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Looking to earn an accredited TEFL TESOL certification that will qualify you for thousands of English teaching jobs in Spain and around the World? This state-of-the-art TEFL certification course not only provides expert-led training and a recognized qualification but personalized job placement assistance for finding jobs teaching English in Spain and around the globe.

The TEFL certification course incorporates 10 weeks of online coursework (self-study, part-time) and 2 weeks in person in Madrid, the capital of Spain, and one of the largest job markets in Europe for teaching English abroad. 

To provide you with training and certification you need to teach English in Spain, this accredited TEFL certification course in Madrid features:

  • Live Practice Teaching: All students engage in at least 6 hours of live practice teaching with local Spanish students to gain hands-on experience in a live classroom environment.
  • Coursework & Intensity: 135 hours of coursework & in-class instruction. 65 hours of the course will be online and 70 hours in person. The online coursework is best done over 10 weeks before you arrive and will require about 6-8 hours a week if done in this timeframe. Students are in class from 9:30 am - 7 pm Monday - Friday for two weeks once they start in Madrid. You will not be able to begin the face-to-face coursework in Madrid until you finish the online coursework.
  • Expert Instruction: Instruction is provided by highly qualified instructors who are native English speakers with advanced academic credentials (typically at least an MA) and years teaching experience.
  • Small Class Sizes: Small classes ensure an interactive and hands-on learning environment and a low student:teacher ratio.
  • Accredited Curriculum: This class exceeds international standards for a professional level TEFL certification and is accredited.

During and after the course, all students receive comprehensive job placement assistance, including:

  • Resume & Cover Letter Development Resume Distribution & Setting Up Interviews;
  • Job Market & Interview Training Worldwide Job Placement Assistance.
Note about the TEFL Course in Madrid: If you do not have a European Union passport, a student visa, a working holiday visa for Spain, or a work visa, you must participate in the TEFL + Student Visa Option in order to take the Madrid TEFL Course. At this time, this visa option is only available to holders of a bachelor's degree. 

TEFL / TESOL Class Details


65 hours of the course will be online before you arrive. 70 hours in person, full-time in Madrid. 


We recommend enrolling at least 20 weeks prior to your course start date. More information here.


Students should expect to do 6-8 hours of online work during their 10 weeks before arrival. Once that is complete, students should expect to be in class from 9:30 am - 7:00 pm (with breaks, of course), Monday-Friday. Weekends are primarily free for sight-seeing and relaxation, but some homework is required.


Our TEFL certification course site in Madrid is ideally located in the heart of the city on Calle de Montesa. Easily accessible by public transportation, including the Lista, Manuel Becerra, and Diego de Leon metro stops as well as various buses.


In-person classes are capped at 16 students; Internet access is available at the school facilities, which also include a reference library, lounge (with outdoor terrace), and computer lab.


This is a partner course of International TEFL Academy. All students receive the full benefits of ITA students and alumni, including lifetime Job Search Guidance.

TEFL / TESOL Course Content

This TEFL certification course has been specially designed to provide all course graduates with the tools to succeed as professional English teachers.


Like all ITA TEFL classes, this TEFL course is taught by highly experienced professors and includes live practice teaching with local ESL students.


All ITA-operated courses are externally monitored & approved at a Level 5 Ofqual accreditation by TQUK. Our certificates are recognized worldwide at the highest level for TEFL certification. Further details.


  • Basic principles of teaching
  • Grammar
  • Classroom Management
  • Error Correction
  • Lesson Planning
  • Use of Visual & Audio Aids
  • Teaching group classes: beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, advanced
  • Conversational English
  • Teaching grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking, pronunciation
  • Language Awareness
  • Private Tutoring
  • Teaching Business English

Additional Info:

The first 65 hours of the course will be completed online with video-based classes and workbooks for them to complete. There will be no quiz style or multiple choice. It is exactly what they currently do in the classroom, but they will do it online and each and every answer will be assessed by one of the trainers with feedback given. 
Phonetics, teaching practice, exams, learner profile projects, and many other inputs will still be carried out in person at the school but the trainees will only be in the school for two weeks.
There will be regular ‘office hours’ on Zoom, where our trainers will be online to answer questions and to give support, as necessary. There are also regular visa webinars to help the trainees with any concerns they have about that process.

Tuition & Costs

The Cost of the TEFL Class is approximately $1,500 USD
($550 Deposit + 900 Euro Balance - Exchange rates fluctuate daily).

The TEFL + Student Visa Program is approximately $3,850 USD
($ 900 Deposit + 2800 Euro balance (including TEFL Course, Spanish language lessons, student visa, and local support for 1 year)).



  • Housing costs are not included (we can help with making housing arrangements)
  • Personal Expenses
  • International Flights
  • Visa, Insurance & Airport Pick up


Enrolling in Spanish classes and the Madrid Student Visa Program enables those who do not hold a passport from a European Union country to work legally in Madrid teaching English. It is currently only available to those who possess a bachelor's degree. This program provides the opportunity to study Spanish and develop your teaching skills. The student visa is obtained in partnership with a Spanish university.

This option is required for any student who does not possess a visa (working holiday visa, extended student visa or spousal visa) that provides legal working rights and residency in Spain.

The Spanish language classes are offered Monday-Friday from 9:00am- 1 pm.

This program is also offered to graduates of International TEFL Academy's Online TEFL Course or any other 4-week Onsite TEFL Course.

Enrollment & Eligibility

IMPORTANT! Before enrolling for any International TEFL Academy TEFL course, it is imperative that you speak to an Admissions Advisor.

Your advisor will answer your questions and assist you with matters such as your eligibility & enrollment; course costs & logistics (such as housing); and your options for employment as an English teacher once you complete your TEFL Class.




Please visit our Registration Procedures Page & Review our Terms & Conditions prior to enrolling.

  • To take the hybrid TEFL course (no Student Visa Program), you must be a citizen of a European Union nation or otherwise possess a visa (working holiday visa, extended student visa or spousal visa) that provides legal working rights and residency in Spain.
  • Non-E.U. Citizens: Those who are not European citizens and do not already enjoy working privileges in Spain, must also enroll in the Madrid Student Visa Program to join this course. This program is currently only available to those who hold a bachelor's degree. 


Housing Arrangements

Housing is not automatically provided with this program however, upon enrollment, you will be put in touch with the Onsite Course Director who will provide resources and advice for finding housing independently. Accommodation options can be within walking distance of the school or well connected by public transportation, based on your preference.

Housing - From large student apartments to small, private apartments and host family stays, Madrid offers plenty of accommodation options.

Communication, Phone and Internet - The classroom facility has WiFi, a printer, a photocopier, and a scanner.

Make sure you enroll at least 60 days before the course to guarantee you secure housing accommodations. 

Housing Options are not included in The Madrid TEFL Course we'll help you with housing arrangement for Madrid TEFL Course

TEFL Course Dates & Registration

Before enrolling in any International TEFL Academy courses, we recommend that you speak with an advisor who will answer your questions, review your employment prospects for teaching English abroad, and assist you with enrollment. 

We strongly recommend enrolling in your Madrid TEFL course at least 60 days in advance due to its popularity and to secure housing. We also invite you to read our registration procedure and terms & conditions. Note that all students will be charged a small processing fee per course/program purchased.



Job Opportunities for Madrid TEFL Students 

All students and graduates from the Madrid TEFL Course receive hands-on job placement assistance from the local staff in Madrid in addition to lifetime, worldwide, and online, job search guidance from ITA's expert team of advisors. 

Read our Spain Country Profile to learn about the local job market for teaching English in Spain & watch videos of ITA alumni teaching in Spain.


TEFL certification Madrid, Spain
Get TEFL Certified to Teach English in Madrid, Spain
TEFL Certification Madrid Spain
TEFL Certification Madrid, Spain
TEFL Certification Course in Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain

Madrid & Spain TEFL Course Comparison

Madrid TEFL Course

What's included 👇

  • Hybrid with 2 Weeks In-Person Full-Time
  • Accredited by The International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organizations (IATQuO) - Meets/Exceeds All Industry Accreditation Standards
  • University-Level Instructors
  • Lifetime Job Search Guidance
  • 6-Hours Live Practice Teaching
  • In-person sessions are capped at 16 students
  • NON-E.U. Citizens must also enroll in the Madrid Student Visa Program to join this course

Barcelona TEFL Course

What's included 👇

  • In-Person 4 Weeks, Full-Time
  • OFQUAL Level 5 Accreditation from TQUK
  • University-Level Instructors
  • Lifetime Job Search Guidance
  • 10-Hours Live Practice Teaching
  • Classes are capped at 12 students
  • Option to include Language Study & Student Visa as part of the Barcelona Student Visa Program

Online TEFL Course

What's included 👇

  • 170-Hour Online Certification
  • 4-Week Full-time/ 11-Week part-time
  • OFQUAL Level 5 Accreditation from TQUK
  • Live Office Hours with Your Instructor & Peer-Participation with Classmates
  • Lifetime Job Search Guidance
  • 10 to 20-Hours Live Practice Teaching

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Why Our Alumni Love Us!

Christina Bates

Madrid TEFL Course Grad

Christina Bates

I did some extensive research and majority of the advice recommended to get TEFL certified. The benefits just outweighed any possible negatives. Once I started researching where to get TEFL certified, I came across ITA and I was amazed by their years of experience in the industry, their reviews, and how organized and simple they made the process. I loved the four week onsite TEFL course in Madrid.

Kellie Kaufmann

Teaches English in Spain

Kellie Kaufmann

I found other TEFL certifications that were much more affordable. But I still chose ITA because of their reputation and resources. One of my favorite things about ITA is that you have an assigned advisor. Changing careers and moving abroad was such a foreign concept for me... I had so many questions, I didn't know where to start. I scheduled multiple conference calls with my advisor at ITA and they answered all my questions - not just about the TEFL certification, but about the entire process of moving abroad. The support was worth spending the extra money, in my opinion.

Kareemah Ashiru

Teaches English in Spain

Kareemah Ashiru

Just do it! Haha but seriously, teaching English abroad is the best way to get to know yourself and learn about the world. You might be taking a path that is not common among your peers or family and that's ok. Do it for YOU and your future. Connect with people who have taught abroad before and ask them as many questions as you can. If I were to do it again, I would teach in Spain.

Visit the ITA Blog to read more articles and stories by our alumni about their experiences getting TEFL certified with International TEFL Academy, and teaching English online and around the world.