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TEFL Certification Class
Barcelona, Spain

Learn more about internationally accredited TEFL certification courses in Barcelona to teach English in Spain & around the World.


The Beginners Guide to Teaching English in Spain


TEFL Certification in Barcelona Spain - Overview

Looking to earn an accredited 4-week TEFL TESOL certification that will qualify you for thousands of English teaching jobs in Spain and around the World? This state-of-the-art TEFL certification course not only provides expert-led training and a recognized qualification but personalized job placement assistance for finding jobs teaching English in Spain and around the globe.

The Spain Barcelona TEFL course is very intensive and requires a strong commitment by the student. One can expect to be in class for about eight hours a day along with a few hours of work at home. International TEFL Academy recommends that trainees have no other personal or professional commitments outside the course during those four weeks of training.

Spain is one of the most popular locations in Europe and the world for teaching English abroad.  English teachers in Spain typically find work in September or early October, and then again in January. Teachers in Spain will be expected to interview in person once they arrive in Spain, and they will also be responsible for their airfare, as well as housing.  Many English teachers in Spain live in apartments recently vacated by previous teachers, and many room with their coworkers. 

*Note about the Job Market in Barcelona: Spain, including Barcelona, represents one of the stronger job markets in Europe. It is important to note, however, the vast majority of non-EU citizens, including Americans & Canadians, enter and teach English in Spain on a tourist visa. While not legal, it is the common practice. To learn more, please speak to an ITA advisor & read the following article: Teaching English abroad “Under the Table” Without a Work Visa - What Does it Mean?.

It is also important to note that the vast majority of Americans & non-EU citizens who work in Barcelona do so as independent contractors & private tutors on a tourist visa. To learn more, please read: Jobs & Visas: A Quick Guide to Teaching English in Barcelona, Spain for Americans & How to Find Private English Teaching Work in Barcelona, Spain by ITA graduate Lauren O'Rourke. If however you are interested in living and teaching English in Barcelona legally on a student visa, please check out our Barcelona Student Visa options

For a full overview of the job search process for teaching English in Spain, please read: What You Need to Know Before Moving to Teach English in Spain (The Ultimate Super Cheat Sheet)

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Tefl Certification Barcelona, Spain

Optional Excursions & Cultural Highlights

Because the course is so intensive, people can spend their months here without finding the time to see the beauty of Spain. To make the most of your visit here in Barcelona, we offer a number of possible excursions. Here is a list of potential excursions; what is offered during your particular course will depend on the season and the interest. Excursion costs are not included with tuition.

Spanish Language Courses - Learn basic Spanish to enhance your stay in Florence.

Wine Tasting Tours - Discover the tastes of some of the most famous Spanish wines!

Barcelona City Tours - Learn the lay of the land in Barcelona.


Tefl Certification Barcelona, Spain

Housing & Phone/Internet Options

Upon enrollment, you will be put in touch with the Onsite Course Director who can assist with arranging you accommodations during the course. Accommodation options can be within walking distance of the school or well connected by public transportation -- your accommodations will never be more than a 20-minute bus ride from the school.  

Shared Apartment  - You may book a single room in a shared apartment. The apartment is typically shared with 2-3 other students in the TEFL Course. Most apartments are in the Eixample area.

Communication, Phone and Internet -You may buy or rent a cellular phone from any of the numerous phone stores in Barcelona. There is Wifi in the accomodations. International TEFL Academy housing does not provide telephones and phone service is generally not available in your accommodation.  There are many internet cafés located around the corner from the school for internet access.  

TEFL Certification Barcelona, Spain

Tuition Includes:

TEFL Certification Barcelona, Spain

Tuition Does Not Include

  • Personal Expenses
  • International Flights
  • Visa, Insurance,
  • Airport Pick up
  • Housing (course director can assist with arranging housing)

Enrollment Information for
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IMPORTANT! Before enrolling for any International TEFL Academy TEFL course, it is imperative that you Contact International TEFL Academy for more information about TEFL Certification in Florencespeak to an Admissions Advisor. Your advisor will answer your questions and assist you with matters such as your eligibility & enrollment; course costs & logistics (such as housing); and your options for employment as an English teacher once you complete your TEFL Class.

To speak with an advisor, please call 773-634-9900 or fill out a contact form. 
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