Top 5 Destinations to Surf and Teach English abroad

Love to surf and want to see the world?

Teaching English abroad provides a viable way to get paid to live overseas in any of up to 80 countries around the world, including many that offer great surfing opportunities. From Costa Rica and Brazil to Thailand and Taiwan, here are some of my top picks:

9 Reasons to Teach English in Lima, Peru: The City of Kings

  • Looking to live and work in one of South America's great cities with 500 years of history and culture?

  • Want to immerse yourself in the culture, cuisine and history of Latin America while getting paid to teach English?

Situated among desert valleys overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Lima is the national capital and largest city in Peru, whose metropolitan area is home to a population of 9 million. As a major center of international trade, education and tourism, Lima has developed into one of the largest job markets for teaching English in South America.

Teaching English in Peru - Preparing for the Worst, It's Not What I Thought

By: Zac Heisey

“You’re moving to Peru?!

Isn’t it like, super dangerous and stuff?” 

In the weeks leading up to my departure to Lima, this had become the obligatory response from friends, family, my doctor, the clerk at the grocery store, and pretty much anyone else I told about teaching English in Peru. 

 It became such a standard response from anyone I talked to, that I also developed a canned follow-up statement of my own, “I mean, yeah, in some parts I guess.  I am normally pretty cautious when I travel though.  Plus, I plan to stay in a nicer neighborhood in Lima, so I should be fine.”