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What Type of Visa Can I Use to Teach English in Cambodia?

Looking to teach English in Cambodia? Understand visa requirements for teaching English in Phnom Penh and more. 

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Are you considering teaching English in Cambodia? Look no further! When planning your overseas adventure, it's crucial to be well-informed about the visa process. In this blog post, we will explore the most common type of visa for teaching English in Cambodia. So, let's dive in and discover the key details you need to know!

Can I Get a Work Visa to Teach English in Cambodia?

Yes, you can obtain a work visa to teach English in Cambodia. It usually requires a job offer from a school, a valid passport, and other necessary documents. Check with the Cambodian embassy or consulate for specific requirements and procedures.

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The type of visa you'll need in Cambodia (and how you get that visa) will depend on your nationality, teaching job and perhaps other factors like whether you get your job in advance of your arrival, or if you get hired locally in Cambodia.

Be sure to speak to an International TEFL Academy Advisor by calling 773-634-9900 to discuss your specific questions and concerns about your visa for teaching English in Cambodia.

What Visa Can I Get to Teach English in Cambodia?

To teach English in Cambodia, you typically need a Business Visa (E) or an Ordinary Visa (E) sponsored by your employer. It's crucial to check the latest immigration regulations and requirements from the Cambodian government or consulate for the most accurate and updated information.

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Nitty Gritty Facts About Visas For Teaching English in Cambodia

  • Name: Ordinary/Business Visa (Type E)
  • Cost: $35 for your first month, and then you can extend the visa for 6 or 12 months for a fee between $100- $300.
  • Documents: Passport Photo and passport that is valid at least six months prior to entering Cambodia 
  • Length: This visa is good for one month at first and then you can extend the visa on your own. It's important to extend the visa for 6 or 12 months, as the shorter extensions are not able to be re-extended if need be. It's not difficult to extend your visa numerous times as long as you have a work contract or letter of invitation from a Cambodian school or company.

For more information, you can check out the Cambodian Consulate website

How to Get a Work Visa for Teaching English in Cambodia

You can get your Ordinary Visa (Type E) before heading to Cambodia or you can get it upon entry to the country. Typically English teachers just wait to buy it once they arrive to the airport in Cambodia. From there, just have to extend the visa for 6 or 12 months for a fee of between $100- $300.

Again, be sure to talk with your ITA Advisor about visas before you head overseas to Cambodia or enroll in your TEFL Class.

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