Visa Options for Studying & Teaching English in Spain


Student Visa Options To Teach English in Spain

Can you envision yourself immersed in the culture, cuisine, and street life of a great European city like Barcelona or Madrid? Are you eager to improve your Spanish? How about getting paid to teach English while living in Spain, one of the largest job markets for teaching English in Europe? If you want to live, travel, study, and get paid to teach English in Spain, ITA offers exclusive programs to help you achieve your goals:


ITA alumnus Allen Tunstall in Spain

Why Should I Choose a Teach & Study Visa Program to Teach English in Spain?

Unless you teach through a competitive government program, it is extremely difficult for Americans and non-EU citizens to get a work visa to live, work, and teach English in Spain. What makes ITA's teach & study programs unique is that you can get a student visa that allows you to live legally & get paid to teach English in Spain while taking part-time classes in Spanish language & culture. 

In addition, ITA's programs provide extensive support and guidance for attaining your visa and finding teaching opportunities once you are in Spain.  Our teams will also provide guidance and assistance in other aspects of your move to Spain like finding housing, setting up a bank account, and getting a local phone.

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What Are My Options for Getting Paid to Teach English in Spain?

Can I actually get a job teaching English in Spain, especially if I have never taught before? Yes!  In fact, Madrid and Barcelona are two of the largest job markets for teaching English in Europe with hundreds of language schools in each city seeking to hire TEFL certified teachers each year. In addition, there is a huge market for private tutoring and many English teachers teach English online as well. 

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Which Student Visa Option is Right for Me?

Spain student visa options are available in both Barcelona and Madrid, but there are some differences between the programs in addition to just their locations.

  • Can I take an ITA Online TEFL Course and teach English in Spain on a student visa through one of these programs?
    Yes! If you plan to take one of ITA's award-winning online TEFL courses or have already taken one, the best options for you are the Barcelona Language Study Visa Program and the Madrid Teach & Study Visa Program For Online TEFL Holders. 

  • I don't have a 4-year degree. Can I teach English and study in Spain through an ITA student visa program?  
    Yes! A degree is not required to participate in either Teach & Study Visa Program in Barcelona. However, a four-year degree is required for all Madrid options.

  • Are you looking to live and study in Spain but are not interested in teaching English or taking a TEFL course during your stay?
    We recommend the Barcelona Language Study Visa Program.

  • All participants receive resources and guidance to find teaching opportunities in Spain.
    But if you seek an extra level of personalized assistance, including guaranteed job interviews with local language schools that will be set up for you, the Madrid programs do provide that extra level of personalized job guidance. This includes guaranteed job interviews through our Premium CV/Resume Service that connects you with over 300 schools in the Madrid region.

Teach and Study Visa Program in Barcelona

What's offered 👇

OPTION A: Barcelona - Language Study Visa Program

This program is designed for anyone interested in studying Spanish in Spain on a student visa for 7-12 months. If you just want to study Spanish and live in Spain without teaching English or taking a TEFL course, this option is for you! No TEFL affiliation is required.

Are you already TEFL certified and seeking to study & teach English in Barcelona? This option is also for you!

OPTION B: Barcelona - Study Visa Program with Onsite TEFL Course

If you're eager to immerse yourself in the history and culture of Barcelona, Spain while earning money teaching English, this option is tailor-made for you! This comprehensive package is ideal for those seeking to complete an accredited TEFL course in Barcelona and secure a student visa. As a bonus, all ITA TEFL course participants receive lifelong Job Search Guidance to assist in finding teaching opportunities in Spain and 80 other countries worldwide.

Length of Student Visa: 7-12 months with option to renew

You do not need a 4-year degree to participate in either Barcelona Teach & Study Program.

There is no teaching requirement to participate in either Barcelona Teach & Study Program; however, technically, you are limited to 20 hours of paid teaching per week in Barcelona.

NOTE: Besides Spanish, participants in our Barcelona programs can study Catalan, the language of Catalonia, the autonomous region of Spain, where Barcelona is located, famous for its unique cultural heritage and identity. 

Teach and Study Visa Program in Madrid

What's offered 👇

PROGRAM A: Teach & Study Visa Program with Hybrid TEFL Course

This program is designed for degree holders who want to complete an accredited TEFL course in Madrid, study Spanish at the Universidad Europea del Atlantico, and receive an advanced TEFL training certificate in Spain on a student visa.

PROGRAM B: Teach & Study Visa Program For Onsite TEFL Holders

This option is designed for those who have completed an accredited in-person TEFL course and & want a 1-year Student Visa to study Spanish & teach English in Spain.

PROGRAM C: Teach & Study Visa Program For Online TEFL Holders

This package is for Online TEFL course graduates (including ITA online course graduates) who have successfully completed a fully accredited online TEFL course & want a 1-year Student Visa to live, study & teach English in Spain.

Length Student Visa: 12 months with option to renew

A four-year degree is required to participate in all Madrid Teach & Study Visa Programs

Minimum teaching requirement: You must teach a minimum of 12 hours per week to qualify for an extension of your Spain student visa

* NOTE:  One aspect that sets the Madrid programs apart is that they provide that extra level of personalized job guidance.

This includes guaranteed job interviews through our Premium CV/Resume Service that connects you with over 300 schools in the Madrid region.


TEFL Certification Options for
Teaching English in Spain

Embark on your journey to becoming TEFL certified and teaching English in Spain with a variety of accredited TEFL courses offered by International TEFL Academy. You can get certified from home while working or going to school with ITA's award-winning 11-week part-time online TEFL course, immerse yourself in our intensive 4-week full-time online TEFL program,  take an in-person course in one of 20+ locations worldwide, or dive into the vibrant TEFL community in Barcelona or Madrid. The possibilities to kickstart your teaching career await!

Suggested Options: 

Based in Chicago, IL, International TEFL Academy is the world leader in TEFL certification for teaching English abroad. We offer internationally accredited TEFL Classes online & in 21 locations worldwide.  All ITA students receive lifetime worldwide Job Search Guidance.

Online TEFL Courses

Full-time/Part-time 💻

ITA offers two Online TEFL Courses that are taught by expert professors & incorporate live practice teaching. These 2 courses enable you to get certified at home in just 4 weeks, or in 11 weeks while working full-time or going to school.


Worldwide TEFL Courses

4-Week, Full-Time 🏫

International TEFL Academy offers accredited TEFL certification 4-week courses in 23 locations worldwide. 


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ITA Alumni Teaching English in Barcelona & Madrid

Bekka Burton

Teaches English in Barcelona

Bekka Burton

In a city as international as Barcelona, whatever you want you can find here! I'm currently taking a Jamaican dancehall class. I joined a hiking group that I found on meetup.com and that was one of the best things I could've done here. I have met several good friends through this group and I have seen so many cool parts of Spain and France that I would never have known otherwise! You'll also never get bored of eating here - they have everything!

Emily Egan

Teaches English in Madrid

Emily Egan

Life in Madrid is upbeat. It reminds me of New York City, but everyone seems to be happier. It is easy to adapt here because so many people in Madrid still speak some English, especially because there are so many people from different parts of Europe living here, so if you don't know Spanish you are not completely clueless about what is going on around you. The nightlife here never ends. There are bars and discos everywhere. You can always find somewhere to go.

Allen Tunstall

Teaches English in Barcelona

Allen Tunstall

Living in Barcelona for 3 years, there is never a dull moment. There have been and continue to be outstanding people I have met, good and bad experiences that I treasure, food that brings nothing but pure joy to my taste buds, breathtaking and inspiration cities traveled, siestas (that often last longer than they should), festivals that have given me cultural insights, wine that flows from morning long into the next day, and much more, I'm not even exaggerating!

Colin Brown

Teaches English in Madrid

Colin Brown

The culture in Madrid is generally very laid back. It offers all the excitement and hustle of a typical city, but moves much slower than its American counterparts. More priority is given to social time and meeting friends, and vacation is more abundant. Public transport is very good - Madrid has one of the best metro systems in the world! Planes, trains, and buses will get you everywhere you need to go for relatively cheap. There is also a large American expat presence in Madrid.

Jillian Morgen

Teaches English in Barcelona

Jillian Morgen

If you're considering Barcelona, you probably already know about its nightlife. This goes along with the culture and the food in Barcelona. It's normal to eat dinner at 10pm. In fact, if you're eating between 6-8pm, people will definitely know you are not from around there. So once you're done eating dinner, stroll to the beach for the massive nightclubs, or meander through the side streets until you find a Caribbean bar with the BEST mojitos!

Andrea Hart

Teaches English in Madrid

Andrea Hart

The culture in Madrid is wonderful! People are very friendly and helpful. They definitely run on the Spaniard clock, so if you are meeting up with Spanish friends and they say 11, they mean 11:30. As far as nightlife (clubbing), these people are party animals! Most people do not go out until 1am and they like to stay out until 5 or 6am. Madrid is full of events and there is always something going on: intercambios, copas in the many plazas, festivals, food markets, and much more.

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