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The Whole Enchilada Survey

All ITA Alumni Who Complete Survey Are Automatically Entered Into Yearly Raffle for $1000 Flight Voucher!

Congratulations to our most recent winners!


Megan Aldrich
2016 Quarter 4 Winner
Go Pro Camera

Megan is a 2016 graduate of ITA. She is currently living in Madrid, Spain. 


Brenda Mejia
2016 Grand Prize Winner
$1000 Flight Voucher

Brenda is a 2014 graduate of ITA. She is currently living in Spain. 


The purpose of this survey is to better serve our prospective students, current students, and alumni.
ITA would like to get direct feedback in all areas of pre-enrollment, TEFL course, job assistance, and alumni services.

This survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes (so make time for it). Once finished, every survey participant will be entered into a raffle to win adventure prizes. If you do not complete the survey in full, you are not eligible to win!

Take Alumni Survey Here!


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1. Quarterly Flight Voucher Prize: 
Dates to Enter for Quarter 1: Now to March 31, 2017!
Raffle drawing for $300 flight voucher!

Winner Announcement: The winner will be announced in early April 2017!

2. Yearly $1000 Grand Prize:
Dates to Enter:  Now through December 31st, 2017!
Raffle drawing for $1,000 flight voucher, to take you anywhere in the world.

Winner Announcement: The winner will be announced in early January 2018!

Previous Winners:

Quarter 4 2015 winner: Savannah Boutwell! Chicago TEFL course graduate who has been teaching in Busan, South Korea.

Quarter 1 2016 winner:  James Ritchey!  He's a 2015 ITA graduate and has been teaching in Wuhan, China.

Quarter 2 2016 winner: Logan Churchman! A 2013 ITA graduate who has been teaching in Russia for 2+ years.

Quarter 3 2016 winner: Elizabeth Boros Krywolt who is currently teaching abroad in Hungary!