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Teaching English in Austria 101

Austria’s ESL market can be a tough one for non-EU citizens to break into unless teachers participate through the Fulbright assistantship program for Americans (aka the USTA Program) or the SWAP Austria program for International Exchange program for Canadians. There are also some opportunities for non-EU and EU citizens to teach children in summer camps or short-term programs for a couple of months throughout Austria. 

For those who are able to legally work in Austria, face to face interviews with private language schools are essential during the peak hiring months of September and January. Working freelance for multiple schools to fill your schedule is also not uncommon, as the cost of living in Austria (especially in the bigger cities of Vienna or Salzburg) is quite high. Schools in Austria tend to have similar requirements to Germany; many are looking for teachers with some business background to effectively teach business professionals. A four-year degree is almost always needed, as well as TEFL certification, and often times prior teaching experience is highly preferred.

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