How I Had the Best Year of My Life While Paying Off $10,000 in Student Loans

By Cassie Wells

When I first heard about teaching English abroad, I unknowingly filed it under my “things I wish I could do if I made more money” tab in my brain. There it would sit, or so I thought, with other charming files like “becoming Beyonce” and “buying an island and filling it with stray dogs/cats”.  What I didn’t know at the time, was that it is actually possible to teach English abroad even if you don’t have oodles of cash lying around. Yes, even me, a Midwesterner who had never been overseas with big student loan payments. I was able to have one of the best years of my life teaching English in South Korea and I was even able to get my act together financially by saving money and paying off $10,000 in student debt. Who would’ve thought, right?!

6 Reasons Why Teaching Abroad Will Be Even Better Than Studying Abroad


  • Did you have the time of your life studying abroad in Madrid, Paris or Prague?

  • Have you got a serious case of the international travel bug?

  • Missed out on studying abroad, but still want to travel the world?

  • Do you like the idea of getting paid to live in Europe, Asia or Latin America? 

If you're like about 99% of us who have studied abroad, your typical first answer when people ask you about your experience is, "I loved it, but it wasn't enough and I'm dying to get back overseas!"  Well, here's some great news: if you are an English speaker, whether or not  you studied abroad, you can take your international experiences to the next level by getting paid to live and teach English abroad.

In fact, at International TEFL Academy, we like to say that if studying abroad is "International Adventure 1.0," then teaching English abroad is "International Adventure 5.0+."
A native English speaker with a degree (in any field) who earns a TEFL Certification can viably can employment teaching English abroad in up to 80 countries worldwide and even without a degree, you can teach in up to 50 countries.  For most English speakers, it's not a question of whether you can get a job, but which job in which country is the best fit for you? 

So, if you're wondering if you really can top that semester in Florence, here are 6 reasons why teaching English abroad will be even better....