Molly Mattison | Chief Operating Officer

Molly Mattison | ITA Chief Marketing Officer

What is your role at International TEFL Academy?

I am the Chief Operating Officer at ITA, after almost three years as Chief Marketing Officer.

What's your story?

Growing up, my parents always spent any extra money or time they had on travel - when I was into Anne of Green Gables, they drove me 15 hours to Prince Edward Island. They instilled in me a love of travel that I’m now passing down to my two toddler boys - both of whom are happy travelers and especially love ‘packing.’ 

I lived in Virginia, Italy, Boston, and Chicago before ultimately settling down in my hometown with my husband Dale.

Where are you from and where did you go to college?

I’m from a small town in upstate New York called Glens Falls, near Lake George and Saratoga Springs. I went to college in Virginia at the University of Richmond and later earned my MBA through Clarkson University.

What was your first travel abroad experience like?

I first went abroad when I was in high school with my parents and sister. We traveled to London - it was a short trip, packed with lots of sightseeing - and I knew I wanted to spend more time abroad.

What countries have you been to?

Bermuda, Canada, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, England, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, and Vatican City.

Where have you lived/taught abroad?

I studied abroad in Perugia, an Etruscan city in the Umbria region of Italy, famous for its chocolate and jazz.

Best travel story?

One of my favorite travel memories was La Notte Bianca (White Night) in Rome. It was my first week in Italy, and a few of my new friends and I took a train to Rome and stayed up all night wandering the city, listening to music, meeting new people, and seeing all the sites - like the Colosseum. It was a magical kick-off to one of the best times of my life.

Favorite ethnic food?

Greek! I could live off gyros.

What excites you about working at ITA?

My role at ITA is a perfect blend of my professional and personal passions - marketing and travel! I’m also excited to work with interesting, smart colleagues - and hear all their travel stories.

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