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Teaching English in Esslingen Am Neckar, Germany: Alumni Q&A with Kalen Morgenstern Diaz

ITA alumna Kalen Morgenstern Diaz shares with us how she ended up choosing Germany as her teaching location and what her teaching life looks like there.

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Teaching English Online from Iași Romania: Alumni Q&A with Lucia Carro

ITA alumna, Lucia Carro, discusses her life as an online English teacher with Latin Hire in Iași Romania.

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The Lowdown on Spain’s COVID-19 Lockdown And Why I Stayed

ITA alumna Casey Walsh gives us the lowdown on the Coronavirus lockdown in Spain and discusses how she's making it through this difficult time.

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Yoga, Cooking, & Netflix - Making The Most of My Time in Prague During COVID-19

Kristen Doborer shares with us why she's optimistic for the future and has faith that she'll get to experience a Prague beer garden in the summertime very soon!

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Living in Dracula's Country During COVID-19

ITA alumna Lucia Carro shares how the COVID-19 lockdown in Romania has given her the opportunity to revisit old passions and teach yoga classes online.

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How We're Getting Through COVID-19 Together In Prague

ITA alumni couple, Chris & Shelby, discuss why they've decided to stay put in Prague throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and how their schools and the government are handling the situation.

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