I was impressed with the course, the instructor, the flow of the curriculum and the assignments. I have nothing but praise and gratitude for my instructor. She is a genuine professional and a delightful person to boot. Take the course and make the most of it! - ITA Grad Mark Finckle

9.6/10 - reviews from goabroad.com

Why Take The Foundations of English Grammar Course?

ITA is proud to offer this exclusive 60-Hour (4 weeks) Foundations of English Grammar online course, intended to teach you, the teacher, the foundations of English grammar which will allow you to better instruct your students in their learning of English.

Even though there are over 380 million native English speakers around the globe, there are far fewer that understand the how and why of English grammar.

This course will build your explicit knowledge of English grammar from the basic building blocks through the tenses and aspects needed to fully understand how the language works.

Please note, this course doesn’t teach you how to teach English grammar, rather it introduces and builds upon the main grammar points you will be expected to teach in the foreign language classroom:

In this course, you'll learn to:

  • Prepare yourself for the EFL classroom
  • Enhance your understanding of English grammar
  • Experience what it means to study English grammar

60-Hour English Grammar Course for Teachers

Part-time, 4-week online course that requires 60 hours of online coursework.

Personalized Feedback & Support

Learn from the best to become the best business English teacher possible. Interact with your Master's or Ph.D.-prepared professor during live instruction and office hours. 

Digital Certificate Awarded at Completion

Earn a digital certificate from the world's premier TEFL school upon completion of your English grammar specialty course.


Is This Foundations of English Grammar Course a Good Fit For You?

Our foundations of English grammar course online is ideal for students who are TEFL certified and would like:

  • To deepen their understanding of English grammar. From the basic building blocks through the tenses and aspects of the English language, you will be prepared to meet the needs of your students.
  • To optimize your employment opportunities in the TEFL job market with additional training and skills that set you apart from those with only a standard TEFL certification.
  • A better understanding of your classroom and what it means to be a student of the English language. Truly dive into being a student of a language and understand the challenges for non-native speakers learning English grammar.


Bundle a TEFL Course & Save

If you’re not yet TEFL certified, consider bundling the Tutoring English course with our 11-week part-time or 4-week full-time TEFL certification course. Benefits of bundling include:

  • Save Money: When you register for both a TEFL course and the Tutoring English course together, you’ll save an additional $50. You’ll also be eligible for a payment plan that allows you to pay for your courses over time.
  • Enhance Your Professional Opportunities: By gaining training and skills in specialized areas, you will make yourself more attractive and valuable to language schools and other potential employers.
  • Learn from the Best: If you’re going to be a teacher, you want to be the best teacher possible. Our instructors have all taught abroad and hold a master’s or Ph.D. level degree. There’s a reason that GoAbroad.com has rated us the #1 TEFL certification course for several years running.
  • Get Support in Your Job Search: If you get TEFL certified with ITA, you’ll benefit from our sought-after lifetime job search guidance for teaching English abroad and online. You will not be alone in navigating the job market anywhere in the world. Note: If you are already TEFL certified with another organization, and simply want to take one of our specialty courses, you will not receive our lifetime job search guidance.



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Job Search Guidance and Support from Your Personal Advisor

Lesson Plan

Foundations of English Grammar Training Content

Foundations of English Grammar is designed to build your explicit knowledge of English grammar, thereby enhancing your ability to explain different facets of grammar while teaching English as a foreign language.

Students will learn about English grammar in great detail, including the terminology and rules related to the building blocks of English. The course will enable students to explain the form, meaning, and use of all major grammar structures in English.

What You Will Learn During The Course

This course uses our Foundations of English Grammar book as a launching point for study. All topics in the book, however, aren’t assessed in the course because learning ALL of English Grammar in four weeks is too much for anyone. Instead, we’ve grouped grammar structures into weekly units to make the content engaging and scaffolded.

  • Week 1: This first week covers the building blocks of English grammar including nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, articles, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions.
  • Week 2: After learning the basics, this week covers how sentences and questions are formed and the variety of types that can be created.
  • Week 3: This third week dives straight into tenses and covers the simple and continuous forms of the present, past and future tenses
  • Week 4: The final weekends with the more complex aspects, covering the perfect and perfect continuous forms of the present, past and future.

Optional content in the course, while not assessed, dives into the active and passive voices, modals, and conditionals. This content is included as a means of providing you a solid foundation for understanding these constructions.

Course Details

Foundations of English Grammar Course Details

Length of Training

4 weeks part-time. This course includes 60 hours of online coursework, which includes readings and tasks. You will receive a separate digital certificate from what you receive for your standard TEFL course.

Course time commitment is about 15 hours a week.

Class Size & Facilities

Classes are capped at 20 students with a maximum trainer-to-trainee ratio of 1:10 to ensure personal attention and maintain the highest standards of instruction.

Expanded Opportunities for Engagement

This course covers the major English grammar structures in a fast-paced format. We’ve designed it so that you can check your understanding throughout before taking the quizzes or completing the weekly assignments. These knowledge checks allow you to self-assess your understanding of the topics for the week and make determinations on where you can move ahead or continue your studies.

Practical assessments for future teaching

Even though this course doesn’t teach you how to teach grammar, the assignments mimic activities you will use as an EFL instructor. Throughout the weeks, you will work through examples of common errors English language learners commit and how best to explain the grammar to guide learners as well as finding and creating content to use in highlighting how grammar forms affect meaning and are used.

Implicit Introductions to Topics

Just as you are taught in the TEFL certification, introducing a grammar point with a presentation of the concepts can be rough for you and your learners. In this course, you are provided with an authentic text at the beginning of each concept to help guide you to identify the structure(s) you will be learning. This implicit approach is a pedagogical best practice and provides you, the student, with a means to center yourself in your learning. After looking at the text and making a self-assessment of your understanding, you will step through the structures highlighted and how the form, meaning, and use affect the example.

Video Explanations of Challenging Structures

See what grammar teaching looks like when it is done expertly. This course includes video explanations of some of the most complex grammar points to explain. These are intended to help you in your learning and provide you with an example of fantastic pedagogy in grammar lessons. Through watching these videos and working through the assignments, you will have a strong understanding of best practices for teaching grammar and can jump right into implementing them in your classroom.

Class Requirements

Technology Requirements

This course will be delivered entirely through the course management system Moodle. In Moodle, students will access online lessons, course materials, tasks, and resources. All tasks will be documents submitted online or taken as an online quiz.

To complete this course, you must have a reliable internet connection. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they meet this requirement prior to enrollment. Extensions on tasks will not be given to students due to technical difficulties.

Interactive Features

This course features live lectures, webinars & chats, however, there is no required live time, and students can access recorded elements through the course.

Course Textbook

Textbook for Your Teaching Business English Course

All of your course reading materials, assignments, and quizzes will be available to you online. However, many students recommend purchasing the course textbook as it will serve as a great resource and reference guide in the future. 

Course Dates & Registration

IMPORTANT: Before enrolling, we strongly recommend that you are concurrently enrolled in an accredited TEFL certification, are already certified, or have experience teaching ESL. Not yet TEFL certified? Get in touch with us. You can bundle our TEFL certification course with this specialty course and save an additional $100. 

International TEFL Academy's Lifetime Job Guidance and support, access to our alumni community, and our high-quality accreditation are only available to students and alumni of our online and in-person standard TEFL certification courses.

We also invite you to read our registration procedure and terms & conditions. Note that all students will be charged a small processing fee per course/program purchased.

Stand Out as a Confident English Teacher

Prepare Yourself for the EFL Classroom

This grammar specialty course will jump-start your confidence & success in the classroom by preparing you to teach grammatical concepts in any situation to students of all levels & backgrounds.

Learn From the Top Instructors in the Field

Unlike many similar TEFL courses on the market, this state-of-the-art grammar course includes personalized feedback and guidance from highly credentialed instructors with a passion for teaching & grammar.  

Experience What It Means to Study English

Put yourself in the student's shoes by immersing yourself in the process of learning a foreign language. With ITA's specially designed curriculum, you'll learn to use the latest and most effective teaching approaches for instructing your students on basic and advanced English grammar concepts.

Boost Your Resume

Employers seek to hire teachers with the best training & skills. By taking this course, you'll set yourself apart from thousands of other English teachers in the job market who only possess a regular TEFL certification and no specific training in English grammar.

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Ask an English Grammar for Teachers Course Instructor

Karen Duncan,  ITA's Teaching Foundations of English Grammar Course Instructor.
Karen has been with ITA since 2016. She has an MA in TESL/TEFL and a BA in Science, Elementary Education. She's a published author for ITA's textbooks and has traveled to 10 countries.

What should I look for in an English grammar course for English teachers?

In addition to finding an accredited institution, know that when it comes to English grammar courses, you get what you pay for. At International TEFL Academy, you’ll learn from and interact with master’s and Ph.D. level instructors who have been in your shoes and have all taught English abroad. To become an English teacher of the highest quality, you need to learn from and gain personalized feedback from the best instructors - instead of just watching pre-recorded videos with little interaction.


How do I become an English grammar expert?

There are many courses and other resources to improve your knowledge of English grammar. Top academic experts have specifically designed ITA's 60-hour Grammar Specialty Course to provide you with a solid mastery of the advanced fundamentals of English grammar.

Ask a Foundations of English Grammar Course Grad

Conor McMahon, Foundations of English Grammar Course Alumnus


Why did you choose ITA's English grammar course for teachers?

While I enjoy grammar (to an extent…), I feel it is my weakest point. However, from my understanding many if not most students don’t really like grammar; that’s no reason not to take this course. Exactly the opposite! I wanted to challenge myself and become stronger at grammar. This is a great place to start. A great foundation.

Now, I feel much more confident about my grammar abilities. I knew much more than I realized, and there’s room to grow and learn more, which I’m excited about. Take Foundations of English Grammar! You won’t regret it.

Why should someone take this course?

I strongly believe in being a well-rounded teacher. I suggest you take this specialty course because it will make you a better teacher. Grammar is essential to teaching, even if it’s not your strongest point there is room to learn! Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself; also, I’m aware that grammar isn’t the most popular subject. Don’t worry about that. Just take this course. You may find that you may begin to like grammar and want to learn more. It’s a lifelong journey.

What did you like the most from your course?

This subject needs more than the average specialty course length of time (2 weeks) and this course delivers. Don’t be intimidated by it, just do it! I really enjoyed this class because it challenged my presumption that I ‘don’t like grammar'. In fact, the opposite occurred during the class. I found I may enjoy learning about grammar!

Any advice for future students of the grammar course?

While this course is nowhere as long as the main TEFL course (at 11 weeks, online at least) it’s longer than the average specialty course length of two weeks. It’s worth it. Even if you feel you might know everything about grammar, take this course. It’s a great refresher and is challenging enough to instill a sense of appreciation for grammar, which I will be taking forward with me from here on in. If there is any advice I would give regarding this specialty course it is this: keep an open mind. I know many of you don’t like grammar. Do it anyway. You will learn, and you will become a better teacher for doing it.

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