Almost Brave Enough: A Review of Working at a Summer Camp in Austria & Italy

By Caroline Chadwell

That looming fear of accepting a 12-month teaching position will paralyze you out of your wits. I kept closing my eyes trying to picture myself in exotic countries: China, Thailand, Columbia, etc. That part wasn’t hard. But then I would close my eyes and picture myself in that country for 12 months, away from my family, my friends, my conveniences, and I would shake my head in despair admitting that I wasn’t brave enough.

My heart longed for adventure, but shuttered at the idea of separation. I needed a trial. Something I could do to test the waters. It would be worth it, even if it didn’t pay a lot, to just see if I could do it. That was when I received an email from the International TEFL Academy with listings for Summer Positions.

Stage Fright - Teaching Private English Lessons in Italy

By: Jenna Berens

I don’t like being the center of attention. I don’t like being at the head of a crowd. I don’t like a room full of strangers looking at me. Basically, I have stage fright. I thought that maybe going through the TEFL process and moving to Europe might help me get over it, or I thought that I would just have to suck it up because living in Europe would be worth it. No one told me that there would be a good way to avoid the problem altogether.

My boyfriend and I hatched a plan to move to Italy and teaching was the only way we knew we could make a living, so we signed up for an online certification class through the International TEFL Academy. 

The People You'll Meet in Italy

By: Kevin Nye

In learning about teaching abroad, you might hear that it’s a great way to meet new people. I was personally not as excited about this part, as I figured most people would just be my students and that would be that. The other thing you hear is that it’s a great way to see the world, and that was more up my alley, so I enrolled in the International TEFL Academy’s Online TEFL Certification program in May of 2014, and shipped off to Milan, Italy in September to see the world.

Can I Teach English in Italy?

By: Jenna Berens

In September 2014, after finishing my Online TEFL Certification through the International TEFL Academy (ITA), I made the greatest decision of my life.

I moved to Italy with the hopes of teaching English as a foreign language after quitting my steady job in Chicago as a Nurse Practitioner. 

I spent nine incredible months tutoring in Milan Monday through Friday while galavanting through Italy and Europe on the weekends and holidays.

"Welcome Home" - Teaching English in Italy

By: Amelia Perri

Sitting on the stoop of my soon to be Italian apartment, I surveyed my new neighborhood and attempted to sort out my bearings. Within the span of four hours, I left Budapest, flew into Milan, hopped on a train to Florence and hailed a taxi to my new home. I was meant to meet my landlord, Maurizio, at 11am to get into the apartment and it was now 1pm. Just as I was about to search for a café with wifi, a vespa screeches to a stop right in front of me and my name is being called out from underneath a shiny helmet.