Online & In-Person TEFL Class Overview

International TEFL Academy offers internationally accredited TEFL classes online & in 25 locations worldwide and certifies 5,000 people per year from all walks of life.

All classes are taught by university-level professors & incorporate live practice teaching.

Watch our video for a detailed comparison between online and in-person TEFL courses and find out more about the right certification class for you below.


World Class TEFL Classes Around the World

TEFL certification classes are 4 weeks, full time, Monday - Friday. Click on the links below to learn more about TEFL certification options in Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America.

Students should expect a professional-level TEFL certification class to run from 9 am - 6 pm daily (5 days a week) with 10 -14 students in a class.  Student teaching (practicum) is often completed in the evening hours with local ESL students.  The majority of TEFL certification classes are held at language schools that provide a perfect venue for gaining live teaching experience.  All TEFL certification classes incorporate a minimum of 100 hours of academic course work and at least 6 hours of observed student teaching with ESL students.  

These are more than "full-time" classes with 2-3 hours of homework every day in additional to class time.

Awards & Recognition: Since the beginning of 2019, ITA has been named the #1 TEFL school by and across a range of awards categories for TEFL certification, including #1 Best Online TEFL Course and #1 Best In-person TEFL Class (ITA Chicago TEFL Class) by  ITA's Online TEFL Class also received recognition as the top-ranked Online TEFL class in several categories of the Community Choice Awards for TEFL Certification.  Check out a full run-down ITA awards, reviews and recognition in this article.

NOTE FOR JOB SEARCH GUIDANCE: All job search assistance from onsite coordinators and in-person TEFL courses are reserved only for students who enroll and take each respective onsite course.  If you did not take an in-person TEFL course, please contact the Student Affairs team at International TEFL Academy for job search assistance. 

NOTE FOR ENROLLMENT: Before enrolling in any International TEFL Academy, it is imperative that you speak with an admissions advisor.

Please fill out a request form or call 773-634-9900 to speak to an advisor who will answer your questions; review your employment prospects for teaching English abroad, and assist you with the enrollment process.



Click here to receive a Country Chart that details salaries,  hiring requirements, interview procedures, and visa information  for teaching English abroad in more than 50 countries worldwide.


North America TEFL Classes

Asia TEFL Classes

Europe TEFL Classes

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Latin America TEFL Classes

Online TEFL Certification

International TEFL Academy's internationally accredited 170-hour Online TEFL Certification Course is a fully interactive course that incorporates live practice teaching (practicum taught by a seasoned university level professor. It incorporates the same curriculum used in our 4-week in person classes and is also accredited at the same level. Completed over 11 weeks, this course is designed to accommodate students who are working or going to school full-time. Also, students enjoy access to Job Search Guidance as soon as their tuition has been paid in full (even during the course).


SPECIALTY & Hybrid TEFL Courses


International TEFL Academy offers hybrid TEFL course options that enable Online TEFL Class students to complete their practice teaching (practicum) on location at particular in-person TEFL class sites. We also offer hybrid class option in Madrid that enables participants enroll in Spanish language classes and receive a student visa while completing their TEFL training and teaching English in Madrid. 

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