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Will I Face Age Restrictions Teaching English Abroad in Asia?

Concerned about age and teaching English abroad in Asia? Here are tips on how to approach your TEFL certification course and finding English teaching work abroad in asia.

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Am I Too Old To Teach English Abroad?

Concerned about age and teaching English abroad? Here are 5 tips on how to approach your TEFL certification course and finding English teaching work abroad as a mature teacher.

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Are There Age Limits or Restrictions to Teach English Abroad?

Are there age limits to teach English abroad? Older and younger people can find many opportunities to teach English abroad.

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LGBTQ&A: Teaching English in Mexico City, Mexico with Robert Blackie

ITA alumnus Robert Blackie, discusses how he left a successful career behind in the USA to teach English in Colombia and Mexico, where he met his now-boyfriend!

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A Canadian's Guide to the Documents Needed to Teach English in Vietnam

ITA alumnus Jeff Alten covers what documents are needed for a Canadian applying to teach English in Vietnam.

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Vietnam - A Softer Place to Ride Out The Coronavirus Storm

After waiting 20 years to make this lifestyle happen, ITA alumni couple Jamie & Tony talk about why they chose to remain in Vietnam and what this means for their future.

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Staying Put in Costa Rica During the Coronavirus Pandemic

ITA alumnus Orlando Tillero shares why he chose to remain in Costa Rica during the Coronavirus pandemic and how his school is handling classes.

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The Path from Global Corporate Communication to Teaching Business English in France

At age 66, Thomas recently retired from his corporate position at Amazon to pursue teaching English to business professionals in France. Read about his transition here!

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Teaching English in Prague, Czech Republic - Mature Teacher Q&A with Jean Willis

International TEFL Academy alumna, Jean Willis, talks about her experience teaching English in Prague, the Czech Republic, as a 62-year-old.

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