14 Reasons International TEFL Academy Is The Best Company To Work For in Chicago (Or Anywhere!)

 By Jessie Smith

  • Making dreams come true every day? Check.
  • Promoting global travel & education? Check.
  • Kick-ass international colleagues who have traveled to 100+ countries? Yep.
  • Free beer, work-from-home policies & an international company trip to Europe or Latin America? Check, check, & check!

We firmly believe International TEFL Academy has the best company culture in the world. That phrase, 'best company in the world' actually comes out of our mouths fairly often. Not sure how many others can say the same about their 9 to 5.

From yearly (free) staff trips abroad, to competitive benefits, ongoing professional development and an arguably ridiculous amount of vacation time, ITA has created what we like to call a 'super company' out to help people go see the world by teaching English abroad.

Why You Should Get TEFL Certified If You Want to Join the Peace Corps

By Ashley Houston

If you’re a U.S. citizen over the age of 18 looking for a meaningful way to make an impact overseas, teaching English abroad and joining the Peace Corps are probably at the top of your list. There are many benefits to both opportunities, but here are some benefits as to why you should get TEFL certified before joining the Peace Corps:

ITA Alumni: 4 Entrepreneurs That Will Inspire You

Transforming Your Teaching Abroad Experience Into New Opportunities

By Doug Waxman

As an Admissions Advisor at International TEFL Academy, I often talk to potential TEFL students who ask the following questions:

  • “How will teaching abroad help my career?”
  • “What will I do after teaching English abroad?”
  • “Can I do more than just teach when I am overseas?”

The bottom line is that even if you aren't planning on making education and teaching your career,  getting a TEFL Certification and teaching English abroad is an excellent way to launch or enhance your career prospects. In many cases, people don't realize how much you learn about yourself by engaging in an experience like teaching English abroad. Of course you learn about a new country and a new culture, but you'll learn a lot more about what interests you, what drives you creatively, and what your passions are - and you may even discover a future career that you never realized existed.

In this article, you’ll meet a variety of International TEFL graduates that have leveraged their experience teaching English abroad into their new careers by starting their own businesses. Their stories will surely inspire you.

To Work or To Travel: What Are Your Plans After College Graduation?

By Jessie Smith

“So, what’s your plan after college graduation?”— Ugh.

I couldn’t put a number on the amount of times I got this question in the months leading up to college graduation. This question was my worst nightmare. I lay in my bed asking myself that exact same thing and it kept me up at night. I had no idea what I wanted to do.

Should I go to graduate school (and rack up some more student loans)? Should I frantically continue applying for more jobs (and getting rejected)? Should I teach English abroad (will people view this as a cop-out)?

6 Reasons Why Teaching Abroad Will Be Even Better Than Studying Abroad


  • Did you have the time of your life studying abroad in Madrid, Paris or Prague?

  • Have you got a serious case of the international travel bug?

  • Missed out on studying abroad, but still want to travel the world?

  • Do you like the idea of getting paid to live in Europe, Asia or Latin America? 

If you're like about 99% of us who have studied abroad, your typical first answer when people ask you about your experience is, "I loved it, but it wasn't enough and I'm dying to get back overseas!"  Well, here's some great news: if you are an English speaker, whether or not  you studied abroad, you can take your international experiences to the next level by getting paid to live and teach English abroad.

In fact, at International TEFL Academy, we like to say that if studying abroad is "International Adventure 1.0," then teaching English abroad is "International Adventure 5.0+."
A native English speaker with a degree (in any field) who earns a TEFL Certification can viably can employment teaching English abroad in up to 80 countries worldwide and even without a degree, you can teach in up to 50 countries.  For most English speakers, it's not a question of whether you can get a job, but which job in which country is the best fit for you? 

So, if you're wondering if you really can top that semester in Florence, here are 6 reasons why teaching English abroad will be even better....  

3 Major Ways Teaching English Abroad Has Changed My Life Since My Return Home

By Jessie Smith

"Wait, you just graduated with a (very expensive) degree in journalism, and now you’re jumping on a plane and flying 8,000 miles away to teach English abroad —WHAT?!"

To say my loved ones were a bit concerned and confused by my seemingly reckless life choice of moving overseas (to Korea?!) to teach English would be an understatement. I'm sure many of you have confronted similar objections. 

Teaching English overseas was the best move for me; I didn’t have a single doubt in my mind. It was just so hard explaining it to everyone else. In my head and my heart the choice to live and work abroad made so much sense, but to everyone else it was just a desperate, irrational attempt at escaping the realities of our rotten economy and the need to kick off a "real career." 

Having now returned, it is so clear that the benefits of teaching English abroad were so much greater than I ever could have imagined. My personal and professional lives haven’t been the same since, and here are just three major reasons why.........

10 Signs It’s Time for You to Move Overseas & Teach English Abroad



By Paige Lee  

  • Do you hate your job?  (Do you have a job?)

  • Did you spend tens of thousands of dollars on a college education just so that you can spend the prime of your life in a prefabricated cubicle or standing behind a cash register?

  • Are you wondering how and if you can ever actually use (or improve upon) those 8 years of Spanish you took in high school and college?

  • Have you ever wanted to live, work and travel in a country like Italy, Thailand, or Argentina?

Be Inspired! Top Quotes for Travel, Exploration & Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English abroad is not just about getting a job or even about working in the field of education.  It's about challenging yourself to discover the world - and yourself.  Here at International TEFL Academy, all of our staff - including advisors, professors, those who work in Student Affairs - have lived, traveled and worked abroad, primarily as English teachers.  Here are some great quotes about travel and exploration that members of our team believe capture