Where Do Schools Provide Free Housing for Teaching English Abroad?

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More than a quarter of a million native English speakers are employed to teach English abroad every year.  In many cases, those teaching English overseas will be hired locally and paid by the hour without receiving major benefits like free housing and airfare, though they do typically make enough to live a comfortable middle class lifestyle . 

However there are some countries, including some of the largest job markets in the world for teaching English abroad, where it is common or even routine for schools to provide English teachers with free housing as part of their contracts.

Countries Where Schools Commonly Provide Free Housing for English Teachers

  • In certain countries in Asia like South Korea, China and in Persian Gulf Countries in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E., including Dubai and Abu Dhabi) it is standard that schools provide furnished housing to foreign English teachers.  In fact, many schools have contracts with, or even own their own apartment complexes to house their teachers.
  • Some government-run programs that employ foreign English teachers to work in state-run (i.e. public) schools in countries like South Korea typically provide free accommodation as part of your teaching agreement (typically a studio apartment). In Japan, those teaching in public schools may receive free housing or a stipend for housing, however this will vary from school to school and region to region.  Some other government programs in developing countries such as the Georgia Ministry of Education program, provide English teachers from abroad with homestays with a local family for the duration of their contract. 
  • Summer Camps: Most English teachers who work at summer camps in Asia and Europe are provided free room and board, plus a modest stipend.

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Countries Where Some (But Not All!) Schools Provide Free Housing or a Housing Stipend for English Teachers

Asia: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and in limited cases in other Asian nations as well.

Europe: Russia, Turkey (other countries sparingly)

Middle East & Former Soviet Republics: In rare cases in countries like Egypt, Iraq and Kazahkstan, English teachers may be provided with free housing or a housing stipend.

Central & South America: It is not very common for schools in these countries to provide free housing or stipends to foreign English teachers, though there may be very rare exceptions (including volunteer programs & some public school programs).

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