The Finances of Living and Teaching English in Germany

By: Tamie Arietta

The cost of living in Germany is surprisingly reasonable compared to other European countries. Once you've decided that Germany will be your new home and certainly before you hop on a plane, create a list of all possible expenses you may have during your time abroad and compare it to your existing expenses. A great website to compare the cost of living is called: Numbeo.

How I Traded My Corporate Career for a Life Teaching English Abroad

By: Tamie Arietta  

Most of us dream about leaving our jobs and traveling the world... forever. Okay, maybe not forever, but we at least dream of packing our bags and taking a nice long well-deserved vacation, and that was exactly what I planned to do when I first learned there was another massive layoff headed our way.

What Are the Basic Requirements for Teaching English in Germany?

Requirements for Teaching English in Germany

By Danielle Lupo

The basic requirements to teach English in Germany include having a TEFL certification and being a native English speaker. It's also extremely important to understand the hiring and visa process for English teachers in Germany. You should expect to find your teaching job in-person in Germany, and you should be sure that you plan to interview during the peak hiring season in either January or September. The basic qualifications required by schools for teaching English in Germany are outlined in detail below: