Teaching English 
In Ukraine

Offering historic cities, rich culture and beautiful scenery on the Black Sea, Ukraine is an emerging market for teaching English in Eastern Europe, despite recent political upheavals.

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Teaching English in Ukraine 101

Known for its scenic rivieras along the coast of the Black Sea and cultured cities like Kiev, Ukraine offers a quintessential Eastern European experience off the beaten track from the major tourist destinations of the West.  Despite recent political turmoil, Ukraine is a sizeable job market for teaching English.

English teaching jobs in Ukraine are more prominent in the month of September but are available year-round with an expected downtime in August. A typical teaching contract is 10 or 12 months in length. In most cases, schools recruit teachers in-person, while some will recruit in advance via phone/Skype. A BA/BS is preferred but not required to teach English in Ukraine, however, a TEFL certification is a must.

Wages are modest - you certainly won't get rich teaching English in Ukraine, but the cost of living is average, so you should expect to break even while living comfortably. The English teaching job market in Ukraine is strongest in major cities like Kiev, Odessa, and Kharkiv. 

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