Hola Barcelona

Hola Barcelona

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My first big solo trip took me to Europe for two wonderful weeks in 2014. I traveled around northern Italy and southern France sharing meals with new friends and exploring as much of these beautiful new places as possible. But before I knew it, the trip was over, and it was back to a 9-to-5 office job. When I took that trip, I found that I loved traveling, and there was something particularly attractive about doing it on my own. The feeling of independence and finding a way while on my own was refreshing, and I knew that feeling didnt have to end with that short trip.

It was last November when I started hatching my plans for an extended bit of travel. I talked with fellow travelers, read up on visas and possible jobs abroad, and then I found the International TEFL Academy. Teaching English abroad seemed like a pretty big leap. I graduated with a degree in Biology in 2013 and hadnt given teaching much thought. But the more I read up on this school, its resources, and the training it gave its students, the more it seemed possible. Not to mention that the advisor I chatted with multiple times on the phone took the time to answer every single one of my thousands of questions. It seemed like a real possibility. I would be able to live abroad for awhile, make money, and gain a completely new set of skills.Spain Teach English

So last winter I signed up for the Online TEFL class and jumped in head first to the world of teaching. The course was the right mix of flexibility and responsibility; I needed the flexibility because I was working full-time, but I was also desperate for the responsibility it gave me in the live practicum portion of the course when I was able to work with real students to complete my training. I honestly was a bit nervous since Ive been out of the school routine for a few years, but it was perfect, and before I knew it, I was certified.

I decided to teach English in Spain and move to Barcelona at the beginning of September to set myself up to find work during the peak hiring season. Moving to Barcelona during peak hiring times was CRUCIAL. I didnt think it would make much of an impact for me, especially because I planned on only teaching private lessons. But I was able to find lessons my very first week due to the high demand of teachers during this time. Im still searching for more lessons to fill in my days and make a few extra Euros, but I was pleasantly surprised with the speed I was able to find work here.Spain Teach EnglishIm in slightly atypical accommodations here in Barcelona compared to other English teachers Ive met so far. I am living with a host family in the Sarria neighborhood. They have three children, and I am to give lessons to them four times a week in exchange for my room and board. Since the lessons are only in the evening, this leaves the rest of my time available to take on additional private lessons to supplement my travel funds. However, my reasons for living with a host family were not just financial. I really enjoy living with a family and love being around kids. I also knew that I would bring me a bit closer to living more like a local since there would be lots of Spanish in the house, and Id be with a family that has lived in this city for years (so they knew the best places for tapas in town!).

Alice Denny Teaching English in SpainLife in Spain has been beyond pleasant so far. I chose Spain because I had beginner level Spanish that I was eager to improve, and I have never been before. The pace of life here is slow and casual, with it
s long meal breaks and late nightlife, its easy just to relax with a few beers and friends and watch the day go by. Although Ive only been here a few short weeks, I know that this trip was exactly what I needed. Just last weekend I spent the day on the beach with my host family, playing in the sea, soaking in the Mediterranean sun and feasting on paella in the later afternoon. I thought to myself that I somehow did everything right, and it was all going to work out. It simply could not have been a more lovely day and certainly would not have been possible without taking a bit of a leap to journey to a new part of the world.

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