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What is TEFL and What is TEFL Certification?

What is TEFL? What is TESOL? What is TEFL Certification? Learn about TEFL Certification and training requirements to teach English abroad.

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Top 5 Countries to Make the Most Money Teaching English Abroad in 2020

Learn where you can make the most money teaching English abroad in 2020 and receive benefits like free airfare and housing, even as a first-time teacher.

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Happy Chinese New Year! Teaching English in Asia During Holidays

Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year Celebrations around the world! Congratulations and be prosperous Greetings to nearly 2 billion people in China Asia and throughout the world who are celebrating the Lunar New Year

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Is ITA's Online TEFL Certification Course Valid and Accredited?

International TEFL Academy’s 170-hour online TEFL course is internationally accredited and recognized with an OfQual Level 5. Learn about the requirements to meet international standards.

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Online or Onsite - Which TEFL Certification Course is Right for You?

Are you comparing taking an in person TEFL class vs Online TEFL class? Learn the basics so you can choose the best TEFL certification for achieving your goals of teaching English abroad.

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What are the Benefits of Teaching English Abroad?

What can I gain by teaching English abroad? Teaching English abroad provides a very viable way to live, work and travel the globe while getting paid.

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How Large Is The Job Market for English Teachers Abroad?

How large is the international job market for English teachers? More than 250,000 English teachers work in foreign countries each year. Learn about the A-B-C's of the English teaching job market overseas.

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Can I Teach English Abroad Without Teaching Experience or an Education Degree?

Can I teach English abroad without an education degree or teaching experience? Yes! 90% of those teaching English abroad have no prior teaching experience.

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