10 Best Countries for Teaching English Abroad in 2019

What are the Top Countries for English Teaching Jobs Abroad?

Author: Jessie Smith

South Korea. Spain. Mexico. China.  Which countries will make the list as top destinations for teaching English abroad in 2019?

With 1.7  billion people using and learning English worldwide, the international job market for teaching English abroad and teaching English online have never been stronger. There are new opportunities opening every single day overseas from Thailand & Mexico to Germany & South Korea. Teaching English overseas provides more opportunities than any other field for English speakers from all walks of life and all backgrounds to live, work and travel abroad in foreign countries across the globe.  

No prior teaching experience is required! However, taking an accredited TEFL certification course will allow you to gain the skills and qualification you need to get hired and to teach on the professional level.

As we look forward toward to 2019, here are 10 of the top job markets to consider as you look at your options for teaching English abroad this coming year....


6 Essential Tips and Articles to Read When You Want to Teach English in Spain

By Paige Lee

Interested in teaching English in Spain? 

1. How you teach English depends on the city you live in and private tutoring is a common style of English teaching employment in Spain: How do I make money as a private English tutor abroad?

Spain is one of the most in-demand markets in the whole English teaching industry, but it is a complex country with a variety of teaching opportunity. Madrid is the capital and largest teaching market in Spain, but Barcelona is a highly popular city for English teachers to set their sights on. Across this stunning region, work will vary greatly from a traditional classroom setting to private English teaching one-on-one.

BONUS: In one of ITA’s most read articles about Spain, Lauren O’Rourke, lays out the steps to find work as a private tutor: How to Become a Private English Teacher in Barcelona, Spain.

What You Need to Know Before Moving to Spain to Teach English (The Ultimate Super Cheat Sheet)

Getting a job teaching English in Spain takes a lot of planning and knowledge about the teaching market, especially for Americans. Here are some key items you need to know in order to ensure a smooth transition to life abroad and successfully secure a teaching job.

Hiring Seasons - September/October & January are prime hiring periods.

 Visas - The type of visa will depend on your nationality and your job.

 Locations - Madrid is the top job market; Barcelona & Bilbao are other top options.

 Finding Jobs - Plan on being on the ground in Spain to interview during hiring seasons.

 Interviewing - Be prepared to interview face-to-face with your TEFL certificate & sample lesson plans in hand.

 Resources - From expert advisors to local job boards, ITA grads receive all the resources they need to get a good job teaching English in Spain.

Famous TV Characters & Where They Would Teach Abroad

By Tyler Parsons

Recently we took a look and shared 15 celebrities who took the leap to teach English abroad before they were famous (we’re not saying teaching English abroad will make you famous— unless you can act like Ed Norton or make a living pranking Dwight) and it got us thinking a bit.

What if fictional TV characters had the choice to teach English abroad? Would they jump on the opportunity, and if so, where in the world would they teach? And since there is no wrong answer here, we figured we would take an educated guess or seven.

Best Tips for Teaching Abroad with Your Spouse or Significant Other

By Michael Kunik

Got a special someone in your life, but want to move overseas? Traveling with your spouse or significant other is possible in every English teaching market. In the summer of 2009, my wife and I sold most of our stuff, packed a few bags, and headed off to Madrid, Spain,  to start a new life together as English teachers. We had done all the research, we got TEFL Certified, saved money, and come up with a solid plan. Yet, even then, we were still scared half to death about actually following through with this dream of ours. Quitting our careers to move halfway around the planet without a job, friends, or place to stay seemed….well….crazy!

We had each other though, and in the end, that gave us the final push we needed to pursue this adventure. I can confidently speak for both of us when I say, it was the best decision of our lives!

11 Reasons Why You Might Choose to Teach English in Latin America Over Spain

By Helen Schenck

I was 20, in college, day dreaming about my dream-life in Spain. I dreamed of sunny days in parks that have been around for centuries. I imagined myself walking through museums studded with Picassos and Goyas. I saw myself meeting my friends for tapas, all while having deep, Hemingway-esque conversations. Within months I was actually in Spain, living this dream.

While I was fortunate to experience each of these things while teaching English in Spain, I came back to the U.S. with a thirst for something more….but still in a Spanish accent. My thirst was satiated upon my next trip to Central America…and then again to South America and Mexico and beyond. Before, I had seen Spain as the end all be all of the Spanish-speaking world, but experiencing Latin America changed this, and my world, entirely.

So, if you want to learn Spanish and enjoy a tremendous international experience teaching English abroad, here are 11 of the many reasons to consider teaching English in Latin America rather than Spain.

Visas & Jobs: A Guide to Teaching English in Barcelona, Spain for Americans

 Are you an American looking to live & teach English in Barcelona, Spain? Do you want to take ITA's internationally accredited Barcelona TEFL Class?

At International TEFL Academy, we certify over 5,000 people a year to teach English abroad & Barcelona represents one of the most popular teaching destinations for our graduates, including Americans. That said, if you are an American interested in teaching English in Barcelona, Spain there are certainly realities when it comes to matters like visas & the job market that you must prepare for and be willing to accept if you want to realize your goal of living & teaching in this beautiful city.

1. You should expect to live & teach English in Barcelona "under the table" on a tourist visa.

2. You should expect to work as a freelance private instructor & not as a full-time employee at a language school.

3. For a detailed overview of what it takes to get a job teaching English in Spain, please read What You Need to Know Before Moving to Spain to Teach English [The Ultimate Super Cheat Sheet]

The "Perfect" TEFL Escape - Does it Exist?

Looking for the "Perfect" TEFL Escape?  

Then Perhaps Teaching Abroad is Not for You


By Michael Kunik

I’m writing this article during a hotly contested US Presidential election cycle.  At this moment, it seems like I hear a variation of this phrase, almost daily: “If (X-Candidate - Trump, Hillary or whoever) becomes the President, I’m totally leaving the country!” 

I get it.  Presidential elections here can be an emotional experience, and one way people vent their feelings around the idea of their candidate losing is by threatening leave for a place that will strongly align with their moral or political principles.  Well, how many people actually end up following through on those threats?  Essentially, no one.  You know why?  

Well, most of them probably never meant it in the first place, but the truth is that  if you looking for the “perfect” escape - a paradise of milk and honey (but no bureaucracy!) -  you’ll never find it!  It doesn't matter whether you are escaping an unfortunate political result or seeking an international adventure teaching English abroad. Nearly any country that you may consider moving to will force you to confront certain challenges and even unpleasant realities that can be a downright pain in the rear end.  It's just the reality of moving abroad, or life in general, but that doesn't mean the endeavor is not worth undertaking - not at all. 

If you are holding off on getting started with your TEFL Certification until you’ve found the perfect teaching market, you’ll never go.  If perfect is your goal, you probably won't find it. 

However, if your goal is to have a genuinely authentic experience, living comfortably in a foreign culture that will broaden your horizons personally and professionally, then teaching abroad just might be “perfect” for you.