5 Key Tips for Getting Hired to Teach English with VIPKID

By: Robert Zappa 

VIPKID is one of the largest online education companies, with a student base in the hundreds of thousands and growing, in what is the largest teaching market in the world -China. With the ability to make your own schedule, monthly incentives and competitions, and a great community with many in-person meetups in locations across the globe, VIPKID’s popularity has soared with teachers. In order to teach with VIPKID, you’ll need bachelor’s degree as well as experience teaching, tutoring, or working with children. A TEFL certification is vital for experience and leverage to negotiate compensation. If you meet the requirements, these tips will help you nail the interview process and have you on your way to teaching students in China from the comfort of your home, wherever that may be.

Teaching English Online in Guadalajara, Mexico: Alumni Q&A with Rose London-Hinman

What is your citizenship?

United States

What city and state are you from?

Burlington, Vermont

How old are you?


Do you teach English online from within the USA or abroad? If abroad, where are you located?

I teach online from Guadalajara, Mexico

What is your education level and background?

I have a Bachelor degree from the University of Vermont in Environmental Studies

How Do You Say Spanish in Chinese?

By: Jessica Stanton

So Jess, what’s next? That’s the question everyone seems to ask as soon as I’ve gotten completely comfortable with what’s now. I’ve gotten so used to saying “I don’t know” it spills out of my mouth even when I do know sometimes.

Once I decided to change careers from medical assistant turned hairstylist & bartender to teach English abroad, I knew I’d end up teaching English in China. During my online TEFL course at ITA, my cultural sensitivity essay focused on just that. What I didn’t know was that my road to the Far East would begin in South America.