Part-Time Online English Teacher & Part-Time Explorer in Da Nang, Vietnam!

By Polly Clover

Summers off, Winter Break, coloring, and singing songs. That is what many say being a classroom teacher in the states is all about. I know firsthand that this is not the case. While I felt fulfilled and joyful many days, I also found myself feeling exhausted and discouraged. After five years of working very long hours at an embarrassing salary, I decided it was time for a change.

5 Reasons Teaching English Online is Way Better than Being a “9-5” Corporate Engineer

By Amelia Simkins

Have you ever thought about leaving your well-paid office job behind to pursue a less lucrative career doing something you actually want to do?

Although I earned my TEFL certificate from International TEFL Academy all the way back in September of 2016, it wasn’t until 2018 that I mustered up enough courage to actually walk away from my well-paid office position. In May of 2018, I received my last fat paycheck from Corporate America after I voluntarily quit my “good job” as a packaging engineer in order to pursue a new path in life and teach English online.

The Finances of Living and Teaching English in Bucaramanga, Colombia

By: Rebecca Sirull

One great benefit of teaching in Colombia is the low cost of living, and the strength of the dollar, euro, or pound in comparison with the local peso. If you come here with a bit of savings, it will go much further than it would back home and you’ll be able to take advantage of all the amazing travel opportunities. However, the downside of a weak currency is that local wages are fairly low. That’s why so many English teachers rely on online teaching for a large part of their income. You could easily earn all that you need to live comfortably here just working a few hours a day online, but I prefer the experience of teaching classes in person, so the combination of both works well for me. Here’s a breakdown of my monthly earnings and expenses.

My Typical Weekly Schedule Teaching English in Colombia at a School, Online, & Privately

By: Rebecca Sirull

My favorite thing about teaching English in Colombia is that no two days are alike, and I have tons of flexibility to make my own schedule. That’s also one big reason why I wanted to work part-time at a private institute, rather than taking a full-time job at a colegio (children’s school). With this schedule, I have plenty of time to teach English online and with private students in addition to my regular classes.