4 Key Tips to Choosing the Best TEFL School

You’ve decided you want to start researching TEFL certification. Great! So you go where we all go when we want to get more information about something – Google. You perform a few quick searches “best TEFL school,” “TEFL certification,” “how to get TEFL certified,” and instantly your head is spinning.

Wait, there are hundreds of different TEFL schools, where do I begin?!

Here are 4 Key Tips for Choosing the Best TEFL School. Keep this list in front of you when you call potential TEFL schools and be sure to ask every school about each of the following four criteria:

[Video] Teaching English in Europe - TEFL Facebook Live with ITA Advisors

Salaries, job markets, TEFL certification & classes... International TEFL Academy Advisors talk about their English teaching experience in Europe. Watch them share tips and advice about teaching English in Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic and France!

14 Reasons International TEFL Academy Is The Best Company To Work For in Chicago (Or Anywhere!)

 By Jessie Smith

  • Making dreams come true every day? Check.
  • Promoting global travel & education? Check.
  • Kick-ass international colleagues who have traveled to 100+ countries? Yep.
  • Free beer, work-from-home policies & an international company trip to Europe or Latin America? Check, check, & check!

We firmly believe International TEFL Academy has the best company culture in the world. That phrase, 'best company in the world' actually comes out of our mouths fairly often. Not sure how many others can say the same about their 9 to 5.

From yearly (free) staff trips abroad, to competitive benefits, ongoing professional development and an arguably ridiculous amount of vacation time, ITA has created what we like to call a 'super company' out to help people go see the world by teaching English abroad.

[Video] Teaching English In Asia - TEFL Facebook Live

Salaries, job markets, TEFL certification & classes... International TEFL Academy Advisors talk about their English teaching experience in Asia. Watch them share tips and advice about teaching English in South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Thailand!

Video: What Did The ITA Staff Learn In 2017?

It's that time of the year again! As we're about to enter 2018, we've decided here at the International TEFL Academy to reflect on this past year and share with you what we've learned in 2017. Watch the video below to find out what new skill we've developped! And you, what did you learn this past year?

How Not To Take A Group Selfie

By Stéphane Le Mentec

This is it. You're teaching English abroad having the best time of your life. You're finally living your dream of teaching and traveling. Here you are, hanging out with your local friends exploring the spectacular limestone islands of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam,  walking down the beachfront of Puerto Vallerta in Mexico or having fun at this high-end tapas bar in Barcelona, Spain. "Let's take a selfie!", you think, as you want to immortalize the moment and get that little piece of souvenir to bring back home tease your friends back home on Instagram (who are we kidding?). Great! Although you might want to read this first if you don't want to make the same mistakes as we did.

Top 15 Phone Apps for Living and Traveling Abroad in 2017

By: Lauren Davis

After living abroad twice and traveling to several countries in between, you’d think I’d be “fluent” in traveling abroad- WRONG . There is nothing more rewarding than international travel, but it can still be overwhelming at times.  One thing that’s always helped me is having the right technology to use in a pinch.  Trust me, our parents would have loved to have an iPhone while in Madrid or an Android in Malaysia.  Here are some of the best apps that could save you time planning, or help you out in a hurry abroad!   

Taipei to Seoul: 5 Top Asian Cities For Teaching English Abroad

By Jeff Penick

With a higher population than all of the other continents combined, Asia continues to reign supreme in terms of demand for English teachers around the globe. Throughout Asia, schools are hiring thousands of new teachers on a monthly basis and most jobs can be found in the larger cities. Listed below (in no particular order) are five of the top Asian cities that provide a culturally rich and unique lifestyle along with an abundance of English teaching opportunities. 

10 Signs It’s Time for You to Move Overseas & Teach English Abroad



By Paige Lee  

  • Do you hate your job?  (Do you have a job?)

  • Did you spend tens of thousands of dollars on a college education just so that you can spend the prime of your life in a prefabricated cubicle or standing behind a cash register?

  • Are you wondering how and if you can ever actually use (or improve upon) those 8 years of Spanish you took in high school and college?

  • Have you ever wanted to live, work and travel in a country like Italy, Thailand, or Argentina?