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Teaching English Abroad: Will I Face Discrimination as a Minority?

Teaching English Abroad as a minority. Get an insider's perspective on what it is like to teach English oversea in Asia as an African-American.

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Teaching English and Racism in Spain

ITA alumna Saskia Dure shares her story of being one of few black women in the small town of Águilas, Spain, and the racism she endured while teaching there.

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Traveling to South Korea Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Starting a job in a new country can be stressful, but traveling there during a global pandemic only adds to the stress. Ambrosia discusses her journey from the USA to South Korea and the precautions South Korea has implemented for incoming passengers.

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A Life of Design Rather than a Life of Default - Teaching in Turkey with Four Children

ITA alumna Courtney Bailey talks about how at 35, she moved abroad to teach English in Turkey with her four school-aged children.

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Teaching English Online from Iași Romania: Alumni Q&A with Lucia Carro

ITA alumna, Lucia Carro, discusses her life as an online English teacher with Latin Hire in Iași Romania.

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Living in Dracula's Country During COVID-19

ITA alumna Lucia Carro shares how the COVID-19 lockdown in Romania has given her the opportunity to revisit old passions and teach yoga classes online.

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Living Through The Coronavirus Right Here in China

Here's a first-hand account from ITA alumna Jessica Stanton about remaining in China throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and how life has changed for her.

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