We are looking for 15-25 alumni, which will include a mix of new and returning board members, to serve a 1 year term. Consistent participation is mandatory, so please only apply if you know you will have time to commit for a full year. Participation is capped at 5 hours per month. Board members are allowed to reapply if they want to participate for more than 1 year. 

Are there perks or rewards for being a board member?

Yes — board members will receive a variety of incentives throughout their 1-year term, including participating in a points-based system where board members will be rewarded for participating in/completing events, initiatives, etc. Board members with the highest number of points will receive perks, such as airfare, Airbnb vouchers, etc. 

This board also serves as a fantastic networking opportunity and resume builder. We will happily provide things like customized letters of recommendation for board members who successfully complete their term. 

We are also open to suggestions for additional meaningful incentives/perks. 

How do I apply for the board?

Submit your application by June 30, 2022 at 11:59pm CDT to be considered.



We will be accepting applications again next spring. Keep an eye out for the alumni newsletters and in the Facebook groups for the announcement!

We anticipate a large number of applications, and we plan to do our due diligence in reading through every single one.

If you do not get selected for the board during the upcoming round, we encourage you to apply again in the future. 


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From left to right: Beverly Webster, Brandon Williams, Briana Francois, Brittany Hathaway, Carolina Correa, Christine Takisawa, Dedire Brooks, Emily Pope, Jade Tremblay, Janessa Ventura-Alvarenga, Joe Barbour, Joshua Scroggins, Judson Tomaiko, Kenya Nelson, Kyle Hayes, Lexie Polk, Lindy Quann, Margaret Chow, Mark Beaman, Michelle Felix, Mindy Blume, Sera Look Hong, Suzanne Pirker, Sydney Varick, Tamie Arietta, and Tanner LeTourneau


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