11 Tips for Budget Travel in Asia

By Paige Lee

One of the most beautiful things about teaching and traveling in Asia is how inexpensive everything can seem compared to costs in your home country. Paying a dollar for a beer or 30 cents for a bus ride can make cash feel like monopoly money! But if you’re planning to do a long backpacking trip before or after a year of teaching in Asia (like I did after my year teaching in China), spending money like it’s a toy can catch up with you. Fortunately, Asia is one of the easiest regions to travel and cut costs in!

Lucky for you, many of the ITA Admissions Advisors taught English in Asia (China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, etc…) so we’ve got cheap travel down to a science! Below are 11 of our favorite tips to get the most out an extended trip in Asia!

Teaching English in Cambodia: The Old World Charm of Phnom Penh

Thinking of teaching English in Cambodia?

Combining old world charm, tropical flavor the vibrant spirit of a city on the move, Phnom Penh is the bustling capital of Cambodia, one of the fastest growing job markets for teaching English in Asia.  This historic city is located at the confluence of three major rivers in Cambodia: the great Tonle Sap, the Bassac and the country’s longest, the Mekong River, which flows from Tibet and meanders southwards through China, Burma, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, before finally emptying into the South China Sea.