ITA was extremely helpful from the beginning until the end. The course was straightforward and very helpful. It really built my confidence. The job search guidance was the best part of this company for me. I am very thankful for their help! - ITA Grad Jake Dawson

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Why Take Your TEFL Certification Course in Thailand?

Taught by experienced instructors with an internationally accredited curriculum, this full-time four-week TEFL course will qualify you for thousands of teaching jobs in Thailand and around the world. 

In addition to top-quality TEFL training, this course includes a comprehensive orientation program to help students gain an in-depth introduction to Thai culture, language, cuisine, and history.  

Course tuition includes a variety of cultural excursions and classes. In addition, all students receive support and guidance from our highly experienced staff to help make a smooth transition to life as an English teacher in Thailand. 

All students also receive a full range of job placement guidance to assist with applying and interviewing for ESL teaching jobs in Thailand. In addition, you will also enjoy lifetime access to personalized job search guidance for English teaching jobs in more than 80 countries worldwide.

  • Instruction from university-level instructors.
  • Idyllic course location in the historic beach town of Hua Hin.
  • Comprehensive job search assistance to help you find employment teaching English in Thailand and in 80+ countries around the globe.
  • Sought-after TEFL certificate. Your TEFL Certification from ITA does not expire, is accredited at the highest level, and is recognized by employers worldwide.
  • Access to the ITA alumni community, a highly engaged network of 40,000 alumni. Interact with fellow students, support each other and learn from everyone's experiences overseas.
Hua Hin TEFL Class. inThailand

Award Winning TEFL Organization

ITA has been named Top Rated TEFL Organization by three years in a row and has also won the prestigious People's Choice Award three out of the last five years.

16 Hours of Hands-On Live Practice Teaching

The Hua Hin TEFL course includes 16 hours of live observed practice teaching to help you refine your skills and gain confidence in a live classroom setting with actual Thai English students.

Focus On Practical Training

Emphasis on practical training for teaching listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills in the classroom, including extensive lesson plan development and feedback from peers and instructors.

Bonus Services & Features

Tuition includes a variety of services to help students make their move to Thailand, including airport pick-up from Bangkok, welcome beach BBQ, visa support, and included cultural excursions and classes.


Who Should Take This 4-Week Hua Hin TEFL Course?

This Hua Hin, Thailand TEFL Course is perfect for you if:

  • You want to combine world-class in-person TEFL training with a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to teaching English in Thailand and life in Thailand.
  • Degree Requirements: A 4-year BA college degree is not required to enroll for this course. However, a 4-year degree is normally required to obtain a work permit in Thailand.
  • All fluent English speakers seeking to teach ESL. You're a non-native English speaker? You will need to complete a phone interview & submit an essay to verify your English skills. Read more: Non-native English speakers & TEFL

Job Search Assistance for Thailand TEFL Course Students

Since it rescinded COVID-related border restrictions in mid-2022, Thailand has regained its status as a job TEFL job market, in Asia. All TEFL Course students receive lifetime job search assistance for gaining employment teaching English in Thailand and worldwide (including teaching English online). These exclusive services and resources include:

  • Resume & cover letter guidance
  • Contact referral information for 1,000 schools in Thailand & more than 20,000 schools worldwide
  • Thailand-specific workshops on interviewing and working with schools and agents
  • Thailand Visa and Work Permit support & guidance
  • Personal Support from an experienced Job Search Advisor. We have a full-time Student Affairs department whose sole purpose is to help you find the best TEFL job for you.
  • Access to ITA's exclusive 400-page job search manual.
  • Exclusive live and recorded webcasts covering all aspects of the TEFL job search process.
  • Referrals to preferred recruiters, placement agencies, language schools, and online teaching companies.
  • Contract reviews

Read more: ITA's Lifetime Job Search Assistance

Explore: Thailand Job Market Overview



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Lesson Plan

TEFL / TESOL Course Content

This 4-week, full-time course is made up of a 1-week (40-hour) cultural orientation and 3 weeks (120 hours) of onsite and off-site instruction and work. This is an intensive university-level course.

Thailand TEFL Course Curriculum & Syllabus

Here is a brief overview of what you will learn in your Thailand TEFL Course:

  • Chapter 1: Working with Schools in Thailand
  • Chapter 2: Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Chapter 3: Overcoming Culture Shock
  • Chapter 4: ESL Methodologies
  • Chapter 5: Teaching Speaking
  • Chapter 6: Classroom Management
  • Chapter 7: Teaching Grammar
  • Chapter 8: Teaching Young Learners
  • Chapter 9: Teaching Phonics
  • Chapter 10: Assessment
  • Chapter 11: Teaching Math
  • Chapter 12: Teaching Science
  • Chapter 13: Teaching Reading and Listening
  • Chapter 14: Positive Reinforcement in the Classroom
  • Chapter 15: Online Teaching Module
  • Chapter 16: Curriculum Design and Implementation
  • Chapter 17: Maximizing the PPP Structure (Lesson Planning for Higher Proficiencies)
  • Chapter 18: Textbook Teaching
Classroom Details

TEFL / TESOL Thailand Details

Length of Training

4 weeks full-time (120 hours). This is an intensive university-level course.

Daily Schedule & Intensity

Students should expect to be in class from approximately 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (with breaks), Monday-Friday. Weekends are primarily free for sightseeing and relaxation, but some homework is required. 

Course Location

Located on the northern Malay peninsula 2.5 hours from Bangkok, Hua Hin is one of Thailand's oldest and most famous beach resort towns. Set along the sandy shores of the Gulf of Thailand, it has been a favored destination of Thai royalty for more than a century to serve as the primary summer residence of the Royal Family.

While it offers all of the amenities of a resort destination, Hua Hin is still an ideal location to explore traditional Thai culture. TEFL course students will enjoy exploring its classical Thai temples, lively downtown district, shopping, dining options, and relaxation on one of Thailand's most famous beaches.   

TEFL Thailand: Course Size & Facility

There are typically around 15 students per course session; Internet access is available at the school facilities.

Included With The Course

What's Included in Your Hua Hin, Thailand TEFL Course?

Your Hua Hin TEFL certification course includes:

  • Internationally recognized TEFL Certificate
  • Personalized & dedicated lifetime job search support
  • Airport transport from Bangkok to Hua Hin
  • Welcome dinner (beach bbq)
  • Visa Support in Thailand
  • Cultural excursions & activities, including temple visit, language classes & Thai cooking class
  • Access to ITA's exclusive alumni network of 40,000 teachers worldwide
  • Assistance with making housing arrangements (housing costs not included)

Your course tuition does not include personal expenses, transportation, visa, insurance, housing costs, or food, apart from welcome dinner.

Class Technology Requirements

Class Requirements

All participants must have a laptop that they can work and print from. iPads and other tablet devices can work, but they are certainly not ideal and will limit your ability to print.

Optional Add-Ons

Optional Add-Ons for Your Thailand TEFL Course

All ITA students & graduates have the option to enhance their skills and credentials by taking additional TEFL Specialty courses in the fields of:

  • Grammar Fundamentals
  • Teaching English Online
  • Teaching Business English
  • Teaching English to Young Learners
  • Tutoring English
Included Excursions & Activities

Excursions & Activities

The TEFL course orientation includes the following excursions & activities:

  • Muay Thai martial arts lessons
  • Thai cooking class
  • Visit to the temples and caves of Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park
  • Volunteer work at Rescue P.A.W.S., a non-profit animal relief organization in Khao Tao, a small fishing village near Hua Hin 

In addition, students can join an optional weekend excursion to Kuiburi National Park to see wild elephants in their natural environment. With an approximate population of 320 elephants, there is a 99% chance that visitors will see an elephant on any given day at the park! Fee for this excursion is $75.

Housing Arrangements

Housing Arrangements

Housing is not included with your TEFL course tuition, however, the course staff will be happy to help you arrange for accommodations during the course for the cost of approximately $150 a month.  

Accommodations are modest but are new and modern and at a minimum, the rooms will have air-con, Wi-Fi, TV, and are conveniently located with respect to the TESOL school and Hua Hin town center.

Make sure to enroll at least 60 days in advance to guarantee that housing will be available. 
Hua Hin TEFL Course housing Hua Hin Thailand TEFL Course housing
Cultural Training and Workshops

Cultural Training To Prepare You for Teaching English in Thailand

As part of the orientation part of the course, workshops are also included on the following:
  • Overcoming culture shock and adjusting to life in Thailand
  • Adjusting to working in a local Thai school
  • Alumni teacher panel (where they get to meet course and ask questions to alumni who have been teaching in the country)

In addition to the in-country cultural orientation, an online course is provided to prepare students for what to expect of Thai culture and living and working there as an ESL teacher.

TEFL Course Dates & Registration

Before enrolling in any International TEFL Academy courses, we recommend that you speak with an advisor who will answer your questions, review your employment prospects for teaching English abroad, and assist you with enrollment. 

We strongly recommend enrolling in your Thailand TEFL course at least 60 days in advance due to its popularity and to secure housing. We also invite you to read our registration procedure and terms & conditions. Note that all students will be charged a small processing fee per course/program purchased.


Gain Confidence as a Professional English Teacher with Live Practice Teaching

Learn how to teach hands-on thanks to the mandatory live practice teaching (practicum) sessions included in your TEFL course. The practicum is an essential component of a teacher's training process, as it provides valuable insight and experience prior to obtaining independent teaching positions.

16 Hours Practicum Included

You must complete a minimum of 10
hours for your TEFL/TESOL certification. These hours will be achieved through observation and live practice teaching with actual ESL students

Build Your Teaching Skills

Apply teaching principles to real-life situations, build confidence in your skill and pedagogical style, and gain exposure to various learning styles and classroom situations.

Contributing To The Local Community

At least part of your practicum will entail teaching in a local non-profit English camp for disadvantaged kids in Hua Hin. 

Cultural Awareness Training

The course instructors and staff all possess extensive experience working in the TEFL field in Thailand and will provide cultural awareness training to help prepare you for working with Thai students.

Download TEFL Starter Kit

Ask a TEFL Thailand Instructor

Jonathan Harman,  TEFL Course Instructor.
Jon has 9 years of ESL teaching experience in Thailand, South Korea, and Vietnam, in addition to two years of teaching experience in the UK.

Who Teaches the Thailand TEFL Course?

All in-country TEFL instructors have a  minimum of 3 years of ESL teaching experience in an overseas capacity. 2 years of professional practical experience teaching, coaching, or lecturing to adults.  Our instructors are highly-trained in TEFL / TESOL, passionate about education, and hold a Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Education, English, or a related field.

What Does a Typical Day in the Hua Hin TEFL Course Look Like?

Remember that it is an intensive, university-level course. Here's what you should expect:

  1. Class Hours: You will spend 40 hours per week in class. Class hours are typically from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, including lunch and break times. 
  2. 16 hours of live practice teaching: Over the course of two days, students will have 16hrs of practical experience teaching students at local schools.
  3. Class Assignments: Spread throughout the course, there are multiple assignments that task you with planning lessons, self-reflection, curriculum development, as well as theoretical research and presentations.

Do I Need to Purchase a Textbook?

Your textbook is provided to you as part of your course tuition.

I am a Non-US Citizen. Can I Take This Course?

This course is open to citizens of any nation, as long as you can legally enter Thailand. 

Ask a Thailand TEFL Course Grad

Audrey Brown, Hua Hin TEFL Course Graduate


What Did You Like The Most From Your TEFL Course in Hua Hin, Thailand?

The course itself is great if you've never taught before and are looking to dive in head first. It includes a packed program that addresses both the theoretical and practical elements of teaching. Instructors draw on their own personal experiences in the classroom and are happy to answer questions. 10/10

How Did The Course Impact Your Teaching Career?

I fell in love with teaching thanks to my time completing the TEFL training! I proceeded to teach English not only overseas but also back in Canada to people of all ages from all around the world. I'm planning on returning to school this fall to complete my graduate degree so that I can continue my career in education. 

How Did This Course Prepare You for Teaching English in Asia?

Course participants spend time in a Thai school, providing a first real-world teaching opportunity that is both exciting and challenging. Instructors are on hand to offer assistance when necessary and to provide feedback.

Thailand TEFL Course Comparison

Hua Hin TEFL Course

What is included 👇

  • In-Person 4 Weeks, Full-Time
  • Accredited curriculum
  • Highly experienced instructors
  • Lifetime Job Search Guidance for teaching English in Thailand & worldwide
  • 16-Hours Live Practice Teaching with local Thai students
  • Thai culture orientation program and cultural awareness training
  • Complimentary services, including airport pickup and visa support

Chiang Mai TEFL Course

What is included 👇

  • In-Person 4 Weeks, Full-Time
  • Accredited by the Thai Government - Meets/Exceeds All Industry Accreditation Standards
  • University-Level Instructors
  • Lifetime Job Search Guidance
  • 6 Observed Teaching Practices at Local Schools
  • 8 Hours of Thai Language Instruction
  • Cultural Awareness Day in First Week
  • Classes Capped at 20 Students
  • Earn OFQUAL Level 5 Certificate from TQUK by adding 2 Weeks to Course

Online TEFL Course

What's included 👇

  • 170-Hour Online Certification
  • 4-Week Full-time/ 11-Week part-time
  • OFQUAL Level 5 Accreditation from TQUK
  • Live Office Hours with Your Instructor & Peer-Participation with Classmates
  • Lifetime Job Search Guidance
  • 10 to 20-Hours Live Practice Teaching