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5 Ways to Spend Your Gap Year Before, During, or After College

Thinking about taking a gap year after college or how to spend a gap year before and during college? Let's explore five options, both volunteer and paid.

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How to Make Friends in Korea While Teaching or Traveling

What kind of social life will you have while teaching in Korea? Learn how to make friends in South Korea, both with locals and other expats.

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Will I Get Vacation Time When I Teach English Abroad?

Do English teachers abroad get vacation days? Yes, but vacation policies will vary for different English teaching jobs around the world.

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What Does it Mean to Break-Even Financially While Teaching English Abroad?

What does breaking even mean for salaries for English teachers abroad? Learn tips and options for teaching in Europe & Latin America where more English teachers break even.

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Where Do Schools Provide Free Housing for Teaching English Abroad?

Looking for free housing for teachers? Teaching jobs abroad with accommodation exist. Learn where you can find TEFL jobs with housing included worldwide.

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How Will I Find a Place to Live when I Teach English Abroad?

How do I find housing when I go abroad to teach English? Some schools provide housing, others will assist English teachers find appropriate housing.

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