Top 3 Reasons to Get TEFL Certified Over the Summer So You Can Teach Abroad Right After College Graduation

By Lindsay Campher Krasinski

”I’m actually just looking into TEFL certification but I’m not ready to take a class until after I graduate…”  This might sound like a sensible thing to do. It may even seem like a strategic plan, but it's really just procrastination at its finest.

Here are the top 3 reasons you should get TEFL certified in the summer so you can teach English abroad right after college graduation.

To Work or To Travel: What Are Your Plans After College Graduation?

By Jessie Smith

“So, what’s your plan after college graduation?”— Ugh.

I couldn’t put a number on the amount of times I got this question in the months leading up to college graduation. This question was my worst nightmare. I lay in my bed asking myself that exact same thing and it kept me up at night. I had no idea what I wanted to do.

Should I go to graduate school (and rack up some more student loans)? Should I frantically continue applying for more jobs (and getting rejected)? Should I teach English abroad (will people view this as a cop-out)?

Want a Job Teaching English Abroad Waiting For You After College?


Everyone knows the overall job market isn’t looking too bright at the moment, and it looks even worse for those that are just graduating from college. According to the Economic Policy Institute, the unemployment rate for people under 25 in the United States is twice the national average.

Why face a domestic labor market full of uncertainty when you can enjoy the international adventure of a lifetime teaching English overseas, and gain marketable job skills and international experience for your resume?  

With nearly 100,000 new job openings every year for English teachers, this is your best option for finding a great job and adventure immediately out of college.  Sure beats moving back home with mom and dad and working part-time as a barista, doesn’t it?